Killer Quest

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Needs improvement It’s fun and simple to pick up. However, there’s no replay value yet. No reason to keep going. If it kept track of scores that would be great! Leveling seemed to be very tough to do and I died on the third floor because the enemies were obviously more powerful than me.

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Left for dead in the depths of the Whispering Dungeons. Your only goal is to survive long enough to exact your revenge.

Killer Quest is a roguelike, dungeon crawler with pixel-art graphics from Oryx. Designed to be easy to pickup and play on touch devices, with a dash of humor and a clean graphical style, Killer Quest is a great way to learn that dying can be fun!

Travel through procedurally generated dungeons.
Fight your way through hordes of enemies.
Use special abilities to thwart your enemies.

This game is in Beta. This means that it is playable but its development is ongoing. Have an idea for a feature that you would like the game? Have your say and make suggestions at

App NameKiller Quest
DeveloperPlato Evolved – Morgan Page
RequirementsAndroid 2.0.1 and up

User reviews

Anthony Ramsey February 15, 2014
It’s fun and simple to pick up. However, there’s no replay value yet. No reason to keep going. If it kept track of scores that would be great! Leveling seemed to be very tough to do and I died on the third floor because the enemies were obviously more powerful than me.

Dumee Lumpee September 17, 2013
This is quite good for a free game but if you really want to improve it, make the movement better and not have the ‘one tap – one step’ thing cause thats just annoying to be frank. And the sound effects are kinda weird too if u ask me… Sorry that was really doen wasnt it! I do like the overall game just a few tweeks here and there and it will be fab!

Susano -wo March 17, 2014
Having a lot of fun with the beta. Only issue is occasional glitch where some areas are blank, as in the same color as the areas that are outside the dungeon. You cant see yourself or enemies there

Scott Peterson March 22, 2014
Not a bad concept. Needs basic improvements like muting sounds and rearranging inventory. Also, movement only allows one space at a time which gets annoying. Would play again after a major update.

Joni Hämäläinen January 31, 2014
First thing after pressed install was: this app requires no special permissions! That never happens! Just for that you get 5 stars from me!

emanuel rea October 11, 2013
Its good but I have suggestions Bosses in a room that needs a key and if you kill you can get upgrade health

rob tribou October 27, 2013
anyone who has steam play Realm of the Mad God same chars more choices

Daniel Checchia November 29, 2016
You can purchase the licence to use these sprites, read before you accuse

Rooxy December 6, 2014
This game is the same thing as ROTMG on desktop.

Plain Vas April 20, 2014
Please add more to this game I just beat it and now wish for more

Red Powerful Super Sentai October 11, 2013
What is this its like 2d remake with enemies like rotmg?

Scott Grantham February 20, 2014
This is a rip off of Realm of the Mad God…and a poor one.

Kivin Gritsenko September 15, 2013
Need to learn controls from Legend of Yore and Pixel Dungeon. UI needs some styling too.

Howard Demarco August 27, 2015
Also: it kills my character off too quickly.

Frederic Chen July 3, 2013
However too dependent on health potions. I suggest healthregeneration

Alex Martinez October 16, 2013
I love realmofthemadgod but this game is to hard you need to add pixel dungeon movement better lighting and better sounds

Wei Hsiau March 24, 2014
It s funny cause all this was from rotmg and warrior does not wear hide armor

papa crow October 6, 2013
I want to play as a dwarf and elf

Amelie Beatrix August 9, 2015
Enemies shoot through walls

Keegan Mihaly March 6, 2014
It won’t start up ?

Eric Chang December 12, 2013
Game graphics came from realm of the mad god

Zar King December 12, 2013
You need to fix the dungeon wall weirdness

Rory Holliday December 29, 2013
It hasn’t been updated since July, still in Beta…when are we getting updated??

Debbie Maher November 12, 2013
I can`t playIt just stays still

Billy Drysdale February 17, 2014
It the image of realm of the mad god

daniel guerra March 13, 2014
But it needs to be able to more easily accommodate newcomers at least in the first level

onceler ceistian December 9, 2013
Dum game

Ege Baysal September 20, 2014
Keep the game up to date, It will be shine!

omnomnom Raspberry August 4, 2013
Nicely done!

Dunnevan Anderson July 15, 2015
Not on console nubs

Reece Kay May 11, 2014
Not bad need more characters

Romegyptian March 5, 2014

Quentin Christensen August 31, 2014

Cameron Derrer October 4, 2013

Belinda Walton May 15, 2014

Sabrina Vernon December 23, 2013
Nice game

Laura Montgomery-Hurrell August 12, 2013
I was originally attracted to it because it uses a free sprite package by Oryx, which is also used by Legends of Yore, thinking it would be made by the same developer.Sadly the game seems to be in very early development as the only character options are human fighter, even though the options for elf, dwarf, mage and thief were present. Also the game-play is quite clunky and it not nearly as smooth as, Pixel Dungeon, the previous rogue-like game I reviewed.Of the two, I’d say that Pixel Dungeon is the better option, but then it is also a fully finished game. I will try and come back and re-review at a later date.

J Hubb May 11, 2016
Poor quality game. Froze phone on removal and messed up Samsung internal drivers(somwthing Samsung missing error) Now phone won’t charge.

Dave Madrgal August 25, 2013
Just get legend of yore or pixel dungeon

Nicholas Manchester February 17, 2014
If you want a game like this but 100 times better try realm of the mad god on your computer