Are you ready for the firepower storm? THEN GET TO THE CHOPPA AND FIGHT!!


Damp auto fire won’t hit that small boat Good but the auto fire let’s it down as it’s hard to hit smaller or faster enemies and sometimes there’s too much of a delay before it realises it’s facing an enemy it’s good. U don’t need to spend real cash would of give it 5 if not for the auto fire it should be up to the player when to shoot change it please and Il give 5 stars for sure

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Screenshot HELI HELL

HELI HELL screenshot
HELI HELL screenshot
HELI HELL screenshot
HELI HELL screenshot

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    “HELI HELL gives you a wall to smash into, over and over again” –

    Pilot, the world is on the verge of war. The situation is critical: it’s time for ACTION! Tear the sky apart with the blades of your helicopter and shoot down every enemy coming across your radar!

    More powerful than ever, Dr. Evil and its squadrons have holed up on the Island of Vylleña. And now it’s up to you to track him down, fight and destroy all hostile activity before he brings chaos to this heavenly region.

    Flying your heavily armed helicopter, do whatever it takes to avoid another deadly war to break out and bring back freedom and democracy to Vylleña Island.

    The villain has marshaled a destructive gear of war: planes, warships, tanks, speedboats, gun-turrets… Not to forget the shadow of monumental bosses ready to appear when the action is at its peak and reduce your hopes to ashes!

    HELI HELL offers a modern take on the vertical arcade shoot em’ up genre. Both video arcade machine buffs and fans of action and shooting war games will definitely be hooked.


    ★ Take control of 6 war machines disguised as realistic helicopters
    ★ Blast everything with 22 upgradable weapons: mini-gun, rockets, cannons…
    ★ Fight over 50 loaded enemy forces
    ★ Experience stunning 3D graphics and neat destruction effects
    ★ Fly your helicopter through fifteen action-packed challenging stages


    What’s new?

    – 5 new incredible levels!!!
    – 15 new artful enemies
    – 2 new American helicopters
    – 6 new weapons of retaliation
    – 2 new bonuses for helicopters
    – Beautiful main map menu
    – Added mass of special effects and sounds
    – Invisible mine and some other bugs fixed
    – Loading time reduced

    What’s New

    – gameplay rebalanced
    – new beautiful water in the first 5 stages ( if it looks bad on your phone its time to change it)
    – several bugs fixed

    App NameHELI HELL
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Chris Beech January 11, 2017
    Good but the auto fire let’s it down as it’s hard to hit smaller or faster enemies and sometimes there’s too much of a delay before it realises it’s facing an enemy it’s good. U don’t need to spend real cash would of give it 5 if not for the auto fire it should be up to the player when to shoot change it please and Il give 5 stars for sure

    Shane Steffey September 28, 2016
    So far game is sweet brah!! Seems u can unlock everything without having to pay a dime! Only complaint i have is dodging bullets when it gets crazy and theres bullets everywhere then your gonna get hit because your chopper is so big it also seems like bullets hit u when they touch your rotor blades sometimes

    boby falex August 24, 2016
    plz plz make next new Helli Hell 2 game. in Helli Hell 2 for more war plans like ,american Raptor, russian Su fighter, blackwidow 2, Sky shark, Harrier, Terminator S, Terminator, Super Flanker, Hornet,Tomcat, Alligator, Gripen, Strike Eagle, Mirage2000, Fighting Falcon, Mighty Dragon, Apache mk-s, Super hornet, Spirit and Lightning 2,..Many thnx for teamwork..?????

    Developer Starkom September 21, 2016 Thank you !!! our new game- Space Warrior: The Origin. Looking on Google Play

    Bashar Muhammad September 21, 2016
    I love this game so much , and i like what you’ve done with it. BUT why you don’t make cloud save (via G+ or facebook) to keep progress of our gameplay? Sometimes feel boring when restart all over from beginning.

    Developer Starkom September 22, 2016 Thank you for playing our game. We made functional “cloud save” for the apple. We are currently working on updating and transfer of this function in Google Play.

