A Material Design inspired space shooter for your watch.


Love this game, works perfectly with my moto 360 but it would be nice to have an option to play going the other way. I wear my watch on my left wrist and find my finger gets in the way and its harder to play. Other than that its fantastic and thank you for not having ads ?☺

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**PaperCraft is only for Android Wear**

Grab your Android Wear watch and take on a never ending onslaught of little paper bad guys. Swipe and tap to clear out everything and rack up points. Challenge your friends and the world on Google Play Leaderboards or just try to find all of the achievements. PaperCraft is a mini space battle without getting your phone out of your pocket.

PaperCraft is an Android Experiment and that means it’s open source.
Check out the code here:
Learn more about Android Experiments here:

What’s New

• Fix for sloppy touch detection on certain watches.

App NamePaperCraft
DeveloperCord Project Inc
RequirementsAndroid Varies with device

User reviews

George Knights December 25, 2016
Love this game, works perfectly with my moto 360 but it would be nice to have an option to play going the other way. I wear my watch on my left wrist and find my finger gets in the way and its harder to play. Other than that its fantastic and thank you for not having ads ?☺

Paracetamol April 19, 2017
BUG…. When I open the app on phone it shows that rectangle with Google play games and then the circle showing it is loading, but instead of letting me play the rectangle appears again and again. In the background is a dialogue which says that the app is incorrectly configured. The app doesn’t install on watch.

Ezra Ekman September 18, 2016
IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE PLAYING: Stop trying to launch it on your phone!It’s a watch-based game, not a phone-based game.Install it, then load it up on your watch.:-)And now my review: Excellent implementation of a watch-based game!Super simple, but somewhat challenging and good, mindless fun.

Kamal El Douaihy May 10, 2017
Papercraft is a really good game, it’s fun, fast, to the point, and looks gorgeous, great work with material design, the behinde foes mech adds lots of dynamics to a simple game, and the power management is AMAZING, it doesn’t drain battery at all, overall, a great game from a great company! Good job, Cord Team! BTW i use cord to chat, its a really good app ?

Jacob Frank January 23, 2017
Acts really weird when opened on the phone, it keeps looping Play Games, but on the watch it is just fine. it never explains how to turn around to kill the shielded shapes, so that is WAY too confusing to figure out for a simplistic game like this one.

Robyn Klopp September 10, 2016
Google play integration is broken, but you can still open the game and play it.Gameplay is a little clunky, but hey, it’s a free, experimental app. It’s kinda neat!

Alex Merlin March 4, 2017
I tried to sign in and was immediately given a complicated error message I didn’t understand a word of. One of the top reviews says to open on watch not phone, but I opened on my phone to try and make it install on my watch

Michael Lucas October 14, 2016
Flawless design. Excellent use of the limited input and screen space on a watch. Simple to play, difficult to master. This is the only game I need on my smart watch, cannot recommend highly enough. Just don’t try to run it on your phone.

Davin Mak October 3, 2016
The game seems very attractive, but the thing is you end up in an endless loop of signing in to Google play games. I hope it will be fixed

KiemPlant Games August 11, 2017
Can’t start anymore, when I launch it it shows a google play screen followed by an error with the application. Then the process repeats itself.Edit: Works fine on my moto 360 Smartwatch.

Keenan Monnett March 4, 2017
It’s a fun game. Better than most of what you’ll find for Wear. If they can add scroll wheel and button support with the Wear 2.0 update, it would earn a solid 5/5, no question.

ZzaAakK Gaming May 31, 2017
Tried to install, but it told me it wasn’t configured correctly and that I should check the package. I have various apk editors, but without the apk itself I can’t check it. Uninstalled.

Lycan Ink December 28, 2016
Really fun game but it would be better if you could swap it over as I wear my watch on my left wrist. But it’s still fun!

Michael Cocca April 15, 2017
Downloaded and got a message that there is some kind of configuration wrong with the application itself, it would not open.

Dan Woodward September 10, 2016
It gets stuck in a loop between the Google play login and error message

UnknownJanuary 8, 2017
There’s a infinite loop of connecting and signing in to Google game id.

Jim Gant May 16, 2017
Keep getting error that won’t let me sign into Google play

Grzegorz Gondek September 19, 2016
Endless loop related to sing in to google play games

Neill Jansen van Vuuren September 29, 2016
Can’t get past sign in, keeps saying incorrectly configured and can’t find app on watch

Kristopher wolff July 30, 2017
“the game is incorrectly configured” is all this app does… ?

Craig Ogier March 25, 2017
Would be rated higher but it fails the basic “does it launch without errors” test.

Henrik Meling September 3, 2016
This is the best game on Sony smart watch 3.

Steve Schnellbach October 8, 2016
Well done fun game.

Don Alexander September 5, 2016
Very nice design and easy to use

S M April 26, 2017
This is a great retro style shooter with intuitive controls. Good work!

Rhys Patt September 7, 2016
Would be even better with accelerometer support

Varik Valefor January 27, 2017
Stunning, especially as simply a tech demo. Very entertaining, great controls (swipe), and attractive, sleek Material design.

Rich Posey November 24, 2016
Doesn’t install to watch

Sagar Atalatti December 8, 2016
Application is incorrectly signed.

Patrick Dempsey July 8, 2017
Why the need for a superfluous Google+ profile ????

Jacob Goodyear January 19, 2017
Every body, this game is ONLY for android wear, Check the game description, please!

Peter Jackson October 1, 2017
It will not load past the Android play

Natasha Williams December 25, 2016
Doesn’t work

R1Kexpress Rayyan July 12, 2017
Add it for mobile also plz

Glenn Sproul November 11, 2016
Certificate incorrectly configured

Avinash Dowlut November 20, 2016
Very fun game to play on smartwatches

Keegan Green June 13, 2017

Im Root June 28, 2017

Scott Conger June 1, 2017

Nic Taylor December 31, 2015
Great little game to kill some time. As others have said though it could do with the ability to flip the screen. That way if you are wearing the watch on your left wrist your hand doesn’t obscure the enemies as they cone on the screen.