Skippy Box

Tap to bounce from platform to platform!


This Game Makes Me Rage But I Love It In Just Two Days Of Playing This Cool Game, I Got Up To 217. Try To Beat That Guys. GL

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Skippy Box screenshot
Skippy Box screenshot
Skippy Box screenshot
Skippy Box screenshot

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    Tap to bounce from platform to platform. Collect as many gems as you can to unlock all the characters and see if you can complete all the objectives!

    ✔ More than 20 box characters to unlock!
    ✔ Achievements to keep yourself challenged!
    ✔ Very carefully and stunning designed graphics!

    ☜ Tap left to perform a small jump
    ☞ Tap right to perform a double jump

    How many boxes can YOU skip through?

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    Music: by NoCopyRightSounds

    Different Heaven – Nekozilla [NCS Release]

    Artist: Different Heaven

    App NameSkippy Box
    DeveloperASAB Mobile, LLC
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Satirical – and – Critical March 19, 2016
    In Just Two Days Of Playing This Cool Game, I Got Up To 217. Try To Beat That Guys. GL

    Diamond Hearts March 27, 2016
    So many people just doing it for the free hoverboard or Marks number. TBH I just playing for fun

    Julmary Espana March 19, 2016
    I’m doing this because mark is going to give his phone number if you beat the score 87

    Sam March 17, 2016
    Who came here bcs of mark just me ? Ok

    Adrianna Barr March 25, 2016
    I love it but it only got four stars because there are too many ads and videos

    victoria Pierzga March 26, 2016
    Only doing this to get a free hover board but I love it got the score 138?

    UnknownMarch 25, 2016
    Only doing this to win marks number but its fun

    Aubree Mccall March 26, 2016
    takes to long to download it ?? its still not done from 8:30 to 9:15

    Demilion White April 1, 2016

    Elizba Malik March 25, 2016
    Only doing this cuz I want Marks number.

    Avery Geiger March 25, 2016
    I’m only doing this so I can reach 120 for a hoverboard

    Abby Dexter March 26, 2016
    I’m only doing it to win a hover board but I live it

    Tameisna Johnson March 25, 2016
    I got it bcuz i might get his phone number or win a hoover board but bcuz of mark

    UnknownMarch 17, 2016
    I came cuz of Mark on snap chat I have to beat the score of 54

    maria sanros March 25, 2016
    I I’m only doing this because I might get marks number!!

    no name March 24, 2016
    I already have 297 points and started playing it yesterday. SAVAGE

    Gymnast xo March 25, 2016
    I need marks number after dat im done with sis game

    Alana Nunya March 25, 2016
    I got this from LorenBeech, yay!

    Irani Velazquez March 29, 2016
    I beat the score of 130 and dosent want to give me a hoverboard

    virtually grace March 27, 2016
    It’s hard though to have a long jump

    Adrienne Garcia March 18, 2016
    I got this just bc of him on Snapchat lol

    Elizabeth Garcia March 25, 2016
    Im only trying yo beat the score 87 to get marks number????

    saeed senpai April 24, 2017
    The game is good, but it’s too fast and a little bit glitchy, plus, the art work needs some improvements

    Anessa Trujillo March 25, 2016
    I got 220 I want a free hoverbord

    Alina Volosa March 18, 2016
    I beat Marks score I got 64

    Larissa R March 22, 2016
    I came because of DuhItzMark! ❤

    clarissa alderton March 18, 2016
    Im going to beat 54!!

    caitlin wudel March 12, 2016
    Really fun and good to play

    Legit Yareli April 3, 2016
    I beat the score… how do we win the free hoverboard?

    Rose Fly March 19, 2016
    I got this just because Mark Thomas

    Alyssa Sanchez March 25, 2016
    It is good to play and I want the hover bored

    I Nicx March 29, 2016
    Fun but way to many adds

    Sierra Holliday April 9, 2016
    I got 5,073 scoore beat that guys

    Maria Torres March 31, 2016
    I got to 120 and I still didn’t get a hover board

    Samoan Princess April 10, 2016
    Skippy box is really fun but in some of the levells they are really hard

    Lilyauna LePage March 26, 2016
    What number do you need for a hoverboard

    Shauntavia Williams April 28, 2016
    You should really get this game this is the best game I ever played

    Tate Kennedy April 10, 2016
    How do I get a free hoverboard!!

    Tayler Page March 25, 2016
    Fun and challenging game but way to many ads and videos

    Shiann Donnell March 26, 2016
    I might get a chance to win