Run Alien

Show angry villagers whos faster. Show your friends whos better at Run Alien!



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Run Alien screenshot
Run Alien screenshot
Run Alien screenshot
Run Alien screenshot

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    It supposed to be a great day on country picnic. However, it turned out to be the worst day ever. Talking to mayor’s wife wasn’t good idea, villagers don’t like aliens and what is more, somebody has stolen the ship.


    Help the alien to run away from angry villagers, jump and avoid obstacles.

    ★Easy control
    ★Randomly generated and various obstacles
    ★Compare your score with others using leaderboard
    ★Complete achievements

    tags: running, runner, dash, jumper, rush

    What’s New

    Run Alien 2.0
    – completely new engine
    – huge performance improvement
    – hd textures
    – new graphics
    – new obstacles
    – new endgame screen
    – new achievements
    And finally: new AppToGo logo ?

    App NameRun Alien
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    UnknownJune 1, 2017
    This is THE BEST GAME

    Negrete Nanytita June 1, 2017
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤???

    Albert Torres May 31, 2014
    I’m currently at 99 putting me 8th place! Working my way up back to top 3 ? I love it. Fun runner for sure!!! Also the fact that I love aliens too. The sounds and animation fit perfect. Enjoyed it and you can find it featured on my YT channel Top 10 Best Games of The Week!

    Austin Sojka August 24, 2014
    Very fun with funny character. The game froze for me once on s white loading screen. Otherwise great fun

    Steve Myers August 16, 2014
    Lag when jumping sliding, etc.

    sarah sawbridge September 23, 2014
    A really good game. Needs different backgrounds but still good fun

    Channel Lemon June 12, 2014
    This is a simple yet fun game. The sound effects are cute too.

    Yinan Chen January 11, 2015
    Jump and double jump your way to the end of the level.Challenging yet fun.

    Aaron Turner May 26, 2014
    Works great and fun to play!

    John Brown August 10, 2014
    Funny character nice time killing game

    Prithu Goswami September 10, 2014
    I love aliens. You gotta love aliens too do you? then better love em

    Najam Khalid Khan August 7, 2014
    Nice character and nice graphics. I really enjoyed playing this.

    Yan Cheng Cheok October 26, 2014
    The author has sense of humor! The graphics is funny. So does the sound ?

    Djordje Vujicic July 11, 2014
    I didn’t play it yet

    Kadir Tandoğan Tilki May 8, 2015
    Simple runner game with nice graphics. Quite enjoyable!

    Sam Natt May 18, 2016
    Run n jump for your life poor lil alien! ???

    Bapu Batavia June 14, 2014
    Great and simple game! Can’t seem to access leaderboard or achievements

    Marvin Panganiban August 30, 2014
    Found this app very interesting. Good job to the developer.

    Iman B. Setiawan September 26, 2014
    Interesting game play and funny graphic, cool

    Ravi Ranjan Singh January 18, 2015
    Good one for fun

    Shruti Patel June 15, 2014
    Nice game to play. Enjoying it..!!

    Rahul Thorat May 31, 2014
    Change slide setting.Sometimes while slide character jump instead of slide.

    Developer APPtoGO June 2, 2014 HiThe character jumps only when you tap right side of screen and slide when tap on the left side. When the character is in air, tapping left side won’t make him slide but charge down firstly and then (when he touches ground) slide.If there’s problem with it anyway please write us PM on [email protected] so we could improve itRegards

    Kim WuChoong July 9, 2014
    I like this app

    Liran Roitman June 28, 2014
    Great addicting and fun!

    Ryan T June 3, 2014
    Awesome game and addicting.

    F0XBR June 1, 2014
    Amazing game

    chris v May 30, 2014
    Lets Do it To it

    Jesus Rangel July 3, 2014
    Awesome game

    UnknownAugust 17, 2014

    anvu nguyen July 9, 2014
    Very funny

    Play Box June 3, 2014
    Like it

    Anajehan Melanio August 14, 2014

    Rohit Lavania October 10, 2014
    Good one

    ChiggaFlip March 23, 2015
    Amazing game

    lokesh kumar September 8, 2014

    alex alexa May 26, 2014

    George Neguceanu May 10, 2014
    I am usually not a big fan of runners but this one won me over. From the sound, main character animations, and player abilities, all blend very well. GJ!

    Elixander Chen May 18, 2014
    Graphics and sounds are good! Alien is really adorable and watching him run kinda makes me wanna laugh.

    John Born May 18, 2014
    This is a fun runner for my daughter.I’m old, so the action is fast for me, but kids should love it.The look and the physics are both quite well done.JB App-titude Games

    Maria Milea May 13, 2014
    Love making the alien run and helping it avoid all the traps and obstacles!