Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Meet our stretchy pooch : Silly Sausage in his adventure through Meat Land!


Mighty meaty neat game! This games is simply great. If you’re looking for pure fun, look no further. I’m not usually reviewing the games that I play, but I couldn’t help myself this time. I think it’s so awesome, and I really wish there’ll be Silly Sausage 2. And 3 as well. An endless number of versions for this game. Kudus for the developers!

User Rating: ( 38,456 ratings )

Screenshot Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Silly Sausage in Meat Land screenshot
Silly Sausage in Meat Land screenshot
Silly Sausage in Meat Land screenshot
Silly Sausage in Meat Land screenshot

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    Meet our stretchy pooch : Silly Sausage in his adventure through Meat Land.

    Swipe based controls will allow you to stretch through the air changing direction as you go. Latch onto a surface and your dachshund will retract to that spot.

    Having an infinitely stretchy body is pretty handy!….but it’s not all plain sailing. Your exposed body is vulnerable to all sorts of meat cutting instruments so don’t over stretch yourself or you could end up butchered!

    – A happy meat based world for you to explore!
    – One looooooong stretched out challenge with 50 restart points!
    – Risk based restart system
    – Unique stretch based mechanic.
    – Simple swipe to stretch controls
    – Full of traps and obstacles ready to make mince meat of your faithful hound!
    – Lots of elements only possible through stretch based gameplay!
    – Erm…did we mention stretching at all?

    Note about In-App Purchases, Advertising and Cross promotion.

    This game contains 3rd Party Advertising which you can remove via an in-app purchase. It also contains cross promotion for other Nitrome games.
    Nitrome implement ads in premium placements sympathetically. We do not overly spam ads or place ads to encourage accidental clicks.

    This game contains in-app purchases. No content is blocked via in-app purchases. All game content (excluding ads removal) can be earned in game. Nitrome do not use in-app purchases to remove timers in our games…everybody hates timers so we don’t use them!

    We hope you enjoy our game and consider supporting us by reviewing it and telling others about it. Your support helps enable Nitrome to produce more games.

    What’s New

    Minor bug fixes.

    App NameSilly Sausage in Meat Land
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Lior Shoval May 11, 2015
    This games is simply great. If you’re looking for pure fun, look no further. I’m not usually reviewing the games that I play, but I couldn’t help myself this time. I think it’s so awesome, and I really wish there’ll be Silly Sausage 2. And 3 as well. An endless number of versions for this game. Kudus for the developers!

    Brianna Ekelman May 29, 2015
    Ive played it for an hour straight my brother has played it for 2! Its so FUN!!!! One thing i would change is how you have to use diamonds to be able to restart from lets say you die at level 30 u go back to 1 if you dont. But like i said its tricky hard hours of fun! Download it you will be happy you did!!! Also the ads are unreal and long boring and time waste but if you have all the time in the world then go for it!! ??? Its also vwry funny when you die because your sausage pops not die LOL!!???

    Gia Dominique Duran July 12, 2016
    Although the controls get a little iffy when you have to turn tight corners. It’s easy to get used to, but since the character need to move in very cramped spaces, I don’t think swipe controls would’ve been the greatest option. Nevertheless, it’s a very fun game that’s worth your time. The music is also very catchy! Great game once again, nitrome ?

    UnknownDecember 11, 2016
    As you can probably tell, I absolutely LOVE this game!!! Nitrome in general is one of the best developers I’ve ever seen. I’d even consider them up therewith Nintendo! Anyway, this game is obviously charming and absolutely silly! It takes a cute pooch and an interesting mechanic, and turns it into a hard to put down and amazing retro inspired game. I have NO complains about this game. The music is good, the gameplay and controls work, and the game itself is too good to be true. Nice one nitrome =)

    Mihir Patel January 3, 2016
    I generally don’t like to review due to s***y google play. Please Nitrome, release some of your games on PC. I frequently visit your website to play awesome game. And just like those web games, I played this game, Silly Sausages, more than I actually play paid games. Those $60 games are no match for games like Rubble Trouble or Steamlands, or Final Ninja or my favourite, Swindler. Please make your games available on Steam so, more peopel can experience the awesomeness of Nitrome. Thanks for making games!

    Bartman April 10, 2016
    The music and the graphics remind me of the games I’d play as a kid. I really like that ads are not forced upon you like in other games and that you are given a choice on whether or not you’d like to watch an ad if you haven’t collected enough gems. Gems aren’t hard to get, I managed to collected 99% of gems. If you’re having trouble with the responsive controls, then remember, this isn’t a dragging game so take your finger off the screen after changing direction.

