Optical Inquisitor 17+

Its the year 1988. Acid wash jeans are in.


Well made, too many damn ads. The game is well made and looks pretty good but it’s simple, pretty much like any other sniper game. Plus you end up watching more ads than you get play time. And there are only about 5 missions before you have to buy the whole game. It’s only a dollar but I’m still so pissed off with how they handled the demo by cramming it with ads that I won’t grant them the pleasure of my money. No skin off my nose.

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Screenshot Optical Inquisitor 17+

Optical Inquisitor 17+ screenshot
Optical Inquisitor 17+ screenshot
Optical Inquisitor 17+ screenshot
Optical Inquisitor 17+ screenshot

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    Its the year 1988. Acid wash jeans are in.
    Our hero, Tommy Rissken has been betrayed by his friends and had to serve a prison sentence for 8 years.

    Now he’s back with a vengeance. With your help, he’ll get his revenge on his ‘friends’ and be able to return to his daughter.

    Top 10 Strategy Game in over 10 countries!


    – Superior Sniper mechanics
    – Great ragdoll physics, destructible bodies
    – Racing and Underground Gamblers Club
    – Great cartoon animations
    – Amazing 80s style new retro wave soundtrack from Perturbator, RTRY, Vector Hold, Protector-101, Palm Highway Chase, Tommy, Betamaxx, Flash Аrnold, Silenx, M-Town Vice, Vincenzo Salvia, Hot Hot Hawk, Brutal Pony Riders, Bestrack, The Аstral Stereo Project, Bourgeoisie, Mr Pteez, Quasars, DrPECCO
    – Build your own weapons
    – Great interactive elements in levels
    – Old 80’s style cell phones

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    What’s New

    – Minor fixes

    App NameOptical Inquisitor 17+
    DeveloperCrescent Moon Games
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Sam M. December 13, 2016
    The game is well made and looks pretty good but it’s simple, pretty much like any other sniper game. Plus you end up watching more ads than you get play time. And there are only about 5 missions before you have to buy the whole game. It’s only a dollar but I’m still so pissed off with how they handled the demo by cramming it with ads that I won’t grant them the pleasure of my money. No skin off my nose.

    Gerrian Voyles January 7, 2017
    The Story, in my opinion, is amazing. One of the best stories in a game Ive seen for a long time. I cant handle the awesomeness of this game. Also, this game is easy, yet challenging, but in it’s own way. 11/10 MGN Would Play Again. Good job. Keep up the work. If I could, I’d rate it way more than just 5 stars. Also, If you use money, you can uncensor it and get no ads if you purchase the full version. You are welcome. ?

    ReaperRAGE February 13, 2016
    I loved it fully. It had a bunch of different things you can do besides sniping good story it had all the things for a great app game. This might not be one of the best but it is one of my top 10. So please make more games like this I’ll buy it and many more people. But please make the game free like this one ok? Great game I love it, keep it up.

    Jeroham Rodriguez July 5, 2017
    Good game, good graphics, seems to have a good story line from the few first missions I was able to play. WAY too many ads though. Other 5 star ratings are not real, as the game promises one more free mission as long as you give them a 5 star rating. That’s bribing the user!With so many ads, game should be complete.

    Mark Jubb January 12, 2017
    Too many ads. 3 second mission 30sec unskipable ad. Surely you can do better at placing them at more appropriate places. Impossible to enjoy the game in such a state. Save the download save your time and avoid unless you really like endless app ads. Ive played quite a few app game without a doubt the most ads ever encounted. Disappointed….oh well next!

    brandon booth July 29, 2016
    Way too many ads, its censored when much worse games on phones arent, and it only gives you 5 free levels and then you have to pay for it. They give you the option of one more level for giving them 5 stars but the is a wast of time. I spent longer downloading it and playing the tutorial than i did playing whats actually free in the game.

    GAMING CRAZ June 22, 2016
    Why a add every time I exit my home and censor a 17+ game they already know there is going to be blood and gore. Why do we have to pay for no ads stupid!!! And why do I have to watch a video to retry a mission, really?? Rating 5 star for free level but game is 2 or 3 star rating

    Matt August 31, 2016
    This game is a pice if crap. It’s a clear money grab. First of all they expect you to pay a dollar for a point and shoot game that offer little to no content and variety. Then after playing a few stupid levels they ask you to rate their stupid game 5 stars so you can get a bonus level.

    Aaron Parker July 16, 2016
    The game is actually fun and amusing.But you litteraly spend more time watching freakin full length ad videos rather than playing… common man… strike a balance hereeach video is 20-30 seconds and you must watch the entire thing each time, plus they are the same ads over and over.

