Unicorn Sugar Rush

Awesome game for the unicorns lovers!


This game is weirdish in a good way.A seal that turns into a unicorn named Bobcorn has to eat candy to stay awake.He wants to continue being a unicorn! Cool game, but sometimes Bobcorn slides to fast and it gets annoying.

User Rating: ( 2,505 ratings )

Screenshot Unicorn Sugar Rush

Unicorn Sugar Rush screenshot
Unicorn Sugar Rush screenshot
Unicorn Sugar Rush screenshot
Unicorn Sugar Rush screenshot

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    Bounce the candy on your head to get energy in this challenging and bouncy game!
    Did you ever feel like you could be a lot more? That’s what Bobcorn the seal was thinking, when he took his fate into his own hands and decided to become a UNICORN! But – be careful what you wish for… a unicorn’s life is magical yet demanding, and Bobcorn needs a lot of energy to support his newfound unicorn powers! Help Bobcorn eat AS MANY CANDIES as he can and make sure he doesn’t fall asleep!
    Be quick – you’ll need to run around, jump and bounce candies on your head to unwrap and eat them, while facing different surfaces and the turtles that get in your way. Enjoy the fun magical powerups and reach a sugar-rush if you can… as long as you don’t run out of energy!

    How to play
    – Tilt your device left and right to move Bobcorn
    – Tap the screen to jump
    – Press on the screen buttons to use the power-ups
    – Go to the store to power up

    – 35 cool levels
    – Amazing power-ups
    – Challenging missions awarding you with additional coins
    – Two exciting game modes – Challenges and Survival
    – Cool Boss levels- Facebook Share feature to share the game with your friends

    App NameUnicorn Sugar Rush
    RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

    User reviews

    Madison Sirois January 2, 2014
    This game is weirdish in a good way.A seal that turns into a unicorn named Bobcorn has to eat candy to stay awake.He wants to continue being a unicorn! Cool game, but sometimes Bobcorn slides to fast and it gets annoying.

    Mlp Lights March 4, 2014
    Its a very good game and addictive! Only one problem the way you have to move your phone or tablet, is the problem,like in. Some games there is arrows and not hand control.Its very annoying…but that’s thething u should really look at that before you/child play the game…as I said very good and addictive.:-)

    atiqah shaharuddin May 15, 2013
    Nice game overall and tests your reflexes well. Can get annoying at times but I guess that just means I have to get better at it. Love the unicorn facts and fiction bit. Hehehe.

    A Early June 9, 2013
    Fun game but sends spam notifications to your phone about one a week.Jellybean 4.1 and up can disable these by long pressing the notification and clicking the “app options” that pops up.

    Sumaiya Hossain vabna September 15, 2014
    I like this game.but when ever i playing the survival mode they don’t give me any coins.they showing -coins.nd i can’t buy anything from store..that is the only prb i feel..unless i will give u the 5 star.

    Stefanie Welsh June 29, 2014
    I think this game is just too awesome for my phone. Adorable graphics and sufficiently challenging, but the lag on my device makes it impossible to play.

    Laura Murrill January 5, 2014
    Its great some times the turtle gets in the way or when the candy boss comes there’s hardily any tiny candy to eat other wise awesome game

    Hobbit King November 30, 2013
    If you’re ever feeling bored or have nothing to do, this game will definitely make your time more fun ? I love the graphics, they’re so adorable

    Sandra Britton March 23, 2013
    Super fun and addicting!Pop up ads are annoying, though.

    Montelle CURTIS June 9, 2013
    The Turtle Gets Me Upset Lol But Overrall Its My Favorite Game Besides Candy Crush.

    Blue River January 15, 2014
    i really like this app. its great however, it usually lags alot, i dont know if its me but if possible, it would be great if it could be fixed

    ooga Ahmed March 4, 2013
    Its really must be rated 5 stars it awesome have fun people

    Trainer Helios June 23, 2013
    Once again, you have created an awesome game. AND IT HAS TO DO WITH UNICORNS THIS TIME!!!

    Bobby Evelyn July 15, 2013
    Quite hard to play but well fun and entertaining. Could spend hours playing!!

    Ruby Longworth March 24, 2013
    SUPERFUNTASTIC!!!! This game has changed my life for the better with it’s amazing unicorns and candy. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    Lorett Alarcon July 18, 2014
    Its kinda of confusing with the whole unwrapping candy then eating it stuff.

    kevin hinch January 1, 2014
    Its a good game but it freezes all the bloody time,it didnt when I 1st started playing it but now its all the time which is a shame coz I like it .sort it n ill give 5 star .

    sushmitha rajeev January 22, 2014
    But its inappropriate for children cuz there will be naked people I unstitall it

    Sandy Hymas May 10, 2013
    I have just started playing so far so good

    Annie Chappell June 12, 2014
    This game is truly amazing, if you wanna be a unicorn you will get this. If you don’t wanna be a unicorn… You will still get this. I highly recommend it… So GET IT!! ?

    Stacey Shufflebotham May 26, 2017
    I put 5 because of that where unicorns but trying to stay awake is hard

    Nadine Trinder March 21, 2013
    It freezes a lot so thats y is half and half

    Priscillia Wijaya January 31, 2015
    Loved it

    Elizabeth Sandoval April 27, 2013
    It really is a fun game. Has many levels. The sounds are great. Its just a good fun game. Play it!

    Samir Namer July 1, 2013
    This app posts notification ads. Uninstalling.

    Kylie Sanders November 7, 2013
    I like the whole unicorn seal thing it is so cute. Plus,it is like a game gon webkinz. Awesomeness

    Tahney Brooke August 6, 2013
    Love it. Helps kill time in the waitinggames

    Jennifer Jones July 17, 2013
    Pretty simple concept though I’m terrible at it.

    Caitlyn H. February 1, 2015
    It is so frustrating I hate it

    Alexis Bell March 25, 2013
    How come it said that I will be unicorn but I win and I don’t turn into a unicorn, still a good game

    Kessa Mcclure May 3, 2013
    This game is really fun to spend time and increase your skills! Highly recommend it

    Jacob Hutchinson March 19, 2013
    It seems just perfect to pass the time and is even ok for kids to play as well. (:

    Empathetic Unicorn March 25, 2013
    Adorable, but it completely freezes up my phone.

    Sandra Lamar March 31, 2013
    Game is lame.

    john robinson June 1, 2013
    good job PLAYSCAPE!you’ve maded an awesome game.Keep it up! I like it!make more games like this.thanks.thanks for making such a good game.

    Chris Brock May 24, 2014
    This game is awesome and so easy and hard with the evil turtle

    Patricia McCabe July 16, 2014
    Fun, easy , tilit and tap only no complicated buttons. Eat candy to become an sealicorn!!

    Kadzia November 10, 2013
    Really made me giggle, such a fun sweet game and lovely graphics.

    Jayne Eatough August 9, 2013
    Amazing but can get frustrating and fun great quality

    Jennifer Sierra April 23, 2013
    It unfortunatly laggs on my phone but its captivAting