    T Mack June 10, 2015
    I always like nitrome games. For the first 20 minutes until the relentless ads get too much. Also, In level 13 (or near there) why do the chomping teeth kill you if you land the dog on the side, where there are no teeth? I suspect it’s so the player suffers an unfair death and has to watch an ad.

    I need to change my channel’s name April 12, 2015
    Nice game Nitrome! Your games are awesome. My only advice would be that you make Bad Ice Cream for phones for free. Bad ice Cream is truly the most amazing game that you have created and is my favourite.Well, not only mine but other people love it as well, the top 5 games shows it on your site. So please make bad ice cream on phones for free. I am sure that you will make a lot of money from that.Regards, N.Sz

    UnknownAugust 6, 2015
    This game is wonderful! Good fitting retro graphics that reinforce the somewhat unsettling theme. Add to that a soporific/nagging background melody (if you want). Total madness, yet somewhat soothing … Probably the best game from Nitrome!

    Peen Muncher April 21, 2015
    It genuinely feels like a game you can just play…never in a million years would i have thought of a free app that lives up to its name! They don’t force you into anything it’s so casual.

    Joe Breen September 10, 2015
    Trash is an understatement for this game. On top of having ads every single time you beat a level, by the time you reach levels 30+ the controls are so laggy 90% of the things you die to are just because your sausage dog won’t bend in time…over and over and over in the same place because this game is bugged and the creators don’t seem to care to fix it. I’m running this on a note 4 it shouldn’t be this god awful.

    The Ent Gang May 12, 2016
    Please dont waste your time the positive reviews are from the makers of this game too many ads the first level lasts ten minutes! And is nearly impossible try for yourself if you don’t believe me.

    Izzy Weatherell August 25, 2015
    I love it I love it. It is my favorite game and the music and sound effects are the best. There is one bad thing… I need a silly sausage 2 because I have beaten the whole game and only the top dog achievement is the one that I need to do. Please read this and please please please make a silly sausage 2 for Apple and Google play also if you make a silly sausage 2 don’t change the music and sound and the cute d I dog and his bark. Maybe it could be silly sausage in candy land or silly sausage is lost or something but please do make another one if it is like 2 dollars I will be willing to pay please make a 2nd. And I will love it for ever

    Brendan Abbott July 9, 2015
    It’s no secret that I love Nitrome, but this one doesn’t quite do it for me. It was fun to start: beautifully weird graphics, simple controls, and easily playable mechanics. There’s some decent replay value, too, in the form of gems in the stages. But the adverts! Oh god, the adverts! In a game where there is so much that can kill the player so frequently, stuffing popups and videos in between every 4th try or so is just aggravating! It ruins the flow! I just end up quitting.

    salote vakatawa April 26, 2015
    This game is awesome and very strategic. It may be frustrating but if you keep trying it won’t be hard. I just finished playing the game and it is wonderful. You should at least try to play the 1,2, and 3 level to get used to it.????

    Damien Eadha October 13, 2016
    This game punishes you for playing without internet. If I want to play this game while waiting for the bus or to pass time outside of my home, I know that any progress I make is useless as I can’t get checkpoints EVEN AFTER RECONNECTING TO THE INTERNET without using gems. I understand that nitrome needs to make ad revenue, but forcing your players to constantly have a connection is not a good way to do it.

    Ben Levine January 21, 2017
    Here’s my past week. Monday: download Silly Sausage. Tuesday:plays silly sausage 24/7. Wednesday: tells friends about it. Thursday: over 30 + people from school has Silly Sausage. Friday: Beat Silly Sausage, made a (pretty good) Silly Sausage hat from an old bear hat… PLEASE MAKE SEQUELS

    Tracy Caballero June 23, 2015
    But i cant get passed level 42 its a really hard level ? the gems only work for checkpoints they should be used for something else like skipping a level but use skipping levels only 5 times

    Brianne Ealand April 20, 2015
    The game it self is amazing never really been a high resolution person either fun and challenging but there’s olny 50 check points/levels :/ could you guys add more levels? Also a little in store thing would be cool for example a hat or shoes that you could buy with your gems would be neat. But other than that amazing game!

    Carl Jones July 31, 2016
    Great game but even after paying for ad free,having to watch so many ads to save at kennels takes the biscuit.

    Sorban Cristofor October 15, 2015
    Challenging, yet could not stop playing until I finished it. Too bad its over. always loved nitrome, since I was a child. about the ads, at least it is not a paid game, and the ads can be canceled by tapping the back button. Thank you Nitrome.

    Leticia Ruzza April 19, 2015
    This game is extremely fun and is great to play when waiting for something like the bus. It can also be extremely difficult too, which just makes it that much more interesting! I’m obsessed with it at the moment!

