Mini Dogfight

You were just admitted to the best flying school in the world.


No diamonds delivered Purchased diamonds. No delivery after successful google play verification. Also no way to delete emails in game.

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Screenshot Mini Dogfight

Mini Dogfight screenshot
Mini Dogfight screenshot
Mini Dogfight screenshot
Mini Dogfight screenshot

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    You were just admitted to the best flying school in the world, where all aces train and fly together.
    Will you become the best pilot in history?

    You will fly World War I airplanes against the best aces in history. Enjoy beautiful hand drawn European cities and detailed historical airplanes.

    Claim your title and place in history. Move through the ranks to victory. There can only be one Top Ace.

    “Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices

    What’s New

    – Fixed crash on Android 5+

    App NameMini Dogfight
    DeveloperEchoboom Apps
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and up

    User reviews

    joe joei December 2, 2016
    Purchased diamonds. No delivery after successful google play verification. Also no way to delete emails in game.

    Ryland Crandall April 22, 2017
    I Have Played This Before And It Was Good. For Some Reason Though I Can’t Put In My Nickname. I Would Like This To Be Fixed.

    Karl Moore December 26, 2016
    Tried using gems to complete builds early, game took the gems and build did not finish. What ever you do, do not pay real money for gems. In PvP mode it started off fine then would not let me use all planes built in attack , now won’t display or let me use any planes. Latest bugs are in can’t build any new buildings only upgrade existing ones and capacity displays for gold and oil are gone, can’t see how much over all capacity and current about of each I have. When I could build new items the game let’s you build all the defensive guns you have space for, very tough to attack when opponent has 30 guns set up. I did like the campaign mode of the game, controls took some getting used to but fun.

    John Ling June 30, 2017
    Game won’t go past entering in your name.Just stays at that screen.Looks like lots of people have the same issue.If it got fixed, the rating of the game would change

    rage quiter69 April 28, 2017
    I didn’t even get to play it when I got to name part it wouldn’t let me go throught

    Communism Will Rise Again September 12, 2017

    Isaiah Singer May 19, 2017
    Wouldn’t let me get passed the part where you put your user name in.

    Jose Rocha April 29, 2017
    I cant even play it, it wont let me enter my nick name

    marshall lewis May 10, 2017
    Wouldn’t let me past name selection sadly.

    nbr28 April 23, 2017
    Does. Not update please fix. And I. Will. Change the rating

    Rob C August 19, 2017
    Permissions.. manage phone calls? View contacts? Are you serious?

    Tedson Magtalas August 26, 2017
    Its not working. cant start because its not accepting any names..

    Sam Colt December 15, 2016
    This game is well thought out and I really like that they added in some history as well.

    Logan Martin October 6, 2017
    I’ve played on a different device not now I can’t pass the enter name screen can you please fix it

    Anthony Goda May 24, 2017
    You can’t even put you nickname in

    Adam McKinley May 22, 2017
    Cant continue after the enter nickname screen

    Leah Parks January 29, 2017
    It a great time killer and its supper addicting thank you for making this game and have a great day

    Schrus11 November 1, 2016
    None of my progress was saved, I have to start over

    Developer Echoboom Apps October 26, 2016 please try the update

    zach Patrick November 7, 2016
    I can’t enter my game name I press NEXT and nothing happens I am using a Android Voyager Pro Lollipop.Game crashes during training will this be fixed in the next update?. What I mean is when U get to the first boss battle the game freezes up and nothing shows up but u can hear the music

    Developer Echoboom Apps November 7, 2016 should be fixed now

    Matthew Darden October 26, 2016
    Tried new update like developers said. Upon loading a black screen then kicked out of game.

    Developer Echoboom Apps October 28, 2016 I have a feeling google didn’t send the update to your location yet. It should show as 1.0.38 version and the content of your reply google tells me is from 1.0.35. Please try again, it should definetely work

    Jacob Van Der Vlugt June 24, 2015
    Sometimes when I deploy planes it makes the planes go away. Also when I sent a lot of oil on my plane constructor building to upgrade it I left the game , came back 2 minjtes later oil gone but the building stopped upgrading and didnt finish. Their are countless bugs im sorry but the 3 stars when its working mostly ill 5 star this game because I still love this game ?

    Cabe Booth April 15, 2016
    It is a fun game, but waiting FOURTY EIGHT HOURS for a building to upgrade to play the next mission?Unless i pay $5 to buy….. Wait for it….GEMS!That’s right….Gems.And this game eats them like beef tip chunks sprinkled in a tributary full of piranhas cut off from food during the dry season.Save yourself!Don’t install this greedy junk festival

    charlee lee June 7, 2016
    Unable to get in the game, there is a screen and its small but gets full screen ans then turns to black. On a samsung galaxy s5 newest update

    David Kumar August 9, 2016
    Great game that deserves to be more successful. The only complaint is it has really annoying bugs like in battles against other bases I have 8 planes in my airfields ready for battle but when I go to other bases it says I only have 3 planes…

    Ruby J. Scheme September 27, 2016
    I really don’t care for base camp management. And, the control are really frustrating as I always hit down to go up … and crash.

    Christopher Dunn October 11, 2016
    I really like the game but…There are to many bugs,you cannot upgrade the main building past level 3.Thus you cannot continue playing the game.Once fixed I’ll give this game 5 stars .The updates did not fix the bugs in the gameand I have not seen any new updates.

    Developer Echoboom Apps March 27, 2015 Please try the update that we released yesterday. We listened to your comment and worked for a fix

    Peter C May 1, 2015
    I have this on both platforms and having the need to upgrade the buildings is annoying. Overall a good game to wake time

    Martin Chapman October 10, 2016
    Tried on my samsung phone and tablet. Dont waste your time.

    Developer Echoboom Apps October 26, 2016 please try the update

    Jerome Shepherdu March 11, 2016
    It”s a bit like bouble dragon meets clash of the clans. Will burn hours!

    Matthew Alleyne June 21, 2015
    Running jelly bean 4.2 + 1.3 quad 1gb ram and this game wont run wtf

    Developer Echoboom Apps April 5, 2015 what phone do you have?

    Eric and Renee Quanbeck April 7, 2016
    Do sent work I try playing level 1 and halfway through it just freezes so I turn my tablet off and try again and it just does the same thing over andoverandoveragainplease fix it I rely wanted to play this game

    Richard Santana May 4, 2016
    I never got past the loading screen. The phone I am using is a HTC One M9

    Martin Soper April 18, 2015
    Can any one upgradetheir main building past level 5 please let me know im fed up of not being able to move on for over 2 plus weeks now considering deleting the game

    Developer Echoboom Apps April 15, 2015 Do you have the latest version? what level is your main building right now?

    Darrin Jay June 3, 2015
    It won’t load please fix ps: the reason I rate it 3 stars is because I got it before and it was fun ?

    Michael Huntly November 18, 2015
    Didnt even get to fly

    Horeb Miranda July 1, 2016
    I’m using an LG Stylo 2 running the latest Android version Marshmallow and I just get the title screen but the game never starts.

    Developer Echoboom Apps October 26, 2016 please try the update

    Colmenares July 31, 2016
    Se me crashea en la primera misión.

    Developer Echoboom Apps October 26, 2016 please try the update

    The Admiral November 4, 2015
    Not easy but not hard

    Septian Arief September 24, 2015
    So many crash

    Hugo M. Nijhof December 26, 2015
    Does not run anymore after android update

    Developer Echoboom Apps November 27, 2014 please try the update from yesterday, it should be fixed