LINE 殭屍學園

shock! School appeared zombies? ! We have to be strong to survive!Immediately on the line, together with friends to become the strongest Zombie Terminator!

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Screenshot LINE 殭屍學園

LINE 殭屍學園 screenshot
LINE 殭屍學園 screenshot
LINE 殭屍學園 screenshot
LINE 殭屍學園 screenshot

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    感染模式 (2~8人)

    劇情模式模式 (4人)
    同心協力! 還有,唯有彼此的信任才能成為解決一切的鑰匙!


    Zombies suddenly appeared in the school, causing students to panic, in the end the zombie lurking on campus where?
    We must survive within the specified time, will be able to escape the zombie hunt!
    Hide? Or positive surprise? A test of you, my wisdom!
    Confident of victory over all people are welcome to join the zombie academy, let us beat the zombies become zombies Terminator!

    Infection mode (2 ~ 8)
    One player will be transformed into the host zombies, zombie order not to be infected have to escape the job. In the map memory in the secret passages and hiding space.
    They do not become infected, successfully survived many rewards you can get!

    Story mode mode (4)
    This mode expands to expose the secret academy zombie story. Players must each come with weapons against attacks towards his zombies!
    Work together! There, the only mutual trust can become the key to solve all!

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    What’s New

    – 廣場地圖,”生態學習公園”開放
    – 更換登入遊戲的畫面
    – 感染模式新增地圖,新增”生態學習公園”
    – 新增生態學習公園相關徽章
    – 奧利維亞的恐怖故事,新增”黑色廚房”相關2種徽章
    – 新增人類造型”娜雷莎”
    – 萬聖節簽到活動

    App NameLINE 殭屍學園
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Lulu Leung August 9, 2017
    Its good but you’ll get bored soon. Plz release more game modes and episodes