    Ryan Stultz January 8, 2016
    Way too many ads. Worst I have even seen. Only a 6 stage trial that attempts to give you a bonus stage if you give an undeserved 5 star rating. An awful attempt to force you to buy full story and remove the stupid a$$ censors that block stick figure deaths. Don’t waste your time.

    Amrit Mishra January 24, 2016
    This is a demo version… u’ll get only 3 missions and those r very short too plus innumerable ads… I’m a fan of stickman games and to all those who like them just lyk me, I wud giv a piece of advice… Download the full version from torrent… u won’t regret it… I luv this game. The single star is coz of the demo version…

    Josh H December 10, 2016
    Gameplay is good, but before EVERY mission you have to watch a full ad, and there’s also random pop up ads… which is fine for a free game. The bad thing is, even after putting up with all the ads, it only lets you play like 5 missions then it tells you that you have to buy the premium version. Deleted!

    Mathew Stewart July 24, 2016
    Its not enough that every time you go to the map an ad plays. You have to watch a video to replay a failed mission and then after a dozen ads you’re expected to pay for the full game. Pity this is a money grab. If it was executed better I may have bought it. But the excessive ads pushed me away.

    Eddie Adams June 20, 2016
    Brutal.Loved it until I got to the races, already spent five bucks. Can’t see car and view goes into gray. Terrible glitch. Droid turbo2 please fix, lost two hundred you bribed me with for five stars so its only fair that I one star you until you fix it or refund my three bucks homies

    christian beck September 23, 2016
    The mission that you need to shoot the sign doesn’t even show the sign just a wooden pillar sometimes and it doesn’t even fall down when shot. Also when you hook the man up to the truck it didn’t even show the truck or anything. So I’m stuck on a mission because it’s broken. When missions are fixed I will rate it better.

    MC Scorpion February 18, 2016
    The game looks pretty good at first, you know with the physics and everything, but before every mission you’d get at least a 30 second long video to download a different game. I mean there’s a line where you what ads for a little bit of cash on the side, but this is just milking google ad revenue for everything its got.

    Paulo Neto June 3, 2016
    too many video adds and unless you pay the game is censured and it’s not the full version… it would be better if they tell that the game is not free before you download/buy it. It looks like an awesome game, but I cound’t stand watching adds for more time than I play it.

    Casey Fuentes July 21, 2017
    The devs are actually shadier than your criminal assassin character. Missions take literally 5 seconds to play and then you get a forced 30-second ad. Then they press you into giving a 5-star review for a “free” mission before you have to pay a buck for the actual game.Seriously, this should actually be banned from Google Play.

    Miguel Karlo Sanoria May 13, 2016
    Demo. Ads dont give anything and intrusive of gameplay. Good story but why advertise free if its only a demo. Pls include on your title. Game is misleading and forcing people to rate 5 stars to get a free level. If people rate this by thier own opinion this would be less than 2 stars

    Joseph Raasveld May 28, 2016
    Every 10 seconds you watch a 30 second ad. Then after the 5 missions they ask you to 5 star them so you can have a bonus mission. If you do want to play the full game and not waste your time then it will cost you. Other ones are much better.

    James Brewster May 29, 2016
    When the ammount of ads exceeds the amount of content in a game it ruins it. Theres an ad every time you go to do a mission. And if this game is 17+ then why is it censored? Overall bad game. Thought it was decent at first but turned into a pile of crap. Glad it was free.

    Terry Lyall July 1, 2016
    If you want to find out what a game is like before you buy it, you try the demo first. This game is censored and so riddled with ads that I have no idea if it’s good or not. I don’t feel like paying a penny when it feels like the developers are trying to force you into paying for what should be a free game. Ads are one thing, but this game has an excessive amount. And paying to get rid of the censor bar is just stupid.

    daniel nichols October 31, 2015
    You shouldn’t call it 17+ when you have to pay for it to be 17+.Not to mention, 30 seconds of ads before and after every 10 second mission is bs. If watching ads and not playing games is your thing, this app Def for you. I say “app”, not game because for it to be a game you must be able to play it. This app is nothing more than ads. Don’t download it unless you feel like wasting memory and probably letting a virus into your device. Not worth a dime, much less a dollar.

