Silly Chicken

Help Silly Chicken to climb up the wall!!!


JUNK It doesn’t jump to the opposite side SORT IT OUT GUYS!???

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What is driving Silly Chicken up the wall!
9XM’s Silly Chicken has found a new job in the city, but he might be losing his mind a little…

• Silly’s job is….well we’re not too sure…but it has something to do with collecting fruits suspended along very, very tall buildings.

• With the help of specially magnetized, anti-gravity, bathroom plungers attached to his feet, he has begun to scale the buildings.

• It seems though, that these ingenious shoes have no brakes on them…


*Help Silly Out:Silly, now hysterically running up the height of the building, is faced with the mortal danger of bumping into windows, balconies & lamps.

*Tap anywhere on the screen to make him jump to the other side

*Don’t just save his life, help save his job too- tap to jump to the diagonally opposite side of the wall when you see one of the fruits.


– Very appetizing virtual fruits

– Motivation to go jogging

– Background score & situational sounds, because all games have them these days

Application Type – Game
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Support Email Address – [email protected]

App NameSilly Chicken
Developer9X Media Pvt. Ltd.
RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

User reviews

Adam Tyson April 19, 2015
It doesn’t jump to the opposite side SORT IT OUT GUYS!???

Dale Hesford January 2, 2015

Robin Singh August 29, 2013
Nice… game Keep it up 9xm

Ameen Harris August 29, 2013
It bad

Colette Labruzzo August 31, 2014
It doesn’t let me move to the other side

Imran kausar August 29, 2013
amazing feeling while playing this game

Pawan Yadav August 31, 2013
I like it………sooooooo good.

awais farid October 26, 2013

sara naouss June 12, 2014
Amazingso nicee

Abhishek Soni August 25, 2013

Mison Katsira March 23, 2014
Play it……♡………

Romela Peconcillo March 25, 2013
Its good

Imtiaz Khatri January 2, 2013
A very beautifully designed and addictive games for Adult and Childrens. A must have for everyone ….. I’m just loving it.keep it up 9X Media… Great work.

Davit Namchevadze March 26, 2013
Force close

Galvin October 22, 2014
Says silly

QiteX January 23, 2013
Force close