Kitty Pad

Kitty Pad is a fun game for pets that you run on your Android phone or tablet.


Works great I just got a new kitten and he has seemingly endless energy. When it became midnight and he still wouldn’t get in bed and take a nap, I decided to search “laser pointer” and found this!! It’s not what I expected it to be, but it amused him quietly until he finally shut his eyes. Definitely a must – have for young cats.

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Does your kitten like to chase a laser pointer? Do you get bored before your kitten does? Here’s your answer: an automatic laser pointer that can go on forever!

Just place it on the floor, dim the lights, and watch the fun.

This special algorithm simulates human actions, with zippy back and forth motions, some slow creepy moves, and off/on jumps.

It works on any Android phone or tablet running Android version 1.6 or higher.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Glow ball and Jingle ball objects are also in this app.

There’s fun for all types of felines, young and old. And you might be surprised at the other animals that get interested with this.

You can also toggle sound effects. When your pet is lucky enough to touch the object on the screen the laser goes “pew”, the Glow ball purrs, and the Jingle ball jingles.

Please post a comment of how we can improve this mobile app, and we will!

What’s New

New in Version 3.1
* the game start graphic is centered on the screen
* the jingle ball follows your finger
* the laser pointer is more connected, and with an additional zig zag human characteristic realism
* speed calibration auto detected on all devices
* and you can override with your own speed in the Settings

App NameKitty Pad
DeveloperAllentium Software
RequirementsAndroid 1.6 and up

User reviews

A Google User September 1, 2012
I just got a new kitten and he has seemingly endless energy. When it became midnight and he still wouldn’t get in bed and take a nap, I decided to search “laser pointer” and found this!! It’s not what I expected it to be, but it amused him quietly until he finally shut his eyes. Definitely a must – have for young cats.

Zara Child December 20, 2012
My 3 month old kitten loves this, put it on my tablet and he sits there for hours quite happily and meows at me if the screen goes off! Downside he tries to eat the tablet but its worth it for how much ot keeps him entertained. Great app

A Google User February 5, 2012
There needs to be a screen lock option because my cat plays with it alot that she presses the buttons and gets out of the game.. Its kind of frustrating having to restart it every time.

A Google User May 2, 2012
I havent heard my cat purr for a couple months i always thought he might be depressed so when i found this app i downloaded it and went to find my cat. I found him and i sat down on tje couch with him. He can be mean and he was bitting me and scratching me. But i showed him this app he started trying to get the dot then he started licking me and he stopped scratching. And he also.started purring he alsi fell asleep in my arms and kept purring for a while. This truly is an amazing app thank you for it.

A Google User September 23, 2012
My cat likes to watch and paw at my screen normally, so I thought I’d try this. He LOVES it. His favorite is the green ball that has a bell sound when it bounces

A Google User June 20, 2012
Love this app. Whenever my cat won’t leave me alone I just pull this out and it keeps her occupied for hours. Once my giant Labrador retriever saw it and sat next to my cat for a long time. It’s even fun to watch the cat play with the phone. Great app.

A Google User August 22, 2012
This app was a total waste of time. I thought it was going to be brighter and my cats didnt even pay attention to it. DONT DOWNLAOD

A Google User August 6, 2012
Was hoping it was something that activated the light on my phone, so I could use it as a laser pointer. Will just get the flashlight now. For as small as a phone is, didn’t really attract my cat. She just stared at it. Then my phone locked, which can easily be changed in the settings. But again the phone is so small she just stared at it.

A Google User September 24, 2012
My kitty was vaguely interested. Like a child with ADHD his interest faded quickly. Maybe they should change up the speed randomly? Or make the ball bigger? Still, it did way better than I expected! ?

A Google User September 20, 2012
my cat loves it… he’s happy to play alone, but he loves when i pick the blue or orange ball and play along with him… then he starts hitting me too LOL thanks for a fun app ;D

My Kitty Stuff Channel May 29, 2015
My cat Miss Kitty is for some reason scared of electronics soooo….. I bet Its a really good game though She just ran from me .

A Google User August 23, 2011
My kitten loves this! And she can make it move herself! I am writing this and she keeps biting my phone! Better give it back to her!

A Google User May 14, 2012
This program is awful. Dont waste your time.

A Google User December 4, 2011
My shih tzu loves it. She keeps trying to cactch the dot by hitting it with her noise and paws. Wont let me exit when im done using it

A Google User June 26, 2011
Without invisible armor and even that might not be strong enough this app will destroy your touch screen unless ur cat is declawed lol i agree w comme

A Google User July 26, 2011
OMG too funny! My cat is addicted to your video game. She walks off with my phone in her mouth, even when this app is not open.

A Google User August 14, 2012
The app won’t install on my phone. I was excited to try it out cuz my kitty LOVES lasers and her’s is broken. ?

Shyann Beddow October 30, 2013
My kitten loves it.The only bad thing is you have to click the screen sometimes.He love to attack it.

A Google User January 13, 2012
Screw the cat. I’m loving this. Fun for me, cat doesn’t care so more fun for me

A Google User July 11, 2011
Nice would be better if the screen could lock while the lights flash around. My cat keeps pushing buttons.

A Google User November 15, 2011
My kitten LOVES this app. To everyone concerned about the cat scratching the touch screen – get.a screen protector

A Google User January 31, 2012
Make sure ur phone has the proper protection because this will drive em nuts! Made my cat pick up my phone n flip it a couple times lol.

A Google User March 18, 2012
Love It! Laughed til I cried at my dog trying to get it.

A Google User July 9, 2011
Its not that bright and why would want your cat to touch your screen

A Google User September 5, 2011
For what it does,it works great.wish the laser was touch sensitive like the ball.only problem is my cat doesn’t fall for the digital laser pointer.

Kaylee Winters May 5, 2015
My almost one year old cat,Jax follows it with his head and hopes it comes out when it hits the side. It’s so funny!

A Google User October 11, 2011
Stupidits just a dot that goes all over the screen unless u want ur phine scratched up by ur cat DO NOT GET THIS Stupidits just a dot that goes all over the screen unless u want ur phine scratched up by ur cat DO NOT GET THIS

A Google User January 13, 2013
My kittin doesn’t take note of it weneva I hold it up to him he is only interested in my hand

A Google User March 5, 2012
This stupid app doesn’t even work! My cat will just stare at my phone and look at me and walk away!

A Google User December 27, 2011
Just make sure the cat has the nails trimmed and u have a screen protection its on the the screen

A Google User March 21, 2012
My cat wasn’t really intrested he just stared at it and my phone kept blacking out soo…

A Google User April 26, 2012
My cat likes this. He doesn’t love it, but he likes to watch the laser

A Google User August 1, 2012
I will play it all day

Ayisha Khan May 20, 2014
This app is not very good as my kitten just bit my phone case

Developer Allentium Software July 24, 2014 I’m sorry that happened.

A Google User May 25, 2012
This app is ok, but lacks continued movement on some of the objects

A Google User June 14, 2012
I love it but my cat will try to attack my phone so make sure u have a screen protector and a case.

A Google User February 12, 2012
I Have A 3Month Year Old Kitty And She Loves It.((: And People Who Say Its Dumb Its Cutee

A Google User August 5, 2012
My cat isn’t really interested in this app.

I eat couches for couches June 13, 2014
My dog bites my tablet and hits it with her paws

A Google User September 14, 2012
It keep freezing up my phone Galaxy s 2