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Explosive graphics and sound! The arcade intensity of tower defense on Android.


Great game There is an issue with unlocking levels and buying coins. It never responds . . . Just keeps “Checking status..” otherwise love the game, lots of fun. Took a couple games to figure out what the blue turrets do though – they do short range area damage. The gold ones (available later) slow units down.

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★★ Featured on the front page of the Android Market! ★★

Navigate challenging levels, building and upgrading towers to create mazes that leave enemy creeps marching to their death! With explosive OpenGL-based graphics and 3D stereo sound, HexDefense brings the arcade intensity of tower defense to Android like never before. Watch creeps explode and rockets fly across the hexagonal playing field as you defend your home tile against wave after wave of attackers. The game is fast and intense–easy to play, but very tough to master!

This is the free version of HexDefense with five different levels. Grab the full version for thirty-five unique and action-packed levels.

– Classic ‘Open Field’ Tower Defense Gameplay
– Stunning Graphics, Particle Effects and Animations
– Fast, Arcade Action
– Seven Types of Creeps, Including Four Boss Creeps with Special Powers!
– Five Types of Towers with Four Upgrade Levels Each (You get 5 on levels 20+)
– High quality 3D Sound and Background Music
– Auto-saves Game if You Press Home or Receive a Call
– Easy to Play, Very Tough to Master!

** HexDefense was designed to show off the outrageously powerful graphics chipsets in newer Android phones. If you have an older phone, the game may be laggy or even unplayable! You can lower the graphics quality by pressing the menu button from the app’s home screen and unchecking “Intense Graphics” in the settings. Please don’t rate the game poorly if it doesn’t work on an older phone like the Hero! **

Note: HexDefense does not work on the Motorola Atrix. We’re trying to find out why – stay tuned

★★ Be sure to check out levels 20-35, which feature creep teleporters and the lightning tower! ★★

What’s New

Version 2.2 brings FIFTEEN NEW LEVELS you can unlock by playing or via in-app purchase! Levels 20 and above feature a new Lightning tower(!!) and creep teleporters that make things even more challenging.
Verson 2.2.2 makes the “touch offset” behavior optional. Show the menu and select settings to turn it off. This version also addresses crashing issues on several newer phones, and fixes two tablet bugs: the “Continue Game” crash and the “disoriented creeps” bug. Enjoy!

App NameHexDefense Free
DeveloperFoundry 376
RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

User reviews

Jim McKeeth December 14, 2016
There is an issue with unlocking levels and buying coins. It never responds . . . Just keeps “Checking status..” otherwise love the game, lots of fun. Took a couple games to figure out what the blue turrets do though – they do short range area damage. The gold ones (available later) slow units down.

Miguel Monteiro August 18, 2013
but needs updates! has some glitches for example when showing the area that the weapons can reach, needs updated graphics for fHD displays. I would get the paid version if this received an update to fix bugs and support higher resolutions.

A Google User August 23, 2012
I really like this game. There isn’t anything really bad about it. My only complaint would have to be turret targeting. I really hate losing that last life to a creep that would only need that one last hit, but my turrets are firing on a target farther away and with more health.

Paul Isom March 23, 2013
To test the latest phones? After wave 30 it’s barely playable on a Nexus 4! A top end phone that can play far more intense games but lags on this one. Not impressed.

A Google User July 29, 2012
This is a whole lot of fun. The one problem I have with it is that it’s such a fun game that it’s addictive!!! Really do love this game.It is also very stable. I’ve been repeatedly pausing it in the middle of the action, and when I come back to play, it’s always just where I left it.Thanks!

A Google User September 29, 2012
I like the game and play it no problem on my Samsung galaxy 7 tablet. On my Droid bionic however, it crashes repeatedly around waves 14-18 regardless of the map I’m on or how I dumb down the settings

A Google User April 24, 2012
I really enjoy the game but since recent updates, it has become unbelievably buggy. It regularly crashes completely, I lose coins that I’ve earned and I can no longer access the levels I’ve unlocked! Such a shame.