    Kenedy Hilvitz October 30, 2015
    I loved this game I played it till the very end. I have only one complaints. The game does have ads, but there are less than most games have. My only complaint is that there needs to be more levels. I finished it in about a week and a half. I want more!

    wizards Apprentice April 19, 2015
    Awesome game it would be cool if you could add in some mini games to it though and maybe a wardrobe for him that could be bought with gems. I really hope you see this and add some new stuff but even if you dont again awesome game

    noah smith April 20, 2015
    Its really( 999 more times)cool but wen you die it advertises really (999more times again! ) dumb games like fire raiders! Lol cuz this is (do it myself now) so so so so so so so so so cool! I am totally epickly awesomely insanely crazyly your best fan!!!!

    blue llama :3 April 23, 2015
    I mean yeah, i dont mind watching ads to reach a checkpoint but after i die a a few times, all the ads come out. Its kinda annoying to me, personal preference. I would totally give 5 stars but because of the ads, i would give 4. Do fix them.

    Sabrina Guevara June 20, 2015
    Even though you might not believe me on this, I really wish I could show you proof of my data. I finished the entire game with all the coins/diamonds (emeralds?) collected and to be honest, I cried when I finished the game. It was really well done and so cute/kawaii. I’m not going to rush anybody into making more, but I would really appreciate it if they made “Silly Sausage 2.”

    Somebody ThatYouUsedToKnow March 5, 2016
    It is the example of what Android games should be. The ad pop-ups are integrated into the game play seemlessly and the game play itself is simple to grasp yet challenging enough to firmly hold the player’s interest.

    Aidan Fischer June 24, 2015
    It’s nice to see a different take on the sidescroller genre, a bit like a combination of Snake and platforming. It has a nice learning curve too, so you can cope with some of the insanely difficult sections of the game, and is definitely worth a download just because of it’s unique qualities alone. I’m pretty glad Nitrome was able to keep the difficulty between “too easy,” and “complete misery,” too.

    progamer phantom Freddy February 15, 2016
    This is a great game. It was a great (spoiler alert) 50 levels of being a saussage dog that stretches through obstacles and collects gems. But it should have more levels I beat the 50 levels and got all 15 acheivments exept for going through the game without dieing, in less than one day. Please make more levels and acheivments or a 2nd game.. Then I’ll rate 5 stars. But either way it’s a great well thought out game..

    Tillia Toth April 16, 2015
    But i think it is annoying that you have to keep going back all the way to the house 1 thing like when i die on house 5. But apart from that its a great game.

    Lucas Shared June 13, 2015
    I LOVE it you should try it its weird u get an achievement for sniffing his but its funny it gets hard but I’m on level 38 u have to try it me and most of my cousins play it

    Hawk – May 15, 2015
    Keep up the good work on mobile games. I have been a huge fan of nitrome for atleast 2-4 years. Im glad you havent stopped yet. Favourite game-Bad icecream

    Haishu Mortis August 16, 2015
    I really enjoy this game. It can easily give you a great challenge, but at the same time it gives you the opportunity to make the game easier with optional checkpoints. I have yet to beat it, but the slow rise in difficulty is very well done!

    Bailey Schwiederek April 18, 2015
    I haven’t even had the game a full 24 hours but I already beat it. It’s so much fun but I’m only giving 4 stars because I think you need more levels.

    vantastic March 30, 2016
    I know Nitrome from my NG days and I have to say that his games are getting extremely better. The in-game ads are reasonably placed so that it doesn’t block the player and supports Nitrome financially to make more awesome games. If the ads were annoying, then I’d play without a WiFi connection. The easy simple controls were balanced out with challenging and unique levels and sassy sausage stretches. There are some suggestions I want to be added into the game such as MOAR FRICKIN’ LEVELS but I digress. 10/10

    Jesse Tucker April 26, 2015
    Best game ever if you like dogs. Super fun and it has cool music. Sit back, have some kool-aid and a slim Jim and play thisgame.

    AzuTea December 1, 2016
    I can firmly & clearly swipe in one direction & it doesn’t register at all. Also the screen only moves if the character is mostly to the opposite side of it instead of logically following the character in the center of the screen as it moves- in order to beat most levels you must memorize it through multiple deaths instead of seeing the map ahead of you as you go. I’ve been a nitrome fan for years & love the pc version of silly sausage but this mobile version is very disappointing.

    Kremlin Trolović June 7, 2015
    VSauce3 reviewed this and I gave it a try, and It’s a pretty great game. The only thing I don’t like is the retro graphics, but other than that, It’s great. ?

    Jammie Marlow May 27, 2015
    This game is fun but it’s raging sometimes!!! And every time I pick watch a video it says that there is a error even if I have 4G and full bars so I’m forced to use up all my gems. It’s ridiculous. But all-in-all it’s a really fun, funny, and cute game.