Oculus Ball

Tilt your device to find the exit!


Controls are incredible. Short, simple and satisfying

User Rating: ( 63 ratings )

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Tilt your device to find the exit through 9 level.


What’s New

– Auto Saving Feature
– Menu Pause
– Options Button -> Reset Game
– Bug fix (Hud resolution issue, better accelerometer based command, level design refactoring, fluid motion)
– A new 3D camera view, for a better gaming experience.

App NameOculus Ball
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up

User reviews

Daniel Jianoran July 12, 2017
Controls are incredible. Short, simple and satisfying

john reedy May 29, 2017
That fact thatu named ur app oculus it makespeople think they are downloadingthe vr app its very desperateto get a user base

Midgey Shipley May 25, 2017
I thought this was VR set. The didn’t say what it is!! UGHHH

austin Quapp May 21, 2017
Where is the VR app that I am looking for?

Developer Umeer May 23, 2017 I never claimed that this app was a VR app, where did you read that?? And what are (if any) the reasons for the negative feedback?Please reply me at umeer at, so i can fix those issues. Thank in advice.

Chili Bronson May 26, 2017
Same music as geometry dash?

Developer Umeer May 28, 2017 It’s call Ahrix – Nova and it is copyright free therefore a lot of indie developers use this music, it’s not a big deal.
I don’t have the resources and the money to compose a new music. I’m sorry for this.
Why did you left a one star review? i hope it’s not only because i have used the same music…

masood ahmed May 14, 2017
Nice game

Omar M. Din May 13, 2017
Le jeu il est trop bien! Il y avait des bogue mais le développeur il les corrige dés qu’il peut. J’attends des nouveaux niveaux!

Cindy Allen February 5, 2017
You can’t even restart it when you want too.. you fall in a hole you stuck there and you can’t maneuver the game no kind of way

Developer Umeer May 10, 2017 The problem is solved, update your app.

Sahed Khan January 3, 2017
Add more level, please.

Developer Umeer May 10, 2017 Thanks for playing ,soon i will release few new crazy levels.

Obsidian nation March 15, 2017
I can’t do any more levels after #3It keeps me on it

Developer Umeer May 10, 2017 Hi, can you please tell me more about the issue? Email me at: umeer
Thanks in advice for your help.

UnknownFebruary 27, 2017
It is awesome.!

Michele Matthews April 1, 2017

UnknownMay 24, 2017
This is a stupid game, downloaded by mistake because I was looking for the VR app. I am certain the developer named this crappy game specifically for that reason.I’m not the only one who was fooled. Shame on you and your crappy game.

Developer Umeer May 26, 2017 ??? Let me help you… If you are looking for VR Games you have to type in the search bar “VR game”.
I never claimed that this app was a VR app, there is no point to leave a bad reviews it’s a your mistake.

Te Aroha Tua January 29, 2017
It is very cool

the flying beast January 22, 2017
Nice game

UnknownMay 2, 2017
Waste of time!!!!

Stefan Drizi June 8, 2017
Why call storage and location????

Developer Umeer June 9, 2017 We use Geo-Advertise and Ads Caching to provide you the best experience possible, in every condition and worldwide locations .

UnknownApril 8, 2017