Draw walls, escape politicians and save the galaxy!


Was pretty fun (and funny) until I tried the final level. Seriously? how am I supposed to beat that? By the way, please make the Jetpack/American Eagle be controlled by finger, not tilting phone…

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    Donald Jrump has destroyed earth and there is hell toupee. With his work now done, draw walls, escape politicians and make the galaxy great again.

    The year is 2017. Following Donald Jrump’s successful bid at the 2016 US election, international borders have closed up, global warming research has halted and brick sales have increased at a staggering rate. With the world now in utter chaos and his tiny hands growing increasingly sweaty, its time for Donald to leave to make the Galaxy great again. How? By jumping on his favorite things in the world… Walls!

    DISCLAIMER: For humor/satirical purposes only. Not to be taken seriously. Reference to any celebrity or other person does not constitute or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation.

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    App NameJrump
    DeveloperOddboy & AppArcanum
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and up

    User reviews

    nwswisher 02 April 8, 2017
    Was pretty fun (and funny) until I tried the final level. Seriously? how am I supposed to beat that? By the way, please make the Jetpack/American Eagle be controlled by finger, not tilting phone…

    Riley Peterson March 12, 2017
    Was pretty good before, now walls literally dissapear after placement. 10/10 getting screwed by donald trump simulator. 4/10 game

    Patrick Grundy July 7, 2017
    My cousin had this game and I tried it. LOVED it. Then I tried to get it on my phone and its stuck on the beginning credits ?

    Osama been laggin April 19, 2017
    FunnyPlease update the game bc of recent events there are a lot of potential ideas/satire that can be added

    sparklez Hunglow March 14, 2017

    UnknownMay 1, 2017
    Its a great game its so fun and funny too but the last level u can even beat plz try to make the last level easyer

    Jerry K July 23, 2017
    Love it watch the wetbacks fall from the sky… Gotta love the trump!

    Osagie Eigbe June 29, 2017

    Jake Rogers January 14, 2017
    The gameplay itself is ridiculously good, but after my hundreds of ‘trump spins’ for free rewards I’ve not once received anything more than ‘no win’, ’25 jrumples’, or ‘free spin’. Nevermind the free characters, 150 jrumples or 500 jrumples! It breaks my heart every time

    Leon Hook February 13, 2017
    Calling the player a loser is really upsetting and sad. You guys who made the game have no life or self esteem

    Raptor987 123 December 18, 2016
    Very good game but too many ads would definatly recommend.It’s yuuuuuge, tremedous. 1 problem though the last update erased my progress.

    Travis Armbrust January 8, 2017
    Every time I open the app, it just gets stuck in an eternal boot loop. It just shows the same logos over and over. Please fix

    Le bored Hawaiian December 21, 2016
    Good game buy often restarts out or nowhere so I lose all progress even when I am signed in.

    Joe Burton December 11, 2016
    Just restarts the loading screen over and over

    Pavan Dharani January 22, 2017
    The game crashes as soon as the dynamic changes- like when the bosses are supposed to come, or the Donald gets a jetpack.

    Mike Alvarado December 12, 2016
    Fun app to pass the time.

    Adhil Lawton February 4, 2017
    It’s Soooo fun. It’s such a simple game but, if you watch trump, you would understand how epic it is.

    Derek Schwoerer December 27, 2016
    6107/10 IGN

    Miguel Larios January 10, 2017
    Please change follywood to hollyweed

    UnknownJanuary 20, 2017
    10/meme would meme again

    Susannah Bautista December 15, 2016
    Pretty funny & addictive

    Blue Phoenix February 17, 2017
    Its rigged in the spins but I still love it

    Samuelito Ledezma December 29, 2016
    Bad ads

    abc def February 6, 2017

    UnknownDecember 3, 2016
    To my surprise, this game is fun and entertaining.I can tell that a lot of work went into making this.I do have 1 problem though…That is something wrong with the score box.The score is showing up almost under the box itself.Other than that I recommend this game!

    Miki Amir November 5, 2016
    The controls are a bit sticky (probably just my phone) but the game is fun, funny and interesting to play. It’s good to laugh at those subjects from time to time. Recommended ?

    Specular Fade November 26, 2016
    I honestly love this game, but I’m pretty sure someone either hacked this (which I know sounds retarded) or the app is going crazy. When I open the app, it just repeats the opening part of the app. It would be great if this could be fixed if it’s an app problem!

    Hayden BH November 12, 2016
    Fun game at first but gets old fast. Also, Donald’s winning wheel is rugged. I’ve spun it dozens of times, and never gotten a good prize.

    Ericka Medellin December 11, 2016
    It’s humours yet challenging! Can’t wait to see more. I’m currently saving up for ‘Bernie Sandwiches’ Haha!

    Raymond van Wyk November 21, 2016
    Funny and fun but the adds making me lose… sometimes when i draw a line a add pops up and he falls

    Leviticus Bosch November 12, 2016
    The game itself was enjoyable, but I, along with many others, have been stuck in a startup loop.

    Dylan Rollins November 12, 2016
    It’s a Tremendous game really, but somehow it got stuck in a bootloop and I guess I lost everything, my high score, all my characters and levels, please fix.

    Венелин Минчев November 20, 2016
    So after the new update the game doesn’t even start… It just repeats the credits in the beginging over and over..

    Holding onto truce November 10, 2016
    I spent a while saving up jrumples to buy every character, and with the new update, it’s wiped all of my progress! Please could you sort this out as me and my friends spent a while on this.

    flynn allier November 5, 2016
    Game was fun, recently became stuck in boot loop for me.

    jo z November 7, 2016
    It is awesome, and fun. Nice rewards and keeps you busy.

    The Mad Fatter November 8, 2016
    Game is great bit now its stuck in startup loop

    Rumman Adib November 29, 2016
    The ‘Yuuuge’ and ‘Loser’ get me everytime! ?

    Yusuf Rayhan November 8, 2016
    Need some special offers

    Jacobus Jacobs November 11, 2016
    If you have to rig the spinner, do it better. I litterally only get 25