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I really love this game ever since..I used to play this on Y8 and get pass through all the days…on this version though it’ s too short it is really fun and easy to play..i have passed all the days successfully. Please let Penny be lost again so you can have more levels. Great all time favorite Penguin Diner. Two Thumbs Up!!!

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Penguin Diner screenshot
Penguin Diner screenshot
Penguin Diner screenshot

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    The #1 ORIGINAL SMASH HIT web game – Penguin Diner is finally here – on MOBILE and it’s 100% FREE!

    Penny the Penguin goes off track during an Antarctic trek and finds herself completely lost and broke. Help Penny earn enough money to get her home to her family! Download NOW to get the WHOLE GAME for FREE!

    – Play through 3 exciting diners
    – Get cool upgrades in the shop
    – Follow a delightful comic-style storyline of Penny’s adventure
    – Meet the cutest-ever inhabitants of the Antarctic!

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    App NamePenguin Diner
    DeveloperBigWig Media
    RequirementsAndroid 3.2 and up

    User reviews

    elle per June 17, 2017
    I really love this game ever since..I used to play this on Y8 and get pass through all the days…on this version though it’ s too short it is really fun and easy to play..i have passed all the days successfully. Please let Penny be lost again so you can have more levels. Great all time favorite Penguin Diner. Two Thumbs Up!!!

    Briana K January 4, 2017
    At first I was debating whether or not to download this game because of the reviews stating this game has “too many ads”. After trying this game, though, I think the ad amount is just fine. An ad every 3 minutes? That’s not a big deal. Love this app, if you’re bored give it a try!

    Jodie Michele November 14, 2016
    When you get to a certain point it is like they purposely try to keep you from finishing the game. So I’ve deleted the game because I can’t get to the end no matter how many times I’ve tried so I hate this game. I like the second one better because it is more fun plus there are more graphics to it then the first one. I DO NOT RECONMEND THIS GAME TO VEWIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a stupid and pathetic game. Plus there are not enough penguins to get $430 you need like twenty of them to make that money.

    Allison L. September 13, 2015
    This is a great game, my favorite diner game, actually, but there are wayy too many ads. There’s an ad every time I finish a day. And I don’t want to buy the game without ads, because I’m just gonna finish the game anyway and wastemoney. I understand some ads, but one after every day is just way too many. Other than that, this game is amazing. And is it just me, or is everyone stuck on Day 26?

    Aurelia Ca’ Zorzi July 2, 2016
    Are painful. That’s it. 30 seconds after each day and with no possibility of skipping them?! It’s ridiculous. I’ll put 5 stars if you fix this bogus ad problem

    Kim P March 27, 2017
    You would need 15 penguins to make 260 since upgrades only get you a max of 18 a plate.I don’t know if it’s the slow down glitch or if it’s just fun to make literally impossible games. This one level looking for 260 has given me between nine and twelve at the top. Uninstall.

    Ellie Rainbow October 26, 2016
    I used play this game when I was younger on the computer with my friends and we loved it. But I was sad because I couldn’t find it but now I have finally found it again it reminds me of old times anyway I love the game but less adds serious get rid of them I really want to play the game but I’m tempted to delete it because of the adds and please add more upgrades thank you ill give it five stars if you get rid of the adds you have made an amazing game don’t get rid of it so happy I found it

    Brittany Oliver August 17, 2016
    Can’t get past day 30 because of the lack of upgrades. I can only reach $405 max instead of $410. Also these ads are very annoying. Sometimes when an ad is over I can’t close it out, forcing me to have to close the app and restart that day again.

    Noxx Aeterna June 9, 2015
    Where are the rest of the upgrades? I played PD 2 and 3D but i remember playing the original before it came out on mobile. There were way more upgrades than what’s in this app. I topped them out at like level 6. What’s the point in playing the rest of the game if there is no more to buy?

    sona jeebo August 13, 2016
    I LOVE the game. I’m addicted to it. But after a day at the diner closes, there is an ad that takes about 30 seconds. I mean, at first, I was ok with it, but after it happened a thousand times, it started to get annoying. But the game is great. I would have gave it 5 stars If it weren’t for the ads.

    Ana Falk June 21, 2015
    I used to play this a lot when I was smaller. Its a lovely game. The app is wonderful to have to play it at thimes when you dont have your computer with you. I really recomend this! But if you are longing for more detail, then I suggest you play the second version.

    Jennifer Dunn September 21, 2015
    Whenever all the tables are filled, the game starts to slow down and doesn’t let me serve as quickly. The timer runs down just as fast but the penguins and Penny move much slower.

    Cassie E December 11, 2015
    It was working great when I first downloaded it, but after a while, like when I reached the second cafè, it started to slow down, making my customers angrier, and more impatient, and the penguin waitress was really slow (even though I had all the upgrades before leaving the first cafè).It would be better if you could sit 2 single penguins at the same table, rather than 1 at 1 table and 1 at another. More upgrades would be nice, and less glitchy-slowness. FOR THE UPGRADES COMPLAINT- Don’t tell me to play Penguin Diner 2, I tried it, and didn’t like it. AT ALL. I prefer the originak of games. Overall, I prefer it on the computer, and would rather play it on there.

