Shooting Showdown

Challenge your friends in the worlds first virtual reality shooting range!


It’s OK… Not as good as some others.. I’m not thst far yet but one thing I notice that I don’t like so far is that you cant ain’t through sights/zoom in..Kinda sucks would give it 4 stars other wise

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Screenshot Shooting Showdown

Shooting Showdown screenshot
Shooting Showdown screenshot
Shooting Showdown screenshot
Shooting Showdown screenshot

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    Experience the iOS trick shooting game that changed the FPS genre forever. Match up against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in the world’s first virtual reality shooting range!

    Hyper-realistic muzzle flash, bullet tracers, and impact sounds make for a spectacular next-gen experience.

    Join over 50 million players worldwide and find out why Naquatic apps like Guncrafter and Basketball Showdown have lit up the top charts and been featured by everyone from Apple to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IGN, AppAdvice, and TouchArcade.

    “The closest experience you can have to the actual thrill of being out on the range.” – Sgt. Jeremy A. (USMC), Advanced Weapons and Tactics Instructor

    “Bursting at the seams with multiplayer insanity.” – Free Apps Arcade

    “Dust off your weapon and prepare to take aim.” – AppAdvice

    More updates with new game modes and other surprises. Keep the ideas coming!

    • Virtual reality controls let you take aim with your device– how accurate are you really?
    • Head-to-head multiplayer
    • Support for all devices
    • Physics-based shooting challenges with destructible targets
    • Practice range for honing your skills
    • Leaderboards and Achievements to track your improvement
    • Unlockable guns and upgrades

    What’s New

    ✔ Multiplayer matchmaking boosts
    ✔ Support for all device sizes
    ✔ Autorotation
    ✔ Play Games leaderboards and achievements
    ✔ Performance enhancements

    App NameShooting Showdown
    DeveloperNaquatic LLC
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    D Hut July 18, 2016
    It’s OK… Not as good as some others.. I’m not thst far yet but one thing I notice that I don’t like so far is that you cant ain’t through sights/zoom in..Kinda sucks would give it 4 stars other wise

    Trigger Happy December 18, 2016
    This game is good but the starting gun is like so bad it’s like no gun in real life is so bad that you could miss a shoot since it’s going 40 degrees left lol but the second gun is manageable which makes it better you need to make more guns like maybe WWII guns and the m249 saw a sniper and maybe a shotgun

    Shanda Peterman November 18, 2016
    This is the best shooting game I’ve come across in a long long time I love all your minigames got going on and the fact that you can challenge other people

    Victor Black August 2, 2016
    When I play with the phone it always lags out on me and I cant play it please fix the bugs

    Mr. Glasses&Face September 23, 2017
    Promised VR, especially because it was under the “VR Gun” tag, but it is just a game to rob people of their honestly earned money. With lies.

    Alisha Rowe July 15, 2016
    I hated this game! You can barely do anything:(

    Robbie Nodine September 5, 2016
    Can not control my aim and that’s what the games all about right

    Skullpluck XD December 8, 2016
    I can’t even do anything. This is pure crap

    Maksudul Shadat Akash July 22, 2016
    Good game but I can’t give u 5* star coz I can’t see my hand in this game..

    Markeise Driessen November 22, 2016
    Its stupid it doesn’t let no one aim I deleted it don’t get it it doesn’t let you aim it won’t let you shoot anything

    Ewan Kho May 2, 2017
    Controls are way too difficult to control. And they are claiming that this is an online gaming but it looks like it’s FAKE to me. Your opponent is just a bot.

    kambesow gobez June 9, 2016
    If there was like a button where you could walk it would be cool

    [FuZion] OneBullet360 August 2, 2016
    I’m just too good at it because I can spam fast. TAHAHAH A ???????????

    kevin overly March 24, 2017
    Game is horrible! no way to control your shooting. Terrible controls

    Rishi Bhardwaj August 5, 2016
    Very nice time killer…And really good sound quality…!!! ? ? ?

    James Young November 2, 2016
    Have not played yet reviews sound good

    thEgaMeKILLER 3 October 19, 2016
    It’s pretty nice to have a nice vr game that works

    Brian McCracken September 15, 2016
    U have to upgrade your weapons. Other then that good game.

    Josue A Gonzalez September 14, 2016

    Freddy Albino September 4, 2016
    It’s a-okay game but I wish it didn’t have to be online and playing against somebody

    Cedric Hendricks December 28, 2016
    Need more multi player games like zombies

    lordgamer 122 June 25, 2016
    Why does it not have google cardbored support

    Michael Ighalo August 16, 2016
    Its okay i give it 3 stars

    Steve Fendley October 31, 2016
    The game allows you to have alot of control.

    Squishy Squirrel August 24, 2017
    IT didn’t work in vr

    Kevin Courville August 25, 2016
    Love it. Very addictive

    Triston Mclaughlin May 11, 2017
    Everythings good but the gyroscope since it glitches while reloading

    D August 18, 2016
    Get the gun nd shoot, shoot, shoot.Lol,

    Nita Febia September 11, 2016
    But Screen not 2×2

    Z Burton June 22, 2017
    Horrible I expected vr

    Daryen Ifopo August 3, 2016
    Very addictive

    Phil Hayes November 17, 2016
    Easy to play. Heads up action is stellar.

    Ashton Oconner September 30, 2016
    Good time killer

    Alejandro Flores July 13, 2016
    Its addicting and i love it

    jTheGamer , August 14, 2016
    I love gun game

    Hunter Lynk January 23, 2017
    The description says Virtual Reality. That was not virtual reality…

    timothy Boyette November 20, 2016
    fun game wish h could move around and shoot targets tht way

    PickledJuice August 7, 2016
    This rainged game is good

    Eduard Kellerman August 10, 2016
    control with gyro should be improoved

    Charlotte Chamberlain December 15, 2016
    Not really VR. I had to shoot by touching the screen.