Free Running

A simple and addictive STICK MAN Free Running game.


Fun but gets old after a while A fun fast paced game, but it gets old after a while. There’s no help to explain what the power and shield meters do, though. I was also confused about why I would suddenly grow in size a little bit and run through all obstacles.Wasn’t pleased that it dropped some icons for the developer’s other games either, but that’s neither here nor there.

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This is a simple and addictive STICK MAN Free Running game.

Press ROLL or JUMP at the right time to get rid of the barriers, otherwise you will be pushed off the screen after some hits and LOSE the game.

Run as far as you can, and don’t forget to submit your score!!

Wish you enjoy this game!

App NameFree Running
RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

User reviews

A Google User December 30, 2011
A fun fast paced game, but it gets old after a while. There’s no help to explain what the power and shield meters do, though. I was also confused about why I would suddenly grow in size a little bit and run through all obstacles.Wasn’t pleased that it dropped some icons for the developer’s other games either, but that’s neither here nor there.

A Google User August 16, 2011
The People that rate this game crap are funny. This is a simple game to pass time. If it’s boring don’t play it cuz ur just gonna make himher richer!

A Google User April 18, 2012
I don’t understand why people say that this is a good application. It’s broken, I smash the jump/roll button and…. It doesn’t register. It just won’t jump or roll. Line runner is 10x better than this.

A Google User April 22, 2012
The worst ‘run forever’ type game I’ve ever played. Just two obstacles throughout the whole thing. And this has been described as having a “great soundtrack”. If Basshunter is your idea of great then hey, it’s great. But it could have done with something equally as fast-paced and A LOT less cheesy. The faceplate is boring but the inane music is what really made me close it and never want it open it again. Just annoying. Uninstalling

A Google User April 8, 2012
This game is super addictive. Your first try is hard but once you get used to it, its really fun! Trust me, I can’t wait to play it again

martha mader January 10, 2013
Game does not even function properly. Roll and jump buttons are unresponsive on now 3 different Android phones. Don’t waste your time.

A Google User October 2, 2011
It isnt a bad game. The music gets you in the mood, and it doesnt take up much space. It is free afterall, so why complain?

A Google User July 12, 2012
Played it and it was fun and all but I can never submit my score! It says the server is busy and like I once tried to by accident send the score in without wifi or any connection and it said the server was busy! I dont think thats right..

A Google User November 18, 2012
Just like the title says. Its a good time waster. But that’s about it. The only way you’ll lose is if your not paying attention. After a few mins I was done with it.

Kidz Perfect January 16, 2017
This game sucks balls.Its not even free running.Its a waste of time.DO NOT INSTALL I REPEAT DO NOT if u agree ?

A Google User July 24, 2012
Great simple game, but highly addictive. My only complaint is that I can’t submit score. It always says Unable to connect:(

A Google User April 15, 2012
Its a very nice game for ppl like me who wont play much games but would like to experience some variations and entertainment for a while. Its really cool and simple and looks cute and fun to play with awesome background music.

Kumardash Agrim November 8, 2016
This game is lite and not boring. I used to play this game when I was younger. This game will never get old for me. Those who rate it less stars, should go for high graphic games. This game is simple and fun.

A Google User August 1, 2012
I used to play this game all the time. Now I guess I got an update on my DROID RAZR and the screen buttons aren’t working. It won’t let me jump or roll… how weird. I can’t get it to work. Delete!

A Google User September 11, 2011
This app is really of poor quality. I installed it on my bros. iPhone and that is really addictive. Shame on you android developers.

A Google User October 31, 2012
Good time killer. Runs smoothly. There is a problem, that is when u pause the game and press the home button and play again it will restart the game. Developers might need to work on that. Other than that it is awesome.

milcent guerra orodio December 29, 2013
If i were you i will not install it..the drawing is cute but the game is boooooring..jump and roll is the only thing u can do.. much better if there is an enemy.. UNINSTALLING…

Kulkeerat Jandu March 30, 2017
There is just 1 problem that me n my mom have a fight in order to break one anothers score….

Shane W November 29, 2012
My phone began acting odd, so I decided to scan it. It was infected with a Trojan virus. The app that had the virus was this one. Be careful to download this!

Akhil Saxena July 4, 2013
Frequent force closes i dont know for what reasons and the server is always busy when submitting scores. Overall a good game but could be better with levels or different scenarios.

A Google User June 3, 2012
I have the game on my other phone it was very enjoyable although I just want sounds do I downgrade version is very glitchy it hard to play. If you can just fix the glitch in this is a game to make it a smoother play on my device to be very grateful thank you.

A Google User May 6, 2012
This game is addictive and very fun. I dnt lik the fact that the bar has to go down evrytime u hit summit….Apart from that Its fantastique….!!!

A Google User May 27, 2012
A Little Lag When Jumping. FIX! But Overall Very Fun Game! Better Than Line Runner! And The Music Makes It Exciting As You Play!

A Google User October 2, 2011
Ignore the people that say its boring, they have no life and play this game 24/7. This game is addicting and , dont worry, the further u go the faster

A Google User August 30, 2012
I really like games like this, but the timing was delayed. I’ve kind of adjusted, but its annoying. Other than that, its pretty fun.

A Google User October 3, 2011
This is a simple, fun game! But the shields translucent white color is distracting. I’d be nice to choose your own colors…

A Google User August 20, 2011
Its a great game except I have noticed every now and then the blocks that require you to roll are invisible till super close. Im sure thats a issue

A Google User May 30, 2011
For those of you wondering. The song is All I Ever Wanted by BassHunter.

A Google User June 2, 2011
Rubbish to say the least. The control don’t react quick enough to comands

A Google User July 12, 2011
Gets boring after a while. It’s no Robot Unicorn Attack.

Luke Fisher November 8, 2013
Very fun…can be addictive. Whenever I show this game to my friends they go nuts over it and everyone wants to play.

A Google User June 7, 2011
Not everyone loves dance music! That song is awful. If you mute it then game has boo music.

A Google User December 26, 2011
Its an ok game gets pretty boring after a while though. My best score was 1823640. But i deleted my name so. But it is an awsome game

Izzy 05 December 23, 2014
Free running is a really fun game and even in the name it says it’s free so get it and have fun

A Google User February 21, 2012
I really beleive this is an awesome game and its one of the few with no ads yayyy. But it gets boring after a while good game to keep little kids occupied.

A Google User October 15, 2011
This game is a great time killer though it could do with a few more different obsticles like higher and wider blocks to jump over .etc Thanx XD

Drake Miller January 3, 2014
Oh, and tip for beginners,if you get hit before your score reaches 200, take a couple deep breathes and restart. ?

A Google User June 21, 2012
Its not interesting… All u do is jump or roll… No turns or twists or good power ups… I uninstalled it.. :/

A Google User May 11, 2012
Holy crap 5 stars for the (All I ever wanted) by Bass Hunter. This remix is awesome!!! Goes great with this simple game ?

A Google User October 3, 2011
It’s kool, but OMG its fast!! Can’t adjust the speed.. doesn’t even start slow! Too fast for me! Sry UI..