    Thomas Demiris October 19, 2016
    Came back to give this game a lower rating, but it doesn’t go lower. If you spend the dollar, the ads don’t stop or slow down. Save your money. This game is an abomination.Way too greedy and the storyline is short (even with 20 minutes of ads)

    Gavin Crump April 30, 2016
    How do you get the cinemaddict achievement? I’ve replayed the game 3 times and I still don’t have it.Decent game, not many levels, good gameplay but generally not enough stuff. Barely worth the 59p it cost me. Really. And too many ads! I quit a level to not have to watch an ad, but I am forced to anyway!

    Devon Buchsenschutz June 23, 2016
    It’s an okay game with decent mechanics but they have a literal paywall, you have to actually pay them for their “free” game. This is clear and blatant abuse of the word free. This is like saying that standing outside a stadium while a concert goes on is free. It’s not incorrect but it’s pointless

    Renick Ross March 23, 2017
    Game seems fine with a good story line but don’t be so money hungry to put ads after every damn level. I liked it initially but I’m uninstalling this app only Cuz of the sheer number of ads. Goes to show that the developers are not concerned about user experience, but only interested in minting money. Disgusting.

    Nathan Blizborp October 3, 2016
    What the crap I paid 0.99 and didn’t get the uncensored version that I paid for. If it’s not uncensored it’s just a stupid game. U shoot them and there’s a giant black censor bar over their heads. What a waste of money. I never got what I paid for and I’m reporting you to google!

    Jordan Hunt March 19, 2016
    Probably one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Not only is the gameplay terrible, but the game is absolutely filled with advertisements. On top of that, you can only play the game for about 5 minutes before you are asked to spend money to unlock the rest of the game. Please, save your time and money and avoid this game.

    Liam Duke December 25, 2016
    What a waste of time. You play the first 6 missions with way too many qds… i meen is there really any point in so many ads. And then to top it off you have to pay to play any further. Further more they will only grant you access to a “special bonus mission” if you rate 5 stars. What a rip!

    Robert Cave October 14, 2015
    Game is OK, but the adds far out number the playtime. After 5 rounds it stops and requires purchase. Would think with the amount of adds the game would be paid for already.Guess some game builders are just money hungry

    Alien Jaguar January 5, 2017
    There are too many ads, fail a mission ads, don’t fail a mission, ads, start the game, ads,leave your house, ads. Way TOO MANY ADS. I will not play this again until there are less ads, or no ads. It is like 80% of the time you are watching ads and not playing the game. There is a way to skip the ads though, but it takes as long as the ad to go through the process, so what’s the point of doing it. I downloaded the game to play, not watch a movie, but that is what it seems like. I wish I could give 0 stars.

    Luke White November 6, 2016
    Well what can i say the adds are just rediculus played for 5 minuts and you havto buy it. Its not much money at all but thats not the point. Rate 5 star to get other people to get the game and buy it. Good way to make money but in the wrong place. Do not download!

    Reckless Mayhem June 26, 2016
    Censors every shot you take, so you don’t even get the satisfaction of seeing if the job is done. Speaking of jobs, anytime you go to do one, you have to watch a 30 second ad EVERY single time, no exceptions. Could’ve been a decent game, but it’s ridiculous.

    Yaeger September 24, 2016
    You censor the death of stick people and expect people to pay to see it? I can understand the ads, dudes gotta make a living, but needing to pay to see stick death? Lol ok, Uninstalled.Anyone that pays to see black sticks die is a racist. Yeah, I went there.

    Jaden Concepcion October 14, 2016
    I don’t like the fact that you have to buy no sensering on a game already 17+ and you get only 6 levels but I could deal with the sensering if you got more levels but you only get 6. I still give it 5* cause it gives me an extra level but my true opinion would be possibly 2*

    Kyle K September 23, 2015
    Game is too short! Took me about an hour to finish the main missions and the cop level. Also, to even play the game, you have to pay. Otherwise, be prepared to spend your day watching ads. I love sniper games, but this just wasn’t worth it. There are better out there.

    Iris Flower December 3, 2015
    You have to buy the whole story and give this app 5 stars for one last mission, aren’t you supposed to rate something 5 stars if you think its good? That means half the ratings or who knows how much, may be fake.

    Ben Peacock April 4, 2016
    Only done the first few levels so I don’t know if it’s worth 5 stars but giving 5 for a bonus mission. If I was rating off what I’ve played I’d give it 3 stars. Way to many adverts which I hope are only in this demo version and dissappear once you pay.

    A talentless loser August 21, 2016
    There is lots of problems. There are way too many microtransactions, you have to pay to play the full game and see the gore, it’s stupid. I didn’t see adds because I bought the content that stops adds, once you beat the game you can’t play it again, ever. What I liked was: The gore, the story and weapons.