Orbital X

An epic journey through the endless space!


So difficult. Also try BosonX. Equally difficult. This game will push your attention span to the bleeding edge. It’s very addictive and I get upset when I lose.

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Screenshot Orbital X

Orbital X screenshot
Orbital X screenshot
Orbital X screenshot
Orbital X screenshot

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    Guide your planet along its orbit!
    An endless run through stars and galaxies!
    Fast, challenging, rhythmic and addictive!

    Game features:
    • Endless procedural track: the game changes every time you play!
    • Rhythm-based gameplay: everything moves to the music!
    • Portals: travel between parallel dimensions!
    • Solar system: 8 planets to unlock with unique abilities!
    • Extra: unlock all the trophies and climb the leaderboard!


    100% Free on Amazon Underground:

    Soundtrack by Jim Yosef, provided by NCS:

    Audio Tracks:
    • Arrow:
    • Eclipse:
    • Firefly:

    Photosensitive seizure warning:
    The visuals in this game could cause problems to people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy.

    Special thanks to Fitterer’s Audiosurf and Gamelion Studios’s SpeedX 3D, which inspired many aspects of the game.

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    New Tracks!

    App NameOrbital X
    DeveloperKapo Games
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Derrick Oglesby January 18, 2017
    This game will push your attention span to the bleeding edge. It’s very addictive and I get upset when I lose.

    Sans The Skeleton June 27, 2017
    Awesome Wanna Play It More With This Cool Song

    Jackie Galloway December 24, 2016
    I’ve had this game for a week and I can’t unlock anything because the score system is either too slow, or I just can’t reach a high enough score to unlock things. It looks nice, the music is cool, but it’s too challenging for a simple mobile game with a very minimal reward for “winning” (if that is at all possible)

    Christine Joy Nanola September 10, 2016
    My brother and I got addicted to this but I wish it has more features like giving us additional lives whenever we die in the middle of the game or any kind of powerups to earn more points. I also suggest to add more stuff or rewards for us to keep on playing because we got eventually bored of playing it, and please create more songs in the game (Hey, I muted its sound and tried to play classical music behind, maybe add it as a feature?) Nevertheless, it’s still an incredible game, just improve the gameplay.

    RedHydraX February 21, 2017
    I feel like this game is incredible. The music gives you that feeling of excitement. Matching with everything moving to the beat as you travel the galaxy as a little planet like ball. The game is quite long andhard. But it’s simple gameplay makes the game quite addictive to play again and again! Frustrating when you crash. But that’s part of wanting to try again, right?

    Matthew Clark November 19, 2016
    Simply amazing i got my entire family to get addicted to this game my high score is 149,893 and i almost unlocked Saturn. I was so amazwd how when the gameplay music changes when you far enough simply amazing make more games please kapo please i love your games emensly.

    Jason C December 29, 2016
    Very unique look. I can see people enjoying this game. But for me, I find it extremely confusing that the control style changes so frequently. I also find the visuals to be confusing and hard to follow. Its a respectable game and worth trying, it’s just not really for me.

    Leeann Sumadji August 23, 2016
    This game is very challenging and a great time killer. However the obstacles your supposed to avoid can be hard to see sometimes also the game can be alittle hard on the eyes with all the flashing but overall its a great game.

    Jaime Lopez January 7, 2017
    It is hard, but in the good/addicting way. The stages look great, it feels like you are diving in space, can get a little dizzy at times. Very fun, and I like the way obstacles dance to music

    Frict Design October 19, 2016
    Only reason i gave you 2 stars is because it is a rip off of another game. And dont get me wrong your game is nice and gameplay is really smooth but try to be original next time.

    Tori Baker September 8, 2016
    Great game, fabulous music, amazing colours, breathtaking background images, no lag, no bugs one problem is the achievements I have completed the game now with all unlocked other then earth, due to this there is no way to get all achievements without buying earth and I think that’s not really fair as achievements are earned not bought knowing I pumped hours into the game due to a pay wall the game will never be 100% for me so my stars for this game is 4 remove the pay wall achievement and I would have marked this a 5 just adding to my comment I have now beat the dark moon stage, there’s a bug that when you beat the stage it says you have unlocked the dark moon again? Might want to look into this.

    austin jerome November 25, 2016
    Would be alot more fun if the devs got rid of the annoying strobe effects.

