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Great game Good job. Really intersting and addictive game.Poz NS

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Spacetracks by Garage Apps is a 3d arcade game in which the player needs to race around 40 tracks against time and beat its own records. The game features OpenGL accelerated graphics, fast and dynamic game play, lighting and blending effects, digital sound and music, physics.

Release Notes:

Fixed crash when working with records

Improved controls for tablets with keyboards
Added support for Android 3.0+ devices
Added support for SD card install
Fixed several crashes during game play

Added following languages: French, Italian, Espanol
Fixed vibration timer
Fixed objects pickup
Fixed many level gaps
Ball can now move backwards too
Ball movement more slowed down

Motorola Droid/Milestone support
Fixed hardware keyboard open/close issue during application run time
Improved menu navigation
Improved sensor controls
Ball movement slowed down

Compiled with SDK 1.6, app visible on Android Market for Tattoo devices
Fixed issue with screen dim, while playing via sensors

Initial release

What’s New

Fixed crash when working with records

App NameSpacetracks
DeveloperVladimir Ignjatijevic
RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

User reviews

A Google User May 4, 2012
Good job. Really intersting and addictive game.Poz NS

A Google User April 12, 2012
Great game. Superb design. Very catchy.I am hooked ?

A Google User September 8, 2010
Nope, still way too fast to control. Keep finetuning. Desire, froyo.

A Google User September 10, 2010
Fiddly menu annoyed me but game is decent with nice array of options just select right ones

A Google User October 9, 2010
Does work on HTC wildfire but very slow

A Google User September 8, 2010
Game had potential. Controls too hard to use.

A Google User September 12, 2010
Doesn’t work on the HTC legend.

A Google User December 6, 2010
Good game but the way the background spins makes me feel dizzy and queezy

A Google User December 27, 2010
Very smooth graphics EVO but boring

A Google User September 26, 2010
Very nice game, design is awesome!

A Google User September 7, 2010

A Google User December 5, 2010

A Google User November 14, 2010

A Google User July 2, 2010
Hate to give it two stars. Production is great. But as others have said, it’s just unplayable. Ball is too sensitive.

A Google User August 9, 2010
Great wonderfulproduction. Totally unplayable. controls dire. Uninstall after 10 secs. Hero 2.1

A Google User August 16, 2010
Sorry, but just not payable, far too sensitive and lacks control. Looks nice, and could be good if control issues addressed.

A Google User March 12, 2010
well, now that the game actually works…its still kinda gay. Controls are useless unless you have a physical keyboard/ d pad ¤ milestone ¤

A Google User March 17, 2010
v1.0.2 on N1: without full tilt support this game will never be good. It’s a shame because it looks nice.

A Google User September 1, 2010
Works really well for me. Runs better on a keypad than on a touchscreen. Fun, too, going to be fun to play it when I have downtime.

A Google User June 23, 2010
Is nearly not playable. Its okay!

A Google User March 13, 2010
Glad you put out the Droid fix

A Google User July 20, 2010
Was a good effort but horrible controls make it unplayable

A Google User May 6, 2010
Good game concept. Needs more than two chords for music, and faster control response. Trackball control would be a good alternative.

A Google User April 20, 2010
Grapics are tops but controls are bad nice game though

A Google User May 9, 2010
Ziroskop slabo reaguje, ili je meni slab CPU, htc hero

A Google User May 30, 2010
Unplayable, uninstalling!

A Google User April 1, 2010
Love the graphics but its difficult to control.

A Google User August 24, 2010
Pozz za patton-a sa sk foruma.:)

A Google User March 12, 2010
Works great on droid however that controls are a little sensitive.

A Google User March 12, 2010
ok graphics controls are un usable

A Google User March 24, 2010

A Google User February 4, 2010
Not good contolling ball…. unistall. =( DonMungia

A Google User February 26, 2010
does not work on Droid lvl does not load

A Google User February 15, 2010
Closes when u start game on moto droid please fix game looks awseome

A Google User February 6, 2010
Looks cool, but crashes constantly. Rooted Droid at 1.1GHz

A Google User February 14, 2010
Doesn’t work on Droid

A Google User February 27, 2010
На Adp1 ради супер! Још једном,свака част!

A Google User February 23, 2010
FC everytime at open on droid

A Google User February 12, 2010
I can’t use it… force closes when I attempt to play. Droid user.

A Google User February 3, 2010
Excellent start up graphics…closes everytime you try to start.