    Cronus Tecson April 17, 2017
    It has such a typical gameplay and simple controls (clicking and tapping) I’m sure its just one of those games that I easily get tired of… Well its cute and I love penguins but it needs more options to reduce its boring factors.That’s not my prob anymore but its like doing the same thing for the same reason

    Terry Mcgill January 25, 2017
    Great little gamegreat fun. But bit too shortand too easythough have playedbothfollow upsandthey arebothgreat games. Soplease. Hurry up with the nextonecheersoh and they do not costu a pennyget it pennyoh well lol

    Lea February 2, 2017
    The amount you need to make is way too hard for levels 26 and beyond, the amount needs to be lowered a lot!! I’ve been stuck on day 30 for over two weeks, so I’ve given up and uninstalled this game. There should be a way to make customers happy (especially the ones waiting in line), and you should be able to buy more tables. Five tables isn’t enough in the later days. Sometimes Penny doesn’t pick up a meal when it’s clearly selected, and most of the time the game starts lagging (Penny and customers move slower) when all my tables are full. The ad after every day plus an ad in every day/level is ridiculous.

    Fun Rocks January 13, 2016
    I just hate those stupid adverts it takes your megabites and you have no choice you have to watch it ahhhhhh feel like destroying my phone cause of that pls people dont waste your money?

    Asmi directioner January 8, 2016
    When I was small I used to play this game on my laptop….after that I just could not find this I found it nd I’m loving it… Thank you soo much for making an awesome app of an awesome game???

    Jahel Bowles January 6, 2017
    Because this game is so glicty and slow. When I thouh something it wil get out of control. I really dislike this game.

    Parry Z January 3, 2017
    Day 25 is impossible to be beat considering how slow the waitress walks and how much time is given. The cost per plate also varies sometimes its worth $15, other times $18, and the majority is worth $30, but alas it is not enough to complete the game. Also, there needs to be better upgrades like a speed boost or a multiplier because it seems to be impossible otherwise.

    Karla Sanchez July 7, 2015
    Love it. The thing I like about it is that every place you go to serve everything changes like upgrades the goals of how much money you at least have to get and much more.!! ?

    diosty garo August 7, 2015
    But only on pc because unlike my phone it didnt crash pleas fix this game has crashed and i will give a five star i am using a Samsung Galaxy s4

    Sohila Ahmadzi February 3, 2017
    It’s a good game but I find it extremely sexist because there’s only one female which is the waitress(typical) and all the customers are guys. Which I find wrong in many ways.

    vampire bite 55 July 4, 2015
    I was so happy to find this game for free I always loved to play it on the computer but I haven’t played this game for about 3 or more years and this is a fun gameswho ever is reading this ignore the bad comments and see if you prefer an app like this

    Kaila Siu August 24, 2016
    I love the game. Always played it on the computer but I’ve maxed out all the upgrades and after a certain level its impossible to beat. The customers get impatient to quickly

    Lanée Kersey June 3, 2015
    Too many adds.when I’m done a day it shows a 30 second video add.Also,some of the controlsare terrible.For example;I’ll tap a penguin and then a would take 2 taps to tap the table,same with dishes placed on the counter;I would place a customer at a table,Then by the time that customers food is finished the customer next in line is angry.Its still fun though.

    Sophie Coghlan February 16, 2016
    I love this game you should tododoly install it. But there is one thing, I don’t like how after every work shift there’s an ad. Can you please deel with that?

    UnknownJune 23, 2017
    Good but Penny won’t go fast enough in the last stage. I have buiedevery upgrade but still not fast. And could someone tell me how many days are in the last stage??

    Ngoc Pham June 22, 2016
    Lord have mercy, the ads. And what’s with the price to take away the ads? $2.18 is such an arbitrary amount

    Mica Briones May 18, 2017
    I hated it! !!!!Pls add more upgrades……I will give 5 stars if you fix this remove some adds,add more upgrades ,why do I need to collect some coins if I don’t haveto buy any upgrades with my money ….so stupid game ….I hated it………

    UnknownMarch 18, 2016
    I guess it is good, but the most thing that makes me angry is the lag. Please fix that, I really wish I could lower the graphics in this game. It’s very slow and my tablet is not old and laggy, the game itself lags.

    wally woo July 25, 2016
    I used to play this when I was about five so take my word, haters back off!

    Lily-Grace Dulwich April 22, 2017
    This game is really good. There are ALWAYS 30 second ads but for me it doesn’t matter but you may be different from me so youmightfind this anoying. I personally think that it a really good game.

    Isabel Montemayor July 17, 2015
    I remember the days I spend lots of coin for the piso net .just to play this game now I was happy i found it for free but I’m not that contented coz I hate the ads and the game keeps on stopping.It goes like this”the penguin diner has unfortunately stooped” so irtatng .

    Lil Cassie Winchester July 18, 2017
    I like Penguin Diner 2 way to much. It’s way better. That’s all I can really say because I played it for less than a day. I like actually upgrading the diner, and in Penguin Diner, you can’t do that at all.

    Beki Lowmaster July 30, 2017
    I love this game. But sitting through a 30 second obnoxious ad after each level gets really annoying really fast

    Khadija Firdaus June 22, 2015
    It’s great but not more than penguin diner 2, cause in that game you have themes and chefs too

    Haley Houseright January 31, 2016
    It glitches when you get to the last levels. Fix and I will rate 5 stars

    Sidney Whitworth May 3, 2015
    Despite the fact that I’ve bought every upgrade, I can’t get past day 11 no matter what I do. I’ve played it over and over again in the past 3-4 days. It’s driving me nuts and I might just uninstall. Other than that, it’s nice to finally be able to play this again, because it was one of my favorites growing up.

    Zivile Zukauskaite May 8, 2015
    I love the game, used to play it on my pc all the time, now it’s on my android and it’s great, however the only thing I REALLY REALLY miss is the original music of the game. Please bring it back!