    Alveta Goodridge May 8, 2017
    Cool game, please add more missions. Please make a Heli Hell 2. In Heli Hell 2 can you add a convoy mission where you have to protect a helicopter, and can you add enemy mechs and even a super tank boss. And you should allow buildings and other structures to be destroyed. And for some of the bosses , they should be Dr. Evil’smutant experiments with destructive weapons such as a napalm launcherand plasma missiles , even a atomic death ray.

    willydsm1 October 28, 2015
    Great graphics,fun to play, just wish there was a way to get more coins for upgrades, I find myself playing the same board tooo many times over to be able to get enough coins to upgrade…..

    Blialau Lauj February 7, 2016
    I just don’t like the idea that the items you bought, they only good for one mission, and that means your coins are running out fast. Also, there are way too may enemies.

    cathy wells May 27, 2016
    Other than needing to be rewarded a little more money and more of a selection of helicopters and weapons, I see no other problems. Looking forward to future updates.

    Developer Starkom September 21, 2016 Thank you!

    Jason Trostorff November 25, 2015
    I recently upgraded to the S6, and had been looking for this game. Found it while I was on vacation and played it a ton on my flights. Would be happy if you earned better coins, especially in the early part of the game, but for a free game it’s pretty darn good.

    Dave Halkovic April 3, 2017
    Probably one of the better arcade shoot em ups, but is there no way to get a Bluetooth controller to work with this? That would push it to 5 stars for me.

    Luke Maxwell March 8, 2017
    It’s hard when you start off but when you start getting the bigger guns and choppers it’s fun as hell! I also like that each level is different and requires more skill and weapons.

    Blong Thao January 31, 2017
    Its a great game time killer when you bored or waiting.

    Natassja & Wolfgang Rumple April 12, 2016
    Avid player. Please bring the back the doubling of the coins please. I had this on my old cell but got a new phone and had to start all over. Please bring it back. Bring in new levels!

    Developer Starkom September 21, 2016 sorry. no “double coins” ?

    Laraiv Khan March 7, 2017
    Whenever I open thisgame my touchscreen stopped working

    Mike Chavis October 3, 2015
    Addictive, fast paced, and killer graphics. Its like a console game forreals

    Ben Cleaver October 9, 2015
    Such good fun, shame about the battery drain.

    Ayan Saha September 26, 2016
    Graphics very well.Nice to play…But one problem No action of helicopters as sky force games.

    Wilhelm Drago Eifler December 13, 2015
    Faulty video rendering on Nexus 7 Gen.1 @ 5.1.1 Lollipop!

    Alvin Sean July 26, 2017
    If this game happens to have a short story it would awesome on every level, but overall.. This game is great ?

    Christopher White June 25, 2017
    Finally, an up to date Chopper arcade game. Awesome graphics, good control, and action packed!! Amazing job guys!

    Nic Patrie April 26, 2017
    Really great shooter with a good FTP structure. The currency is hard to come by though… lots of grinding is required.

    Abhishek Kumar November 22, 2016
    Nice graphic controls are not good

    William Butler January 24, 2016
    Takes too long to gain enough coins to upgrade to new helicopters

    Mark Harvey August 16, 2017
    Too hard to get enough money to upgrade

    Joel Mcsween February 22, 2016
    Cool! Awesome Game Ripping Stuff Up

    Developer Starkom September 21, 2016 Thank you!

    Eric crow March 25, 2016
    Pay the 5 bucks and just have fun

    Developer Starkom September 21, 2016 Get to da choppa!!!

    Kenneth Barker November 26, 2015
    Very great graphics and game play.

    Uluv R November 15, 2015
    I like the action in this game great job .

    paul bridgewater September 18, 2016
    Fantastic can’t put this down

    Developer Starkom September 21, 2016 Thank you!

    Elgordo Veiga February 2, 2017
    Excellent game very well made!!

    James Swaby April 23, 2016
    Solid game play.

    Developer Starkom September 21, 2016 Thank you!

    nevets leunam August 23, 2016
    Fun so far

    Kyle Vickery November 26, 2015
    Could be better

    Miguel Vega December 27, 2015
    Cool game

    Leonardo Balaba February 12, 2017
    Matsura yamu

    reagan bowman November 2, 2015
    I love it

    Fm Hartley December 12, 2016
    The best choppa game

    will edwards April 9, 2017
    Good shoot em up

    Charles Gaither June 10, 2017
    Great game love the action

    kambiz irani September 27, 2016
    Great graphics and fun