Papi Pole

PapiPole is an eccentric action game.


Papi pole Great fun!

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PapiPole is an eccentric action game.

Mr.Papi is on the top of the stick.
To move the bottom of the stick, slide your finger on the screen to left and right. You should balance the stick, and lead his head to his favorite hamburgers!

The game ends when the stick falls down or his head hits needle-balls four times.

What’s New

– minor bugfix and improvements
– fix an ad presentation timing problem.

App NamePapi Pole
RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

User reviews

Terrie Chiquito January 9, 2015
Great fun!

Erica March 9, 2013
I’ll admit this isn’t as fun or entertaining as other sunflat papi games. Butit can get addicting trying to beat your last score especially when you mess up doing something stupid you make sure you don’t do it again and find yourself starting to build strategies for this super basic somewhat boring game

Jocelyn Soupiset January 22, 2014
I hate this game and not only because their is spiky balls it’s also because their is not any tilting involved! So bye! I hope you’re happy, NOT!

A Google User March 6, 2012
Quite simple yet skillful , just a slight movement of thumb can go so far

A Google User November 20, 2012
It’s good, just not my kind of game. : But I love all other papi games ?

A Google User March 13, 2012
Tbh, I found it rather boring. The controls aren’t exactly easy to use.

A Google User May 19, 2012
This is the hardest papi game I have ever played i’m sure if I could actually play it I’d give it a higher rating but I can’t, so 3 stars it is

A Google User April 13, 2012
What I’m trying to say is this is the worst papi game

A Google User February 25, 2012
Hate it dont get it i could of rated it 0 if i wanted 2

squirrel potter February 5, 2013
This game is a load of RUBBISH it doesnt even work and what’s the point of this game?

A Google User May 13, 2012
I love the challenge in this game but, it sometimes gets annoying when you die ?

A Google User December 30, 2011
So stupid I could have more funcleaning than playing this

A Google User June 18, 2012
Too hard and confusing. DO NOT donload.

A Google User July 16, 2013
I don’t recommend it at all it SUCKS

A Google User October 24, 2012
Not fun for me.

Mouse Paw February 5, 2014
Its really difficult to play but itsso fun !!! Gotta love it

A Google User November 10, 2011
This is a hard game but a little fun

A Google User December 22, 2011
It’s hard im native american oneida from ny

A Google User December 17, 2011
Way to hard not fun

A Google User March 2, 2012
It alright personally I going to uninstall

A Google User May 1, 2012
This. Is a new game for me

A Google User December 24, 2011
I’m uninstalling this

A Google User March 28, 2012
Best game ever

Joe Hamvas November 23, 2013
And simple! That’s why I like it.

A Google User October 28, 2011
Simple and fun

A Google User November 11, 2012
Love thus game I’m really good at it

A Google User November 7, 2011

A Google User April 5, 2012

A Google User May 24, 2012

A Google User June 21, 2012
Great game for me

A Google User April 12, 2012
Not that good

A Google User March 7, 2012
cool game:-)

A Google User September 19, 2014

A Google User December 22, 2011

Suzy Eaglehorse February 10, 2014

A Google User June 11, 2010
All the people saying it’s too hard are just idiots and are too stupid to figure out how to control it. It is a fun, addictive and challenging game.

A Google User June 16, 2010
So hard to keep that guy on the pole. I get like 5 seconds into it and i look at the screen and it says game over. Sunflat needs to make it mor simple

A Google User September 29, 2010
The people complaining its too hard are uncoordinated douches. This is challenging but very possible and intense.

A Google User May 1, 2011
Doesn’t. Even MAKE sense when u move the stick it falls it doesn’t. Evrn give u TIME! UGH hate it!

A Google User November 8, 2010
Most of the idouts commenting about the game is hard CRYING OUT LOUD!! Oviesly its going to be hard its a game . If it was easy no point playing it.