Corey Ackerman February 22, 2016
With the Scoreloop dependency, new levels can’t be unlocked, leaving only a few readily playable levels.Higher levels can only be played sequentially, by playing through earlier levels and choosing Next Level after “dying”.There is also a problem with touch input being offset slightly from the display; on my devices, I have to touch about 1/4″ below a tower to select it.The setting to “fix” the problem only moves where the offset is, for me.Unlikely to see it fixed for such an old game. ?

A Google User June 25, 2012
This game is one of those games that really gets your attention, and I got to say, it’s bloody addicting. Just placing down those towers, watching the creeps explode really brings you the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with the first oldschool TD games.Without having great gameplay and eye-candy, the game is crying out for a campaign mode with a story and tutorial all merged into one great mix of awesomeness.And I just wish I had the space to write about the neat soundtrack.

Caitlin Moreno June 18, 2016
But it needs some work. When I’m doing really well with a LOT of upgraded towers shooting at a LOT of creeps (like level 18) it lags to the point that it’s almost unplayable. Also, is there a way to turn off the music? I don’t see that option but it’d be appreciated.

Lukas Scherer December 19, 2015
I really love this game, but some towers i cant touch on it to upgrade then. Its very annoying. Please fix it, then i will gave 5 stars.

A Google User November 1, 2012
Good game. But as others keep saying. Can’t unlock levels, just stays on checking status forever. Scoreloop just isn’t working in this game.I managed to unlock two levels when I first downloaded it but now they are locked again. Boo!

A Google User May 10, 2012
It’s a good and enjoyable game. Has a natural difficulty anyone can like and simple execution that does it right BUT… It has a problem of commonly soft-resetting and that just detracts so much from gameplay.

UnknownDecember 18, 2016
Some levels are challenging ? I’d give more stars, but the credit system doesn’t work!And there have been NO UPDATE SINCE 2012 ! Unacceptable! I’d bhy the paid version otherwise!

A Google User October 2, 2012
Game’s cool, but my credits keep disappearing. I had 195, then next session I had 160, now I have 150. Also, my unlocked levels now stay at “Checking Status…” forever. Disappointed as I have already unlocked 4+ levels.

Steve Yu June 4, 2014
Very fun game but it freezes. I have galaxy note 3 and if I want to play this game with it freezing I have to put the phone on airplane mode close all my apps and clear my ram.IMO not worth it on a smartphone.I will be uninstalling.

A Google User November 30, 2013
It keeps taking me back to the beginning of the day. Taking away all the boards that I have a lot and never let me a lot of again for the up late to every bored. Great Addicting game hands down but here’s what you have to put up with. after you advance in start unlocking other boards and you start to stack up all your chips that’s when all the problems occur boards you a lot are taken away from you money that you had saved is gone and you start from the beginning with just the first 3 boards so sad…… so to the creators fix that s***

Heather Koutnik July 2, 2016
Playing on an S7 and every time I beat level 5 and get to move on to level 6 but when I come back to the game the next day my progress is deleted and I have to play level 5 AGAIN.Won’t let me unlock other levels with coins.Just says “checking status” and does nothing. Tired of playing the same level over and over.

Nick Duskey101 December 17, 2013
I have to click other tiles to select a tower. Cleaned my screen to make sure it wasn’t my phone but its the game. I love this game but this problem is annoying.

Brad Grierson July 26, 2017
A blatent theft of the fantastic geoDefense on Windows phone and iPhone, this game not only steals it’s assets and maps,but it does so poorly. Textures are shoddy, control is inaccurate at best, and has terrible lag on my Galaxy S8 that my that the real version had no trouble witha 7 year old Windows phone. Don’t waste your time. If you really want to play it,pick up a used Windows phone or iPhone and download it Ithat.

