Pixel guy

Jump through the rooftops of beatufil Pixel City and beat the bad guys!


Lost hope for this game U guys said that u will be adding the shop and multiplayer when there are going to be 500 reviews, and THERE ARE 500 reviews but u still didn’t add the things for over 6 months

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The city is ruined by the crime lords of Stick Corp. There is only one who can save the city now. Pixel Guy! Play as the hero of Pixel City and beat up as many Thugs while you run and jump over the rooftops of our beautiful city.

*Simple controls (2-finger touch)
*Randomly generated buildings
*Fighter enemies
*Shruiken thrower enemies
*Unique fighting animations
*Beautiful pixel art

While on ground:
-Tap left of the screen to roll
-Tap right of the screen to jump
While on air
-Tap left to kick or punch
-Tap right to double jump

How to play
*Jump and double jump to avoid falling down
*Roll to avoid shruikens and enemies
*Kick or punch the enemies
*Get consecutive hits to gain more combo. More combo means higher score!

Pixel Guy gets harder as you progress. It is easy to learn but hard to master. If you are ready for the challenge prove it and show off on leaderboards!

What’s New

Removed the adds!
Working on content now

App NamePixel guy
DeveloperHorse Game Studios
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Collya January 30, 2015
U guys said that u will be adding the shop and multiplayer when there are going to be 500 reviews, and THERE ARE 500 reviews but u still didn’t add the things for over 6 months

Aleksic August 11, 2014
I really love this game. On my first time playing I played for 2 hours straight. Only thing that bothers me is a bug that sometimes occurs after jumping on the next building. The pixel guy stops running and just slides across the roof and when you try to jump you aren’t aable to perform the double jump. Unleaa you notice it fast enough, it makes it impossible to get onto higher buildings.

Alex August 23, 2014
But its not at its limits yet. I don’t tink the should wait till five hundred reviews to update the shop into the game I think they should bring it out now and attract more of a crowd

zé ruela August 29, 2014
It’s a very nice game. I’m waiting for the shop for more fun hahaha. The only one problem is that there is no Quit Game button. Always, 5 stars.

Prime Apple January 4, 2015
I loved this game but could add some music maybe and some other attacks or collectable weapons. Also could you add obstacles on the buildings. Thanks for the great game. Please hurry up with the shop!!

Jason Beck March 23, 2015
Its a fun game,but its just too bland. Adda pause button also,I dont want to lose any progress if I have to do something.There really isnt anything to do but jump and dodge/attack enemies.Just add someother things

Dane Thomas September 19, 2014
I think this has the potential to be one of the Coolest games on the market but why wait to have 5 hundred reviews to do a update for the shop, I think you should just release the shop that way you can get extremely a lot of reviews To Add Other features to the game

Ryan Kiker August 4, 2014
Get the store and multiplayer in the game, this game can be very popular if you put really good utility tools and upgrades in the game. Also a suggestion, make different fighting moves available to purchase or unlock!

Tyler Sapiega August 5, 2014
But they will need to come out with another update. I think what would help would be different enemies ( they could be different colors) and power ups like the jet pack or a triple jump or a knife and a shotgun

Dan M July 23, 2014
I love this game but its potential is being wasted I think you should do the update now so it will attract more attention in general.

Yoran Veenstra August 29, 2014
This game is just plain awesome. I find the shurikens to be a litle bit to difficult but that’s just my opinion.

Raiders 33 April 12, 2017
Okay, its past 500. You said you would update it after 500. You better add that store and multiplayer.I swear.

Demitrius Waddington December 15, 2015
It’s been about a year since I got this. WHERE IS THE UPDATE?

Keith Elliott July 15, 2014
More interactive and entertaining. Doesn’t drain my for hours

Nathan Szeliga October 13, 2014
The game only has 1 model or level. it’s kinda boring

Kodiakurak 3000 July 9, 2014
Its a lot of fun, needs some work but I’m sure it’ll get better with further updates. Hope this helps you reach your goal for rates.

Roger Pham September 1, 2014
It a good game and coming soon is the shop. They will put it in if they get 500 people rating the game. Ask other people to try this game.

ROTMG CRTY July 25, 2014
I honestly think you guy(s) have great potential, please do the update regardless of reviews, this is great ?

ZERO OREZ April 27, 2015
No updates :(please don’t abandoned dev

caleb bertelle July 30, 2014
Add some nice stuff like having a knee-to-the-face hit and other enemy weapons. Like a Naginata

deo dhivara August 26, 2014
Its great however please update and how do you get the coins? It has really simple controls and addicting at the same time just great 90 out of 10 stars lol

Lightning Dash GLL December 28, 2015
This game is he best but um you said at 500 reviews shop, co-op and new modes would be added and there are FAR FAR more than 500 reviews

Elijah Cook February 8, 2015
A great game where you jump on buildings a lot watch out there is obstacles

ABunny L September 23, 2014
When this game gets a update I will rate it five stars and who finds this message pls review.

Mike DiTomasso July 7, 2014
Can’t wait until they get 500 rates!

timurichk September 22, 2014
I liked it but the susspense is killing me!

TheGreenTortise December 11, 2016
Its a good game but it gets boring but if they ad more then it will be more fun

Nebojsa Kovacevic November 8, 2014
Awesome, can’t wait for multi-player and shop.But the real question is why are there soo many trashcans on the roof?

Blake Kucher December 8, 2014
Sad a game has to be abandoned like this.

Batu Özk July 15, 2014
but i play anyway lol

halflifefreak12 May 21, 2015
I’ve been waiting for so long. Please just update. If finals are a factor. That’s fine, but let us know at least.

Squaky puts December 9, 2014
It’s a nice game for on the go…Doesn’t load too long nore does it drain the battery too quickly.

Robert Marshall September 5, 2014
I Like this game its cool there should be a shop because there’s WAY more then 500 ratings I think…

slickrick games September 23, 2014
Cool I like kicking people and make the shop and multiplayer already please ?

Karam Rabah July 12, 2014
A good game, only waiting to see the store and the achievements to truly decide if it worth 5 stars

Lego-san July 21, 2014
Make more games like this like more parkour and more thing lots more

Fluffu Supreme November 28, 2014
Ifyiu kick the guy ontop of the building you die is sucks

Ethan Doulgas November 9, 2014
It is vary adicting i think and it is only 2. Something.

Zachary caz August 20, 2014
Its just so fun cause u can play it time again without getting bored

ApplePudding420 October 13, 2014
I love the style of the game but no shops and no music…Those are your two main priorities.