LittleTown Beta

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Was a little choppy and forced close on exit, but worked. I second the guy who felt sadistic. Hope this turns out to have an objective. Galaxy S

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A little town with eight people.

Smash them with your finger, burn their houses, unleash a monster or send a fiery meteor upon them!

No objective yet, currently a concept.

v1.07 – Continued stability and interface improvements, new boss added.

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Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.

App NameLittleTown Beta
RequirementsAndroid 1.6 and up

User reviews

A Google User March 8, 2011
Was a little choppy and forced close on exit, but worked. I second the guy who felt sadistic. Hope this turns out to have an objective. Galaxy S

A Google User December 8, 2010
Funniest game ever. I want to hear them scream!! >:D Crash on exit, ad, and startup. Lg ally 3stars till stable

A Google User August 11, 2010
I usually like these games but this one didn’t have a fourth battle. That makes it boring. —Droid Eris

Ebony Anderson February 4, 2014
I think this game will be fun when i play it?

A Google User March 16, 2009
Don’t waste your time. It doesn’t work and started playing loud music while i was trying this out on the sly in class.

A Google User February 18, 2010
I would like this game if it didnt always force close on me. It’s disappointing.

A Google User December 29, 2009
Great concept, looking forward to updates. Look into Black&White PC for inspiration. Suggestions: Allow npcs to fight enemies and lvl up.

A Google User January 17, 2010
I don,t under stand why this would be fun cept to make cheese balls feel like god. Good concept but much like broken screen and other apps of the like

A Google User March 21, 2010
This games cool… ive never played a game where you can smush ppl with ur fingerz >:D an the lil ppl kinda look like they came from gaia

A Google User April 13, 2009
Would be cool if u could buildyour houses n defend yourself… maybe a game like risk .. good job but a bit boring

A Google User August 20, 2010
Too epix. Maybe you could do a DQ reference and the final boss is a slime, or maybe make a way for the town people to attack (or increase atk system?)

A Google User July 25, 2010
Dumb. Boring. Not enough content. Dont waste your time.

A Google User May 10, 2009
Alright game but needs some changes.. less lag, be able to through the little people, maybe be able to give them names and to change village

A Google User March 2, 2009
Ive had this game from the beginning and its improved alot. Keep up the good work. And add more levels and more types of destruction.good job

A Google User April 10, 2009
Good concept, but very laggy and sometimes unresponsive. With more improvements, this could be a 5 star game

A Google User April 2, 2011
Um… theres only 3 things you can do ? sorry i uninstalled.

A Google User October 10, 2009
A great concept! Allthough it does force close sometimes and doesnt want to run all the time or it would be 5 stars.

A Google User March 29, 2009
Fun game!
If you wanna take you anger out on lil people get this game.

A Google User April 8, 2009
Good idea. But mostly force closes which make me mad. Looking foward to an update hopefully soon.

A Google User March 11, 2009
Ok ok, i kept this game since it was realeased hoping to see it go somewhere great. But it’s too big, force closes A LOT, not enough updates… sorry.

A Google User February 22, 2010
I think its stupid yu shd be able 2 more things waste ov a download n plus force close on ma moment

A Google User March 1, 2009
This just gets better and better every update. Next try and add aliens, dinosaurs, maybe even different weather conditions like a blizzard, drought.

A Google User February 19, 2010
I don’t know why but I like this base concept, reminds me of pocket god, more options and some sort of stupid plot/goal/object and you may have 5*

A Google User March 18, 2009
I love it but it’s a little sad. Lol. I want to help, not hurt. I guess it’s good stress relief for a bad day ?

A Google User March 2, 2009
seems to freeze randomly. soms sort of healthbar & let villagers have swords & it hurts if you squash them when they’re waving the sword?

A Google User March 5, 2009
Really bad. Could be MUCH better!!!

A Google User August 25, 2009
Does not work for beans on my MyTouch phone always force closing all I get is sound. Not a good game if it doesn’t work. Unistalled.

A Google User April 23, 2009
Unfortunatly it does force close a lot but its funny. It gives me way too much of a god complex lol

A Google User October 3, 2010
Fun game would rate it higher if i could get past level 3

A Google User June 17, 2010
Installed, forgot what it was 2 week later reopened and clicked on dudes AHAHAHA Never laughed so hard before Gj dev

A Google User April 11, 2009
Been waiting for an update originally gave a 5 but now it’s just crap update and maybe ill give it 2 stars

A Google User June 7, 2009
You need to be able to control the creature, and this game should also… i dont know… HAVE A FREAKEN PLOT!!!

A Google User March 17, 2011
YES i love to get thier little hops up then burn there town and kill everyone!

A Google User November 21, 2010
Pretty cool game. Can’t wait for an objective. I’ve had this for a long time. Waiting for an update. Can’t get higher than lvl 4

A Google User May 21, 2010
Most dumbest game ever! Soo not worth wasteing valuable time downloading trust me dont download!

A Google User January 27, 2010
This game plays the most annoying music that wont stop even after u close even after u turn off phone

A Google User April 30, 2009
I had fun for a little bit. Holding the screen for the explosion forces it to close.

A Google User December 20, 2009
Dis is an abandoned app. It has potential but da developer hasnt updated dis thing in months

A Google User December 3, 2009
Black screen n music? I thought I was supposed to get to smash people with my finger. UNINSTALLED

A Google User March 21, 2009
Fun to destroy but lack of features.
Soo bored