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It’s good fit for us sorry but I gave 5and my name k.madhuri Vimal k. Meankonatham

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Kids Games - profession screenshot
Kids Games - profession screenshot
Kids Games - profession screenshot
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    Kids Games – professions, will bring your baby a positive mood and a smile. As well as affect his reaction and logical thinking for the better. You can play in the profession on any device, so you can install the game on the child’s plate or on their phone, on their own aside some time to play.
    In this game collected a lot of different and exciting developmental and educational games for children, so that your little one will find what to do for a long time.
    Children’s game, it is – training, educational game for kids who are accompanied by lively music, colorful and fun pieces and balls that will help your child have fun and to spend time.
    Conditions- children’s games, a profession – that provide the game with ease be able to understand even the kids up to three years.
    Children’s profession, games for babies – this occupation is classified as educational games, as it promotes the development of imagination and creative talents of the baby. Proposed in the annex of the game for young boys and girls games interface is simple and does not provide reading skills. Professions – an educational game that will help your kid to develop.
    As a child, the kids tend to imitate their elders, so most of the games associated with adult professions such as doctor, policeman, chef, doctor, fireman, or a builder. Professions for children include the following types of games:
    Builder – is the child will build a house, with each level the size and number of parts increases, so the kid will be interesting to discover new objects and move quickly to the next task
    Pilot – first we have to raise the plane in the sky, and then get to a certain point of landing, but the path of the aircraft and airships encountered, from which you need to cleverly evade, not to meet head-on
    Doctor – you have to help a patient in a complex disease that can be cured by means of, on the right side of the screen. The baby will have to decide in what order to use forceps, prick, rubbing and adhesive to cure the patient quickly. You are now the chief doctor and decide what and how to treat weary patient
    The policeman – one of the offenders at high speed disappears from the field of view of the police, our task – to respond quickly and to go to the chase, the main thing is not to break the safe movement and deftly slip between cars that travel with us on the same band. Police chase would be a dangerous and time-consuming, so be prepared for the fact that the offender will not give up just like that;
    Cook – one of the most famous dishes in the world is pizza, but you can prepare delicious pizzas for our heroes? Use all the available ingredients to make a really delicious pizza. Play the cook is not so difficult, it is important to carefully cut all the products and distribute them to the surface of the dough correctly. Making a pizza, you can use different recipes, choose one that you will like it
    Fire – in the city broke out several serious fires if you can help our team to stop the fire disaster, firefighters can not extinguish the fire without water, connect the hose and help save the house from burning. Play firefighters interesting even that depends on you the life of the other characters, so quickly proceed to take action and stop the fire
    Jockey – but sometimes you want and just have fun, you are invited to play in racing, if you can control the horse and overcome the obstacles? The competition is not only interesting, but also difficult, so tune in to win and go to our rodeo.
    In this game you will be able to fly a plane, to extinguish the fire, to treat the child, and even build a house.

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    App NameKids Games – profession
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    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

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    Madhuri Vimal June 8, 2017
    It’s good fit for us sorry but I gave 5and my name k.madhuri Vimal k. Meankonatham

    sohrab ni October 20, 2017
    من عاشق این بازی هستم دست سازندش دردنکنه

    آیدا ایجابی April 11, 2017
    بازی باهالی است

    Haryono ,- June 16, 2017

    UnknownMarch 30, 2017
    Very good for kids children like to play games and not only one game this is per affect means perfect????????

    Rahman Mina April 1, 2017

    Zinia Rahman December 29, 2016
    Not easy for little baby

    Heather January 3, 2017

    UnknownApril 11, 2017
    I love this kids game

    TeruiKaru Setiawan April 15, 2017
    My kids are crazy about your game

    Chun Yu Ng December 13, 2016

    Rabi Hussein January 2, 2017

    Afshin Kamali November 23, 2016

    nongnong hakc May 14, 2017

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