Penguin Airborne

Get ready penguin soldier! Survive the parachute training and become a General!


Addicting even though there’s not much to it. Asus Nexus 7 – You can choose between 3 characters and 8 color outfits. That’s not bad for such a small game. Vibrant graphics and addictive gameplay makes this one a must play. I liked beating this game, it was very enjoyable.

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Screenshot Penguin Airborne

Penguin Airborne screenshot
Penguin Airborne screenshot
Penguin Airborne screenshot
Penguin Airborne screenshot

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    Only five of the best penguin recruits were selected for the final deadly test. Jump from the ledge and safely land first. Don’t be last because the army likes to drop exploding bombs on the weakest recruit!

    Penguin Airborne is a thrilling and exciting indie parachute jumping game. Choose from 3 unique looking penguins and try to become a general. Use the accelerometer to steer left and right to collect valuable stars!

    Remember style counts! Try to be the fastest penguin and you may survive.

    This game is suitable for all ages! Kids will love the cute graphics and simple gameplay, while adults will love the difficulty in later levels and the morbid sense of achievement when other penguins don’t perform as well as you!

    ** Easy to learn and morbidly entertaining, you won’t be able to help yourself from cheering every time you survive and another cute penguin dies instead in this tricky game of last-man-standing. – App Safari **

    What’s New

    1.1.2 – Fixed screen blanking issue for some users
    1.1.1 – Fixed crash for users with Android 4.2, Jelly Bean
    1.1 – Initial release!

    App NamePenguin Airborne
    DeveloperNoodlecake Studios Inc
    RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

    User reviews

    Dwayne Bowe March 18, 2014
    Asus Nexus 7 – You can choose between 3 characters and 8 color outfits. That’s not bad for such a small game. Vibrant graphics and addictive gameplay makes this one a must play. I liked beating this game, it was very enjoyable.

    Julia Eckels June 8, 2013
    I love this game, it’s a great way to relax and it’s a great way to make your penguin better than the others. I have mastered the art to have Pete land on the ground at the last second before the other penguins land. Also I like to beat my own record all the time.

    PanPan TheAnimator June 16, 2017
    A while back i had found this game and it had become the game i play 24/7! AND TODAY AGAIN i remember about this game and start it all over again ??

    Alan Burke January 21, 2014
    This is not a bad game, but it is very boring, all you really do in it is touch to start and then again for your parachute Good-ish game, I suggest an update for more content in the game.

    Bella Leppek May 11, 2014
    Man idol odd that was by us an by I’ll puts dB cruel Patmos keg allow

    Leroy Denham October 26, 2014
    It won’t let me play the game when I have a galaxy s and every time I can even get on it pops up so much adds

    Briana Kerse March 17, 2013
    This is an amazing game tht gets challeging at the end.. LikeI said its AWESOMMEEEEEEE

    connor leckie April 14, 2013
    get this game it is the best game you will ever play 5star =)

    Eddie Victoria March 5, 2014

    Justin Hodgins February 6, 2013
    Pretty easy. Fun until you get to general and then boring

    Buddy Morris January 25, 2013
    Fun game, hard trying to still get to general. Ill get it though.

    Nelorye Palacios May 5, 2014
    Fun game to play

    Emiliano Canalda February 19, 2013
    This game sucks a lot at captain did you really need to make it so when you do when you lose you can start where you were this really does not helpful at all and I do not recommend this game for anybody or any device

    Ewan Campbell August 2, 2016
    A good game but I feel a few ranks are missing, PFC, Sgt, Cpl. That’s all soldier!

    Mark Pointing February 11, 2013
    Good, simple game.Not wildly spectacular,but a good fun game.Definitely reccomended.

    Silmy Iman November 26, 2015
    this game is really entertaining the break time! keep it up dev!

    Stuart A Johnston March 3, 2013
    Just too boring.

    James Orwick November 11, 2013
    Game is OKProbably not the best Wouldn’t recommend it to much people

    Gabbi August 20, 2013
    This is the best game in the world ♥

    HuggleMePls January 3, 2015
    I love this game! I played it a lot of times! Keep it up with the good work!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Gage Watson September 10,

    Fall penguins fall download now or be a pussey loser ideit

    jon maida January 18, 2013
    Gets a little boring

    xXLunyzombieXx March 13, 2015
    Played it on my ipad now im downloadingbit on my phone

    Sonali Gokhale January 2, 2013
    This is a Excellent game

    Priti Purohit April 23, 2014
    GOOD but quite difficult

    Sera Lee September 21, 2013
    Hate it and it’s boring

    MUHAMMAD YAHYA Nara June 14, 2014
    Is very owesome .. Nd gud for passing the time

    Lain doesYoutube April 22, 2014
    I’m a major in this and I just got it bout 10 MINS ago.

    Kyle Mckeehan December 13, 2012
    Totally awsome

    Sharon Smith January 25, 2013
    Its ok but hard too

    sudhakar pandey July 22, 2017
    Best game ever please make some more games like penguin airborne

    Nelia Ontiveros October 12, 2013
    I love this game good thing its free

    Ethan Adkins May 28, 2013
    It plain sucks

    Debbie Carlson April 29, 2014
    Good graphics and smooth gameplay.

    scott bailey January 28, 2016
    cute-fun to play-and very challenging…..keep up the good work???

    Bryce B March 19, 2013
    how do you play online in it with friends

    UnknownMarch 15, 2014
    Perhaps it would be prudent to change the challenge link to the android game???

    Jayxena Piwari December 26, 2013
    kol i like

    Anjula keshan Priyanath April 28, 2015

    Aakash Kalro April 26, 2013