Anthony Mcmullen December 12, 2013
Blurry graphics on the Nexus 5. Was a fun game on my 400×800 Galaxy S1. Also the controls are offset. I wish it were redone in HD, I’d totally buy it then.

Tim Schreiber August 15, 2015
But now it keeps forgetting my unlocked levels with a “checking status” message. It’s also very laggy, which is not what I expected on a phone like my OnePlus One.

A Google User January 12, 2014
Used to be great and I was awesome at it, but after recent updates, it’s impossible to beat ANY levels. On membrane level I had loaded up entire board with fully loaded missiles and just before enemies reach goal, I kill a blocking gun and add another to force them to reverse.After level 50 something, they were spread all over board, making it impossible to stop them.Its impossible.I downgraded to 2 in June 2012.I now downgrade again to 1 star in January 2014 because it’s still not fixed.

Laurent Debacker February 15, 2015
It would be good if it was responsive. Some towers I can’t select anymore after placing them making it impossible to upgrade them. I have to tap multiple times on the ones that i can select. Too bad, there’s a great game hidden in there

A Google User October 12, 2012
Great tower defense game, but the coins I’ve earned keep disappearing, and now all the levels I already unlocked are suddenly locked again. Very frustrating. I’m quiting playing this…

James Tyrrell August 20, 2013
Used to be one of my favorite games. Got the full version from another app store, but they stopped updating it. Got the free version here. Unlocked all the levels, but one day the unlocked levels switched to “Checking Status”. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Didn’t help. Just broken. ?

Max Khovansky July 29, 2016
The good thing about HexDefence is: it is really easy to play, has a very simple gameplay (only four tower types and three enemy types + bosses), and, partly due to above and partly because it is just the right hardness – not too easy or too hard – is one of the only TDs requiring clear strategies – not just guesswork (and the fact the allocation of towers dictates the creeps’ path really reinforces that, too). Why I did not give it 5 starts you can see by the title.

Ray Goble January 21, 2013
Overall, a good game.Purchased credits in-game, but it wouldn’t let me purchase maps.About a half hour later, the game ‘reset’ itself, losing my purchased credits, resetting my high scores, erasing my earned credits.

A Google User August 2, 2012
This game would be fun if I didn’t have to click a tower 100 times over to select it to upgrade. I wish I did work. (HTC One X)

William Figg August 17, 2016
Haven’t used it in a few years and can’t find my old records.Any help from developers.I know I paid to upgrade and would like to continue playing.

Jennifer Strown June 12, 2013
Somethng happended in the last weeks. Lost my unlocked levels and info. Now the locked levels just say checking status. Fix your update

A Google User November 3, 2012
Used to work much better. It runs glitchy now. Other games work just fine on my phone even ones that are 3D

daniel morrill August 8, 2014
It’s like a light show Haven’t found many glitches

A Google User August 7, 2012
Used to be good. My credits are getting removed from scoreloop, my unlocked levels are gone and the game gets slow after 2 games. HTC Flyer.

David Taylor June 28, 2013
Even with an advanced phone this game lags to the point where I cannot play it.It’s fun at the start but a couple levels in it’s unplayable.

Jacob Martinez July 4, 2013
I had an evo 3d and it worked fine, but on my HTC One the graphics don’t look right it is really bugged out. This game is great but unbearable right now.

A Google User September 6, 2012
Seems like it could be a decent game… if i could actually make it past the first level without it locking up or crashing… device: Atrix 2

Stuart Hall April 24, 2014
On the one hand I’d like my life back. On the other, I’m quite happy playing this every spare moment.

Jonathan Chappelow March 26, 2013
Often the game randomly goes back to the main menu, at which point I click continue, only to find I’m playing at a much EARLIER point in my game.Now I don’t even bother to play!

A Google User May 19, 2012
was a good game. in the last two.weeks data is.mived to cloud. i lost my unlockwd levels and now.i lost my credits when it sync email back from dev…dont buy