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Well the reason I like it is because its not easy its difficult and I like a challenge. AND I’M READY FOR MORE, LOL

User Rating: ( 230 ratings )

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Retro Racer is a “Retro Style” Racing game using all vector graphics. Global High Scores using score ninja.

Donations are welcome. I spent a long time writing this app, so help buy me a Nexus one! Click on the website link below to donate!

App NameRetroRacer
DeveloperMitchell Lustig
RequirementsAndroid 1.1 and up

User reviews

A Google User April 20, 2010
Well the reason I like it is because its not easy its difficult and I like a challenge. AND I’M READY FOR MORE, LOL

A Google User February 22, 2010
Awesome retro game. Reminds me of my wasted youth spent in arcades ?

A Google User June 27, 2010
Man i have never ever seen a more boring gane in my liffeeee wow i have seen bad but omgosh this stinks

A Google User December 20, 2010
the simplicity and controls make this game brilliant. God bless the developer. I just wish there was a choice of black background instead of white.

A Google User February 11, 2010
Its not a good game,Its worth 2 stars but i gave it 3 becuse u workt so hard!!!!

A Google User September 29, 2010
Gets boring over time. But nice attempt!!!!

A Google User February 3, 2012
Sometimes simple games are cooler than the big fat games. I am getting addicted to this already.

A Google User January 22, 2011
Retro at its best long ago, similar platform game you use to buy from tandy or radio shack stores back in the day…. simple easy to have a quick game

A Google User May 7, 2011
The game is pretty old but it doesn’t need any special aplications.3*

A Google User February 28, 2010
This game is awful and horrible I can’t even drive

A Google User February 25, 2010
Donate y would anyone donate to such a stuiped game

A Google User March 6, 2010
Far too easy. Gets boring.

A Google User July 29, 2010
Not very much to do the vibrate is annoying uninstal

A Google User December 31, 2010

A Google User February 10, 2010
Donation for what? Pathetic effort!

A Google User June 29, 2010
Terrible, dont try it man

A Google User April 18, 2010
Good idea. Keep developing. Would like to see less lag and nicer visuals.

A Google User September 11, 2010
Boring… Too easy…

A Google User November 4, 2010
Great to pass time away but get rid of the vibrations as its off puting

A Google User December 12, 2010
Decent game. I found this while searching for other game like the one im making called fast lane.

A Google User February 8, 2010
gets boring very fast.

A Google User November 7, 2010
Better if there we upgrades and you were actually racing not just dodging.. :/

A Google User August 15, 2010
Nt tht gd jus boring n too easy.

A Google User June 27, 2010
I will never play again uninstall ! ! ! !

A Google User February 11, 2010
And I think its really addictive. Nice work. Fun when it is getting harder

A Google User February 8, 2010
Very boring game…

A Google User June 3, 2010
Surprisingly fun. The longer you play the more challenging and fun it gets ?

A Google User October 13, 2010
A great game but it is too simple… I like it very well

A Google User October 2, 2010
Simple, but polished. Very smooth, even on low spec devices.

A Google User February 10, 2010
No this isn’t 4 me

A Google User August 23, 2010
Cute game – good luck getting your new phone

A Google User May 15, 2010
Dum i feel like im playing a mcdonalds video game

A Google User October 15, 2010
Even hard was too easy. Good attempt though

A Google User July 29, 2010
This game is totally awesome 5 stars of awesomeness

angelo’s land of cheeziness December 7, 2012
This was the best smallest size app ever

A Google User October 28, 2010
Try it . It’s very nice. Jerusha Sarah John

A Google User February 17, 2010
Great game to wow your friends with.

A Google User July 6, 2010
Not good

A Google User February 2, 2011
Foolish game

A Google User March 1, 2010
This game is awesome!!!!! Love it. Good job making it! !!!