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No features included Good for basic emulation. Absolutely no additonal features that are listed in the description. If this is an open software group prpject you would think these issues would be addressed. Ive deleted it within an hour of downloading it. The least you could do is comment back to some of us and let us know you give a rats a** . But instead you guys only care about the money from the ads.

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With the GBA Emulator you can now play all the amazing games the Game Boy had to offer with your phone or tablet!


-Fast forward
-100% speed emulation even on some older devices
-Customizable control layout
-Compressed file support
-Physical controller capabilities

This app does not include any ROMs but they can be downloaded from many websites as long as you already own the game.

This application is in no way associated with the Nintendo corporation.

App NameGBA Emulator
DeveloperDeimos Applications
RequirementsAndroid 2.1 and up

User reviews

Coleby Burke November 5, 2016
Good for basic emulation. Absolutely no additonal features that are listed in the description. If this is an open software group prpject you would think these issues would be addressed. Ive deleted it within an hour of downloading it. The least you could do is comment back to some of us and let us know you give a rats a** . But instead you guys only care about the money from the ads.

Joshua Jenkins August 15, 2015
There is no area to input codes like it says in features. Its very VERY laggy and the buttons go “poof” if you mess with anything. My advice if you want a GBA emulator that runs correctly go elsewhere, at least until this one is fixed

Corey Harmon July 30, 2016
I felt I needed to give this five stars because I have had it for a while now and haven’t had a single issue. I thought it would drain my battery and it doesn’t at all. It only shows one add when you first open the app, but I just keep it running in the background since it doesn’t use data or use up my battery. D-pad is a little bit of a pain, but what do you expect for a touch screen D-pad? Great free app, no real complaints.

Jake Howard August 15, 2015
You can play games on this app but its difficult to use. The control pad is transparent, even if you adjust it in the settings its still hard to see. Can’t figure out how to use the fast travel and cheat feature. It would be nice to have a tutorial on how to use the features of this app.

greg h September 22, 2016
This app is terrible. I was about an hour into pokemon fire red and the app crashed and all my progress went with it. Now I have to go through the boring beginning part all over again. Not to mention the virtual buttons are barely visible and there is no support for a game pad! I’m getting this trash app off my phone.

Christopher Kohler September 18, 2016
Runs smooth and hasnt crashed in my 30 hours of use. Only played the fire emblems and some pokemon and its been great. If anyone knows if there are cheat menus or atleast quick save or save states that would be great. Also im legit super surprised that saving actually works. I can close the app no worries as long as i save

Mathieu Vieau August 5, 2016
I tried to play pokemon Emerald and Fire red version on the Emulator. It was super sweet until I tried to use a potion on my pokemon. Just cant in both games.. And the B button is acting like the A button.. Instead of doing back its selecting all the time.. Really ordinary.. I find it sad cause the rest was really nice. Hope you will one day fix this.

Matthew Mau September 9, 2015
I understand that this is free and the ads help the developer if they are getting paid from it. But what I can’t understand is if I close the Ad and with in 0.2 of a second the Ad pops up again I did not get to test it because a McDonalds ad and a online gaming ad would not let me hot the play button. If the Ad was like other apps stuck at the bottom of the screen or top it would be so bad but it hijacks my entire screen.

Jeremy Hunsberger September 11, 2015
The only problem i have with this app is the dang buttons you cant see. Ill be running then go to turn and just puase like wtf!My finger had slide past the button becasue their freaking ghosts. Some games you can deal with pausing or turning the wrong way, but others get real difficult. Other than that fantastic emulater.

Avita Djuprianto July 18, 2015
Everything works fine and great! I got this problem though. I played a game the other day and saved it, but the save file is missing when I went to play again. I’m already familiar with emulators so I tried the app’s save feature as well, but it’s gone as well. Is it just my phone or what?

Just a Wolf September 26, 2016
I got this specifically to play Advance Wars 2 again. Happy to say for one I beat it, and for two I had no problems. Some complain about lag, but that’s why you get a good phone with less background processes and enable frame skip. Do remember the file HAS to say .rom or it won’t work. P.S. Advance Wars 2 is a good 4 player on one device game for family trips. I recommend finding it. P.S.S Some phones access the settings through holding down the back or menu button, whatever you call it. You’re welcome.

Edward Dzwonkowski July 30, 2016
Once I downloaded a game and start playing, I wasnt able to find anyway of changing the app settings or to load a saved game. If anyone knows what I’m missing, please let me know

William McGee August 19, 2015
Every time I click to play the game the emulator crashes or says it’s not able to play games. Wtf…and unzipping the file doesn’t do anything, please fix your crappy emulator so people can actually enjoy it

Aaron Bacon July 26, 2016
All it does is play games. It doesn’t have a menu, you just find a game and play it. So you’re stuck with the triggers in unreachable places, buttons too translucent to see, and an annoying rumble every time you push a button. To top it off, no menu means no controller input, or save states. I gave it two stars in the hope that I somehow missed the menu.

Preston Garvey July 3, 2016
Sadly I can’t bring my Gameboy and game case around so having my favorite mobile console on my phone is great. You only get one ad per play session and that is when you select the game, I can play the games I’ve always loved like Advance Wars and Pokémon Ruby. Absolutely amazing

Wade Law September 11, 2016
I haven’t had a problem till today. I’ve lost the option to open up saves I’ve made with the emulator it’s self not the games game save files. This is a big problem for me. because for most of my games I never did make an ingame save I’ve always used the emulator to save my game play.

Rodrigo Reyes July 15, 2016
I don’t mind the buttons being too dark but it should definitely be fixed and there really needs to be a mute button for the app because pokemon doesn’t have any mute setting and JohnGBA emulator does and also has multiple save slots.

