Runner 2015

Variant of Lode Runner with new features. Ver 3.3


THANKS 2 AVAILABLE THIS One of best video game ever …Total mind game.. its only 3mb but gives unlimited fun. Now Let me check weather its work or not.Thanks

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Collect the coins. Shoot at enemies. 1 of 50 levels is free. Languages: English, Русский. Ver. 3.3
Bug in level 18 is fixed. Try also a variant of the game named “Battle of Runners”.

App NameRunner 2015
RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

User reviews

Raviraj Deshmukh July 23, 2015
One of best video game ever …Total mind game.. its only 3mb but gives unlimited fun. Now Let me check weather its work or not.Thanks

Subrat Samantaray July 31, 2015
Game not working..whenever i open it. It stops with a msg unfortunately game does not work

Nancy Brown February 2, 2015
Thanks for fixing,I am installing it , and playing, thanks again.

Developer MoorlakGames January 19, 2015 Sorry. There was a bug in level 18. Fixed.

Suaad Khot March 21, 2015
I really hate this game?????

Halim Supranata January 29, 2015
waste time.

jayanti parmar January 26, 2015
Mane no gamiu

ijaz khan April 23, 2015
Very very nice game

Suvarnia Naidoo April 30, 2016
Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothis game is boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggg ??????????????????????

Raman Tiwana March 30, 2015
Lots of enjoy

Shah Muhammad May 17, 2015
Good game

pocotilenco valentin January 12, 2015
Author is angry for money. Author, If you want easy moneyyou have to make something really interesting. Uninstalled.

Chris Johnsen June 22, 2015
Gameplay is easy. HOWEVER…A) only one level comes with the game, and B) the game keeps crashing when you try to purchase the levels. This app is a waste of time and you shouldn’t even bother considering to download it.

Stephen Halliwell May 2, 2015
Not terrible for a free game but needs a number of improvements. Crashed twice at different points in 5 minutes. (When choosing to upgrade to more lives and at the end of a life). Thanks but I’ll try a different version

Fem McClure December 15, 2014
Nice idea, but too difficult to control. A traditional Loadrunner would be more fun. Uninstalled.

Developer MoorlakGames December 26, 2014 You are not right. Control is very comfortable. Justdrag with your finger. Detach your finger from the screen only to shoot by double tap. Of course it’s more comfortable on 5″ and more screens.

Russell Barnes February 8, 2015
didn’t work

Pankaj Gupta March 1, 2015
It’s my fav game

Chirag Solanki March 16, 2015
ok ok

Natalia Haivazu February 16, 2015
Not free. Only level one. Uninstalled!!!

painuu arora December 29, 2014
I cant dwnload it…it takes enuf tym to gt dwnload

Bea B March 27, 2015
Totally rubbish hated it

Sushanto Paul April 30, 2015
I love it and i think that its all of enjoying ….

Joy Mangubat September 16, 2015
yaaay Its nice game .

Munni Rahman March 2, 2015

Abhijot Singh January 6, 2015

Hisham AlKhani December 15, 2015

Sajid Mirza September 29, 2015
Ali haider

Anoop Kumar January 26, 2017
Create sides

UnknownNovember 17, 2016
I hate it

mona parekh April 19, 2015

raavi shankar January 19, 2015
Nice game

bercy wils July 25, 2015

mohsen heydari November 11, 2015

Shubhangi Anand March 17, 2015

Asu Chauhan July 2, 2015
Nice game

amarjeet singh April 6, 2015

Jagruti Akhani June 12, 2015
Fantastic gams

Kartik Gurukul May 9, 2017

niwas jogi January 21, 2015

naeem muhammad June 4, 2015

mukesh sharma May 31, 2015