Stickman Dope



Magical, magical is this a app that is I don’t know cool and funny at the same time

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Screenshot Stickman Dope

Stickman Dope screenshot
Stickman Dope screenshot
Stickman Dope screenshot
Stickman Dope screenshot

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    Try to get through 42 difficult levels, get away from sharp blades, jump over the traps and reach your goal. Small, but brave character needs your help. Jump higher, take paints, get alive and never give up.

    • Fascinating hardcore game
    • Fights with bosses
    • Epic physics and gameplay
    • We read each review, and exactly your idea can be realized

    How to play : press and HOLD the jump key, don’t tap.

    Good luck!

    What’s New

    • Bug fixes
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    App NameStickman Dope
    RequirementsAndroid 3.0 and up

    User reviews

    UnknownApril 8, 2017
    Magical, magical is this a app that is I don’t know cool and funny at the same time

    Malachai Reeves April 10, 2017
    He is too slippy like bruh

    Dicy grim reaper May 20, 2017
    It’s okay and sorrda apocalypse theme I like it.

    waylon wyatt April 18, 2017
    All I can say is nope

    Your Fellow Lawnmower April 5, 2017

    DeAndre Springs April 22, 2017
    I wish you make arena

    failrious bros. October 13, 2017
    Ok LOVE mc mikey Kirby star pk thunder

    UnknownSeptember 2, 2017
    This game suck

    Tom Parke August 14, 2017
    Dope haha

    Jenna Lee October 14, 2017
    I hated it

    sarah sheltra July 19, 2017

    Megan Walden February 1, 2017
    Well a much as I loved the mad dex 1 and 2 this is just not it I did not thinkthe graphics on mad dex 2 were up to par because evwrything was too shiny and now in this you are back to number one I am sorry to the creators but your best work was number one also in mad dex 2 you actually stick to the wall when you cling on the wall in this you slide down like you are always on ice which means it is a lot more difficult for some people so I think that the creators of mad dex , this and other things you need to stick with the design you had with mad dex 1 because number oneis the better one of all the ones you have made so far.

    Andy_Gamez December 21, 2016
    Wow this is just a copy of the game called Mad Dex search it up its the exact same. But cooler

    David Fernandez January 21, 2017
    Well I Loved The Game Alot It’s Just The Controls That Don’t Really Work Much

    Demarkus Askew January 17, 2017
    This and mad dex are copys of meat boy for pc and consel check it out

    Jennifer Hanson October 5, 2016
    Awsome blew mind in awsomenes

    UnknownNovember 18, 2016
    I love it like this xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Paso Savage December 10, 2016
    Awesome fun

    Phoenox _7 January 17, 2017
    This is so much fun!!!!!!!

    Saul Vargas January 10, 2017
    This game is the best

    Azjon Jones December 22, 2016
    :):):):):) I love dope

    the golden Minecraft February 13, 2017
    I love it

    ocean rose October 13, 2016

    Christian Burciaga September 19, 2017
    Great game

    Harjas Singh July 3, 2016
    Whenever I try to buy the green coins for re spawn the game resets itself 1 level I tried to buy 2 coins in lvl 22 and the game reset itself to lvl 21 plz fix it

    Dylan Kolk August 18, 2016
    What part of this is not mad Dex I mean the first screen is mad Dex wit a soda and the main guy

    Chevelle Peterson July 26, 2016
    This game is so fun that I never want to quit

    Alexis Minions June 28, 2016
    I was using the money wheel and got 1thousand it gave me 2hundred

    Sans Skeleton September 28, 2016
    U should have this it’s just like mad Dex

    Christian Toribio August 26, 2016

    UnknownJuly 22, 2016
    Super badass

    Jordan King July 13, 2016

    Free roam2 December 31, 2015
    Why the ads every game in the world mobile strike I’m getting tord of this mobile strike is a peace of crap app you the creates ruined my favorite game in the world update plz I am tordof ads there noting so plz fix this.PS. Mobile strike is a ad on every app and in the world

    Jose Davalos November 2, 2015
    Thus game is fun for my 4 yr old son he loves it and plays it everday i even think its a pretty fun game myself i thunk u shouod download it Its Fun

    Echo Statik May 13, 2016
    The game itself is okay, but it uses the exact same textures and physics as Mad Dex. This even has less levels. Dont waste youre time, and just get Mad Dex.

    Erwin Esperon November 8, 2015
    I can’t control my guy when I try to do a big jump I end up jumping 3 or 4 squares also way to slippery to hard to get to small platforms

    Harris Tshiamala April 3, 2016
    I really like this cos its really addictive but the levels are EXACTLY like mad dex and when you stick on the walls, you start to slide down.

    Angeline Veronica April 23, 2016
    Ths s an aswesome game which i had been seen . ths s also a tough game to finish a level and its interesting. Sometimes i fell very yough to complete a level, while its Awesome!!!??

    Joy LeBron April 5, 2016
    Every time im about to when a stupid ad pops up. Then they estimate your time to 10 or 5

    kailou pornis December 2, 2015
    it hella cool i just love it the best game i ever played but you should give more money coins fo passing a leval and for spin more videos