    John Destro August 19, 2016
    Nailed it. The best arcade game I’ve ever played. Could you add a count on which sections you died the most in and a practice mode to practice a section that is hard for you. ?

    Mamasi Annio February 20, 2017
    It’s so much addictive for me….. It makes me feel so sad if my phone is lagging…..just like Death Run 3D….even my phone is going to 10% I continue playing until it’s dead….???no problem to me to control….it’s so easy for me to play….that’s why I always bring my phone inside the bathroom and in comfort room …..✌✌✌?? All I can say is more thankful whoever made this game and I love you… regrets…??????

    Deathstroke the Terminator September 10, 2016
    Mostly because of the music. The funny thing is, u can cheat if u just want to listen to the music by just sitting on the menu.

    Adli Nazhan September 18, 2016
    Best game. The graphic were awesome. Very addicting and kill my time when i’m feels bored

    David Robson August 19, 2016
    El desarrollador ha hecho un gran trabajo y los gráficos están muy conseguidos. El juego en si es difícil y hay que tener muchos reflejos.

    UnknownSeptember 4, 2016
    This is a crazy fun addictive game I just had to leave a review for it because its brilliant. My favourite thing is the music though its so catchy and perfectly matches the game

    max m. Pinegar August 16, 2016
    What the he’ll it just repeats the opening screen over and over

    Rahul Punyani August 25, 2016
    The graphics and UI is pretty good, but the game is too difficult, would be good if it has difficulty levels.

    Sans Skeleton July 23, 2016
    It has a great beat thing I would change is when you crash on a spike or circle don’t end the music

    GamerOfGames – Onesyboy September 15, 2016
    Literally over half the time i die because I’m just listening to the epic music. Love the gameplay style too. So fun. Thinks: Please be endless!!

    Lee Callaghan December 11, 2016
    It is a very entertaining game but has a flaw the massive fluctuations in FPS. It ranges from 29FPS all the way up to 40FPS during gameplay and the phone isn’t the problem (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge) if there was an update for the FPS problems and maybe some new tracks this would easily be a 5 star game.

    S Guha August 15, 2016
    Fantastic.Simply marvellous and EXTREMELY addictive.I would recommend adding some more music tracks and making the gameplay a bit more different.

    UnknownOctober 15, 2016
    So awesome I couldn’t believe it was like I was in the space even those portals were amazing.

    Starkid January 10, 2017
    too hard can’t even go ahead until 100 % of score and needs lives and power ups

    Walden Kean September 27, 2016
    The gameplay is great but the color is very confusing made it very hard to avoid obstacles.

    Reper Tresaur January 21, 2017
    Lol everyone just said this game is hard but i did 10,000 scores easily not easy actually it was tough a little bit.

    cobra1107 September 4, 2016
    It’s an amazing amazing game…. But it’s disorienting as hell…. Which is AWSOME!!!!!!!

    Johnny Zoom 7 and the Noise Keepers August 14, 2016
    Jump fly ctrl stinks

    PhillineMargaret Santos August 5, 2017
    I love this game! One of the mlst amazing games I’ve ever played. It’s very addictive and fun to play

    anthony stinnett December 10, 2016
    Looks amazing one of the best app game graphics if seen

    Jody Potratz September 1, 2016
    This is the best app ever great music and graphics and u guys hav to download this app now

    Humna AZ May 28, 2017
    It’s a little too difficult

    Juan Ignacio Albanesi January 18, 2017
    Really addictive and difficult game. Recommended!

    Mohammed Nahhas December 18, 2016
    I love the graphics and how it feels like you are going through space and dimensions.

    UnknownMarch 12, 2017
    Extream and exiting game. It seems difficult for me but still enjoy.

    Matt Ruch November 8, 2016
    Highly addictive! Seizure inducing! Love!

    Mark Rowe December 7, 2016
    Beautiful. Perfect playability – Easy to play, hard to master. Great tutorial too.

    akilesh gowda November 11, 2016
    I am addicted to this game loving it