Sangus Mythos October 2, 2015
This app is great because there are very little ads, if any, and it’s a lot smoother than classicboy and allows you to play off from where you were uf you didn’t close the app. But the only problem i have is that there is no OPTIONS. You can load a game fine, but you can’t change any settings.

Teuton Knight December 6, 2015
While I can’t find fast forward or cheat area(I don’t really mind the cheats but would love the fast forward) it allows normal saving and has save states and it runs in both portrait and landscape. Overall better than any other free gba emulator on play store

aden kunz August 26, 2016
Unfortunate that i cant play mario very well because running and jumping together, (so using the dpad and a/b buttons together) doesnt work. Only one jump at a time

Connor McCreary July 23, 2016
You can call me a cheater for trying but I wanted to use cheats. Only problem, cheats tab doesn’t exist! It was mentioned in the features list but I cannot find an input for cheats in the app, and it’s not with the well hidden settings tab which many people can’t find either. Instead of having the front page as a single “PLAY!” button, you can have a settings and cheats tab there too so there isn’t an endless hunt for them.

Hunter Smith December 27, 2016
I recently got a Bluetooth controller for my phone. The app’s description said it was compatible and the controller layout could be customized. The controller however, will not work with any of the games. If any knows how to fix the problem please tell me! Otherwise it is great!

Narki The Nephalem December 21, 2015
It would be better if you fixed pressing 2 buttons at once. I go to do the suto-spin attack and it keeps releasing the B button even with the between button press thing is on. Please fix and It will get 5 stars on my part.

AJ Black May 22, 2016
No fast forward or cheats that I can see. The app menu to get to the settings is barely readable because they’re half off the screen. If you’re going to put a menu in, make sure the whole thing is accessible and not only the rightmost top 10 pixels of it is visible. It looks like a promising emulator otherwise, dev just needs to do some work on this issue. Oh, and the ads are a bit obnoxious too.

Riccardo Palmerio July 21, 2016
For those who are saying there is no turbo/fast forward i just found it it’s under settings and you have to set them they are off on default. Just check the settings and than go to button layout and you will find it.

Ariyana Guerra November 1, 2016
The buttons got messed up and now they’re in the wrong places which makes the games very hard to play. It used to work great and had no problems. I don’t know what happened but please fix!!!

Nicole Kipphut July 25, 2016
It seems to work and save the rom as long as I don’t just close out. What I don’t get is how it says that the button layout is customizable but I don’t see any options to do so. I’d like to be able to darken the buttons so they are easier to see.

Edward Burns August 4, 2016
Worked well enough, button placement was odd when in portrait mode, ads aren’t a big issue but still present. It works and does what it should but I found My Boy emulator to be better overall to this app.

hoofbeasts kokoro August 21, 2016
The only problem is the control pad is a bit dark, but that’s not a big deal to me. Very little ads, just one when you start up. Would recommend to others.

Alex Dales May 5, 2016
The button placement is all over the place. I can’t change any of the settings because there isn’t any setting menu. Most of the roms open but it opens the ones that are legit. Mostly I just want to be able to change the speed and change the size/sensitivity of the buttons.

Magumi yashi August 20, 2015
I love this emulator.. But i can’t find cheat menu! Where is it?! You guys says that the cheat engine is available. But where?! If you tell me i will giveyou 5 star. Please anyone?! You guys are a liar! If don’t have cheat menu then why you liars are said that?! What a fake emulator!

Kodii Skelton-Parker July 5, 2015
Perfect and just what I was looking for. But the buttons are just to hard to see which is really hard on the eyes when you have to keep looking for them. Please Mae the outline of the buttons solid and dark. Or shade them in more so they can be more easily seen please.

Joe Tye August 2, 2016
Cant do everything it says in discription ect cheats… Where can you put the codes in?? Not too bothered as i dont want them but sure others will. Cant see buttons very well and there placement is abit annoying too. Except for that though its good!! To say its free i guess

Anthony Sportsman March 2, 2017
I would give this a 5/5, but there is not a fast forward button or setting, and I have dug. I also did not see a way to input cheats, though that doesn’t bother me much. If you are going to make a claim about your product, make sure you can back it up. The adverts aren’t too bad for a free emulator.

Austin Quinn July 9, 2016
This is so good, it doesn’t even feel like I’m using an emulator. It feels like I’m actually playing the games. It is possibly the best performing emulator out there. EDIT however, I have noticed ONE problem. The screen is stretched horizontally whenever my phone is tilted sideways. If there is a way you guys can crop the display a little bit, it will be much appreciated.

Gabriel Mireles August 2, 2016
I downloaded pokemon emerald and I tried playing it, but the app would say it stopped working. If they fix this I would give 5 stars

Brent May 18, 2016
Works as a gba emu. Just missing listed features such as cheats and fast forward. The virtual buttons are practically invisible even on the highest setting. Pop up ads any time you open the main menu, which the send you back to the game screen after exiting them so you can end up doing this 2 or 3 times.

Lie Ren August 5, 2016
Just a couple of problems, might be me, if it is I’ll raise my rating, but where is all this?Cheats -Customizable control layout -Physical controller capabilitiesI got this app to play pokemon emerald and I need the cheats to get to certain pokemon, deoxys for example. There doesn’t seem to be any options for controllers at all. So yeah, if it’s just on me, I’ll raise my rating, but you have put in your description that this is in the game so I expect them

Colby December 13, 2016
The layout looks good, but it doesn’t do any of what’s in the description and if it does then I can’t find it. Either false advertising or really terrible instruction

crazzyninja127 September 5, 2016
For some odd reason when i leave the app for a second to look something up 1/10 times it just closes. Very frustrating when I lose hours of progress because i want to know what level paras evolves. That is the only issue i have with it though, it works great otherwise.