Let’s Poke The Egg 2

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RubbishIt was a waste of space and all you do is tap the screen a million times and it is so stupid. The pokemons are so bad and you can’t even keep a collection of the pokemons you have got. And there are so many ads. So you heard it: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS STUPID GAME!

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Screenshot Let’s Poke The Egg 2

Let's Poke The Egg 2 screenshot
Let's Poke The Egg 2 screenshot
Let's Poke The Egg 2 screenshot
Let's Poke The Egg 2 screenshot

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    Let’s poke the egg 2 is ready to play for you. C’mon, keep poke the egg!

    App NameLet’s Poke The Egg 2
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Edward Kumie April 7, 2017
    RubbishIt was a waste of space and all you do is tap the screen a million times and it is so stupid. The pokemons are so bad and you can’t even keep a collection of the pokemons you have got. And there are so many ads. So you heard it: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS STUPID GAME!

    Kody Yoshi January 29, 2017
    It is a fun game, but it gets a little boring just tapping and tapping. It is very easy to get shinies and legendaries, so it’s a cool game. It would be cooler if you could do things and evolve your Pokemon.

    Abishaan Saravanabavan March 7, 2017
    This game looks like it was made by an 8 year old, can’t believe that there are 3 sequels including this, if you want to exercise your fingers I suggest using MLG clicker or play games level up clicker in stead of this crap

    UnknownFebruary 24, 2017
    What is the point of this game? I know you spent a lot of time on this and I respect that but you could make the amount of taps a bit less. For example on my 3rd egg I needed 302 taps and I had already ran into 5 ads. Who has time to tap a egg on your phone 302 times? I dont and including the ads time. I know you have to make money and I dont have a problem about that but its when you go above and beyond with ads, every time I hatch a egg, click on the pokedex and click out the pokedex theres an add. My suggestion is to make the amount of taps lower and put less ads in the game. To be honest, the pixelmon sprites dont bother me. I hope some people take the time to read this and see my points on this app.

    Holly & Bede Pemberton August 5, 2017
    I love this game but I wish you could do stuff with the pokes. I don’t mind the pixel sprite I’m a poke geek so I can recognize the pokemon. I found a way to hatch eggs faster so you double tap the egg

    dan sweet May 13, 2017
    Tap the screen the number of times shown and the egg hatches … 200+ taps? It’s like they designed the game to give you carpal tunnel … There isn’t anything about this game that I liked.

    tray whitehead March 1, 2017
    Tediously boring and garbage quality. WTF were you guys thinking when making this waste of space?Or any other of your clicker you people waste your time making for that matter. Stop.

    Shiny Shaymin August 12, 2017
    My only problem is that, this is a clicker game, and ads come right in your face, and you often just tap an ad. Other than that, it’s fun!

    Miray Gaming May 12, 2017
    This is a horrible game the pokemon are mispelled and they just look bad and you have to press like 250 times just to get 1 rubbish looking pokemon. I dont get it… DONT GET THIS GAME ITS A STORAGE WASTER

    Adrian Sørensen February 9, 2017
    Stupid game, Just makes you trap 230 times to hatch an egg. Graphics are stolen from Pixelmon. Too many adds.

    Elissa Talsma April 1, 2017
    Hate it.Glitched after only my FIRST egg and it’s really just not a good game.??????

    Cathryn Leow March 20, 2017
    Pls have the egg hatch over time and have tapping be a way to speed it up

    CJ_Epic January 11, 2017
    This is a terible app without even models that look like the pokemon and so many ADS!!!!

    henry stoner January 9, 2017
    In 9 eggs I hatched 2 zapdos, 1 articuno, and a lapras.

    Phillip Rathbun August 26, 2017
    I have so many questions why are they minecraft models, why are fully evolved pokemon hatching from eggs, and why are some random pokemon like bellsprout and quilava shiny for no reason and it’s not a small chance that they’re shiny no they’re just always shiny for some reason

    jack cullington March 10, 2017
    The game is so bad do not play it this is a waning to you people DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!

    Samantha Lyle April 9, 2017
    Gets stuck on the screen that says “alto”. Don’t download it!

    Rachel Gibson February 20, 2017
    A couple pokemon misspelled. Too many ads. I love the minecraft look.

    cute pokèmon October 4, 2017
    Nice egg hatching ,I have got a golden magikarp as 2nd pokemon and 1st is mewtwo,but I have a request to company , please make battles after every 6 pokemon we catch.

    Broken Drago January 13, 2017
    I love this game and i got a shiny zubat!

    Cool Elevator Dude 86 April 20, 2017

    Kurt Jorgensen October 4, 2017
    Exactly the same as #1….. same music, same minecraft-block graphics, lots of ads. Only difference might be different/ new pokemon? Didn’t care enough to play that far…….

    peter Sheens February 19, 2017
    Liked it but the Pokemon graphics don’t you think you could do much much better

    Control Freek zone January 16, 2017
    This game is awesome because me and my brothers play all the time even during the movie!!!

    ThunderGaming Mobile June 12, 2017
    Its a satisfying game to play when I’m bored I love it but can you please make the graphics look better thanks : )

    Ivan Farmer February 19, 2017
    The game constantly glitches and too !An ads??????????

    Kenneth Spears August 12, 2017
    This games is awesome, on my second row I got a shiny magikarp!!! Ididn’t even know there were shinys!!

    Ronin Dangler January 31, 2017
    It’s defiantly fun but it gets boring getting the same people over and over a just tapping

    Mousumi Banik April 12, 2017
    This is a hatch game This is a nice game This is a type of Pokemon​ GO game

    George Case August 29, 2017
    Well if you like your fingers hurting from so Much tapping this is for you

    mireya garcia January 11, 2017

    Summer Meadows April 16, 2017
    Great time waster add more pokemon and keep up the good work

    Lizka Fedo May 28, 2017
    Ok so I didn’t listen to the comments. And now this is the wirst game ever. Dont even bithr to download it

    Sparkly Gumybear January 19, 2017
    Good game, but there are too many ads.

    Ava King January 24, 2017
    It’s so good I got to mewtwo

    Shamere Robinson May 12, 2017
    I like it but u tap to much even a lol kid Amit gone won’t to play this

    Melting Flame February 1, 2017
    Got 15 Enteis perfect hatch rate

    UnknownJuly 20, 2017

    FR3AK1SHGAM3Z January 29, 2017
    Great Accept For How The Number of taps Gets Higher

    UnknownApril 21, 2017
    It is better than the first one because there are no adds