Papi Catch

Move Mr.Papi and let him eat more hamburgers!


Burger This game make me hungry for McDonalds. I ate a big mack 4 dinner today.

User Rating: ( 4,458 ratings )

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Move Mr.Papi and let him eat more hamburgers!
Touch the bottom of the screen (by default) to move him left and right.
If he gets hamburgers continuously without missing them, the ‘combo’ counter increases and you can get more score.
(Press How-to-Play on the Title screen for details)

What’s New

– minor bugfix and improvements
– fix an ad presentation timing problem.

App NamePapi Catch
RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

User reviews

Dallis Depriest January 14, 2016
This game make me hungry for McDonalds. I ate a big mack 4 dinner today.

Hadeel Menna July 16, 2015
It’s ok I mean that it’s not so funny becauseit’s not I will die to play it noo ever never so I mean that it’s not funny

jack fogle July 19, 2015
I think I’m the best all time, and I think they should do all time rankings so I can prove it

A Google User May 25, 2014
It’s easy. You can tap to warp Mr. Papi to that location. Still fun! On a side note, the iPhone seems to have a few more Sunflat games than Android. Is it possible to port them over?

Allan Leary March 9, 2014
Love this game its sooo much fun! Finally I can have it!

Mallory McGinnis November 2, 2014
I really don’t like it, its okay ya no but I don’t recommend it. Just saying!

A Google User February 25, 2012
Not the best papi game but its challenging ?

A Google User February 14, 2012
Absoulote waste of my time

A Google User August 4, 2012
Not very good!

A Google User September 26, 2012
Only two levels kinda Very boring If you could understand what I mean?!?.

A Google User November 22, 2011
Cool and fun

A Google User November 21, 2011
This game is dum

A Google User November 1, 2012
This is such a boring game if they had a game whith more action I wouLd love it but altogether poor …:(

A Google User April 22, 2012
Its ok not the best

A Google User June 18, 2012
Not bad but the burgers come way too fast.

A Google User November 13, 2011
What is wrong with u guys this game is awsome!!!!!

A Google User February 15, 2012
I liked the part where he caught burgerz

A Google User April 22, 2012
Cool and awesome

A Google User January 22, 2012
It is a good game

A Google User November 17, 2011
Quite good ? worth getting

A Google User March 30, 2012
it’s not a game loads of people will keep thats all i have to say?!?!?

A Google User March 30, 2012
Good game needs friends like it

A Google User November 13, 2011
Poop on you

A Google User March 7, 2012
I love the game

A Google User January 29, 2012

A Google User April 11, 2012
luv this game!!! But it gets harder!!!

Caroline Urban August 25, 2013
I love Papi!

A Google User February 7, 2012
take it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Google User January 15, 2013
Buy it its awsome

A Google User December 28, 2010
Good but hard

jose jimenez March 27, 2014
cool game

A Google User June 5, 2012
Luv it

A Google User March 16, 2012

Shilpa Gupta June 14, 2014
Loved it….I likkkk..

A Google User April 10, 2012
IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Google User April 14, 2012
What is this

A Google User July 30, 2012

A Google User October 10, 2012

A Google User May 31, 2010
Others may like it but I don’t. Lacks originality and makes horrible noises. I uninstalled it. You should still download it it is somewhat appealing.

A Google User January 15, 2011
Really stupid. You can’t catch any hamburgers coz they go too fast. Uninstalled