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Hella Cool WOW!!!I’m still the best! (discounting the OCD afflicted).My rank is 2, 3, 6, 22, & 27.Just one thing… add sound from old Space Invaders game.Ha Ha.Great job, developers!Thank you.

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NavyStrat is a real time strategy wargame which is simulating the considerations and circumstances of operational warfare focusing on complex naval battlefield tactics and reconnaissance.

“If you wish for peace, understand war.”

App NameNavyStrat
RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

User reviews

Thomas J. Kelly esq December 6, 2015
WOW!!!I’m still the best! (discounting the OCD afflicted).My rank is 2, 3, 6, 22, & 27.Just one thing… add sound from old Space Invaders game.Ha Ha.Great job, developers!Thank you.

Alexey Sokolov January 12, 2016
Objects move too fast, not enough controls to plan and execute missions. Disappointed ?

Andrew Tuline December 28, 2012
but like others have said, it’s way too fast. Recommended that the author pick up an old copy of Harpoon. If you simulate that, you’ll get lots of buyers.

A Google User October 19, 2011
Droid x2.Every time I touched the screen, the game registered it about a 1/4 inch to the right.Other then that, it was fun.Made it hard to play

A Google User September 7, 2011
Great gameplay and brilliant fun. Only downsides are it’s a bit fast, no way to launch aircraft for recon, AI’s a bit dumb, and spelling mistakes.

A Google User November 27, 2011
Cld be very deep strat simulation, but units move SO fast it just becomes a crazy point, shoot and hope for the best. Also needs better touch accuracy

A Google User December 30, 2011
Good idea but bad, no horrible controls.No sound.If these problems Would be fixed more stars…

jalen mccoy July 10, 2015
I remember playing this game 2 years ago, and there is no reason to rate lower then 5 or 4 stars. Good job

A Google User January 10, 2012
Very reminiscient of Harpoon from 20 years ago, the definitive modern naval war game. Pacing here is too fast though and the strike range of carriers should be greater than for destroyers

A Google User January 3, 2012
Unplayable on Galaxy Tab. Touch buttons don’t work. Can’t even get into start playing. Can only check the high scores . . . .

A Google User October 9, 2011
Great graphics. Could be a great Harpoon/Fleet Command for- mobile game, but it is way too fast. Sound would also be nice…

Piers Hallihan March 30, 2015
This is not a strategy game. This is a navy point and shoot with a naff 80s ui.

A Google User August 13, 2011
Cool game but would be better on tablet. Difficult to control ships on small screen. Where’s the sound? Runs smooth. Atrix.

Shane McLafferty April 28, 2014
WAY TO FAST…even on 1 arrow. Need to slow down a notch to give the player time to think and stragitize.

roi segev August 23, 2014
make a new game like this, but on land, maybe even with multiplayer, the game is realy cool, but it will be even batter with tanks, helicopters and infentry units

A Google User March 21, 2012
When i toch the screen looks like the pinpoint its far right from my finger? Nice game but please fix itWhen you fix it i’ll give it 2 more starsPlease fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Google User May 5, 2012
Lots of potential but unplayable with control scheme. Please update.

A Google User April 11, 2011
Fun game but have no sound. Does anyone else have sound? Would rate higher

A Google User August 31, 2011
Reminds me of the old Janes Fleet Command. Too fast, but fun nonetheless.

A Google User March 14, 2012
Looks like Harpoon but way faster than real time. So it’s just clicky clicky, no real tactics. Uninstall.

A Google User December 6, 2011
Sounds would be nice.The screen renders really small on the kindle fire.Otherwise like it!

A Google User June 16, 2012
Does not work on RAZR Max. No instructions.

A Google User April 4, 2011
Turn based would be more easier to manage, but not entirely bad. Just too easy.

Jose Sierra December 1, 2013
Scale is weird and the speed is way too fast. Developer really needs to play harpoon once or twice…

A Google User August 27, 2012
This game is amazing. But I sometimes cannot read the small print

Jacob Tung May 20, 2013
Good game A bit to fast,needs more strategy,for those people saying the game is fast there is a option of slowing down the game

A Google User April 4, 2011
Do you think it is too easy? Just try to complete the 8th level.

Francisco Quintana April 24, 2013
i can’t play! it doesn’t work!

A Google User June 20, 2012
Easy to play but if can at least see missles fired or see the wreckage

Nick Strickland February 6, 2013
The distance between where my finger touches the screen and the app thinks I touch the screen is about an inch…. always to the right of my finger Droid X2

A Google User October 28, 2012
Dosnt fit my screen -HTC Sensation

A Google User July 5, 2011
Easy to play, very fun

A Google User November 14, 2011
No sounds. Plays good

A Google User January 22, 2012
A bit fast but not bad!

A Google User May 23, 2011
Controls make it unplayable

A Google User November 25, 2014
This almost looks like DEFCON on PC.

Manoj Pankhiana August 4, 2013
Updates and upgrades

Goh Joven April 22, 2013
Can make it a little slower though

Treveon Purnell March 30, 2015
Awesome game I ever played

Sean Winkel May 10, 2014
Develop this title.