Stekk 2

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Cool Fairly fun, exceptionally easy, but might i suggest an ability to replay areas just for kicks. Tip. Leave your health alone and just keep attack 4 points more than deffense. Destroy everything.

User Rating: ( 177 ratings )

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A text-based rpg.

Features compared to Stekk :
– Vastly improved combat
– Spells
– More monsters, items, levels
– Three save slots, plus autosave

Version 1.1
– Added : One travel, one headhunt, one spell, two levels and medals.
– Fixed a small save bug.

STEKK 3 is in development.
Release date : TBA

App NameStekk 2
DeveloperScent Of Lemon
RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

User reviews

A Google User July 15, 2012
Fairly fun, exceptionally easy, but might i suggest an ability to replay areas just for kicks. Tip. Leave your health alone and just keep attack 4 points more than deffense. Destroy everything.

A Google User November 21, 2011
could use some random events that require skill checks or the like. got far too easy once I reached level 12 or so. looking forward to stekk 3.

A Google User July 18, 2010
So awesome if ur a RPG fan this is the game WOW so plz make a 3 HINT:make sure ur defense. Is higher than ur attack always but not 2 much then u own

A Google User December 11, 2010
Very good potential. Can’t exit shop without buying and can’t redo previous levels if you find out your character is too weak to advance.

A Google User October 14, 2013
As basic rpg games go, this was pretty fun. No bells & whistles, just a traditional fantasy “kill the baddies” game with some really solid humor.

A Google User December 12, 2010
Does not remember character stat and inventory, level stays but stats resets to default with each save & load. Wildfire

A Google User July 2, 2010
Kind of neat D&D, but crashes every 10 minutes or so and repetitious. Can get into unwinnable but unlosable battles – neither side hitting.

A Google User November 8, 2010
Not horrible, but neither memorable. Short, lacking depth, and gets boring fast. Not worth your time.

A Google User December 28, 2010
Resets to menu when orientation flips. Saving returns to game screen with reset stats. Huawei ascend. Love the game tho.. Plz fix?

A Google User July 5, 2010
Far too easy and short. No thought or tactics required, just buy, attack, buy, attack, buy …. please work on it! Has potential

A Google User March 14, 2012
…not enough gold. Don’t install, waste of time!

A Google User September 13, 2010
Reminicent of early 00′ text browser rpgs. Very entertaining. Possibly allowing a newgame+ feature with new monsters might increase replay value.

A Google User March 16, 2011
Attack I won den attacked again im dead restart wtf lololo it just doest make cense:-/

A Google User August 24, 2012
Do not not download

A Google User September 22, 2010
Fun, simple and intuitive. But lacks depth, no story, low replayability, and interface needs polish.

A Google User January 16, 2012
Pretty boring but Whatev

UnknownFebruary 24, 2013
Maybe I’m just old school, but it got the job done and was a great way to kill time

A Google User August 19, 2010
Nice game, but no “back” and “save” buttons, every time I press back of HTC wildfire, it quits the game. Also, it’s better to have a storyline.

A Google User July 25, 2010
This game is ok but if you want a good text based rpg get red saint from market place

A Google User November 8, 2010
Oddly pretty fun. Would like to see some pictures in the next one.

A Google User August 10, 2010
This amounts to a tapping game. No storyline, no exploration. I love text games when there’s something to read.

Andrew DeVan February 7, 2013
Pretty cute game beaten it in like 20 min worth 5 star.

A Google User October 27, 2010
Addictive little game. Just had to play to end.

Taren Gaskill July 17, 2014
But when I buy stuff, nothing happens. Can you fix this?

A Google User July 5, 2010
Take off reatart i was lv 58 with over a million gold i will stay with pk

A Google User June 4, 2012
Love it but you should put online pls that would be cool

A Google User July 27, 2010
Awesome game 5 stars! Cant wait for stekk 3

A Google User January 18, 2011
Grate game

A Google User August 28, 2010
decent game bit easy try goin to main menu and save

A Google User September 30, 2010
When is stekk 3??

A Google User November 20, 2011
Solitary D&D! Basic, yet fun… love it.

A Google User April 17, 2011
Loved it, just too short

A Google User October 10, 2011
Very fun game

A Google User October 24, 2012

A Google User May 14, 2011
Not bad

A Google User May 29, 2012

A Google User October 21, 2010
Awesome ? ? ?

Peter Gunterman May 21, 2013
Straightforward, simple game. Very difficult at one or two spots and no particular ending I could find, but a solid free time-waster. Thanks!

A Google User January 8, 2010
Not my cup of tea but guess its good for people who like this stuff

A Google User January 2, 2010
More more more levels and gameplay please!! I beat this whole thing in less than an hour!