Stone Shooter

Travel to the bubble shooting stone age with Stone Shooter!


Not accurate aim at all.

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Stone Shooter screenshot
Stone Shooter screenshot
Stone Shooter screenshot
Stone Shooter screenshot

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    Are you looking for an exciting, fun arcade game and a stellar bubbleshooter experience for kids as well as adults? Welcome to Stone Shooter, a game where ancient times blend together with complete arcade fun into a one of a kind package that you will like for sure.
    With this game you will be able to spend your time in the nicest possible way for free, thus bringing you a great companion for those times in which you are bored. Stone Shooter is a bubble shooting game that allows you to explore a variety of ancient places in the human history, armed only with your trustworthy slingshot. The main objective is to remove all bubbles from the game board as fast as possible in order to win and pass to the next level.
    How to Play:
    Stone Shooter is easy to learn and play, all you need is to tap in the desired direction and the stone will automatically be shot towards that area. You will need to create groups that have at least 3 stones in them, all of which have the same color.
    The more bubbles you remove the better the results and the higher the score. If you have bubbles that are harder to reach, you will need to strategize and find the perfect angle so that you can perform even those tricky shots.
    The main goal in this game is to remove those bubbles in as few moves as possible, so you can rack up the highest score amongst your friends.
    In Stone Shooter you can find a multitude of levels and each one of them comes with its own challenges and 3 stars that you need to obtain.

    What’s New

    ✔ Swap stone ability
    ✔ Leaderboards
    ✔ Swap stone ability
    ✔ Added 100 new levels!
    ✔ Wide screen support
    ✔ 1000+ levels!

    App NameStone Shooter
    DeveloperZvalybobs Inc.
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Margaret Alguire July 27, 2016
    Not accurate aim at all.

    Robbyn Elder May 31, 2015
    Game lags, aiming is not true to bank shots. I am not an sucks

    Bilen Ahmet June 18, 2015
    Not spectacular, but fun

    Max CAMEL March 29, 2015
    Реально четкая игра. Затягивает не подетски . Всем советую!

    Gilberte Livernois April 16, 2015

    Alexander Wisse April 11, 2015
    Best aardige Steen schieter inderdaad.

    مهناز اقازاده April 6, 2015

    Robert Vaughn April 3, 2015

    Camilo José Ortegón Barajas March 14, 2015
    This gane is really cool. Well recommended.

    Artifly Studios March 13, 2015
    Fun game. Very addictive and enjoyable. Works well. Fantastic graphics.

    Doncho Popkrastev March 3, 2015
    Great game play. Awesome graphics. All is good!

    John Chung March 3, 2015
    Like bubbles but this idea is original with rocks.

    Yann La March 3, 2015
    interesting game. It’s really nice!

    Jim P February 28, 2015
    Well done and very fun

    Reginald Rowbottom February 23, 2015
    Based on an old simple game but with a nice twist. Beautiful and detailed animations and graphics. Quite fun to play.

    dan balan February 23, 2015
    Cool game i love throwing stones at stuff.good work

    Viki Viki February 21, 2015

    Alex Teremenko February 23, 2015
    Amazing graphics and gameplay! Love it!

    dmytro dimonov February 21, 2015
    Nice art.

    Sylvia Leandry April 15, 2015
    It’s Addicted & it’s so much fun I was on level 78

    Nguyễn Thùy Dương March 3, 2015
    cam on ban

    Omar J March 11, 2015
    Wonderful game, fun challenging and addictive, well done

    Jad Shwerry February 23, 2015
    Love this game the desin is very cool

    Billy Bons February 28, 2015
    Nice art

    Никита Светов February 23, 2015
    Good, like this, recommend

    Bob Clark March 3, 2015
    Awesome app, like it

    Gregory Mofos February 23, 2015
    Good app, like it

    Aiman Udas April 2, 2015

    allen belew May 11, 2015
    GOOD APP!!!

    Umer Riaz March 3, 2015
    Nice good I loved it…..

    violent chitthu March 25, 2015

    moin khan February 24, 2015

    Penny Dufrene May 31, 2015
    Love it