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Me like But more lvls pls

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Warfield is a real time combat strategy game set in the World War II era where you try to defeat your enemy in each level by either capturing the enemy flag or destroying all enemy units. It is one of the first (if not the first) true Real Time Strategy games on the Android platform that isn’t a tower defense. You command your units from a topdown perspective and try to complete each level by positioning your units according to terrain, baiting your enemies into a battlefield of your choosing or simply brute forcing them down if the situation allows it.

Warfield is an ongoing project and a huge amount of new features such as new levels, new controllable and enemy units, new mechanics, balancing changes and quality of life improvements will be implemented on the game over short time periods in the near future. For now, enjoy the game and please stay tuned for updates!

— Unfortunately this project is suspended for now, but there may be some new projects based on same architecture.

What’s New

Enemy movements calibrated.
Soldier selection calibrated.
Some minor visual updates and level design changes.
single soldier selection added
Enemies are moving anymore.
You can zoom the map and drag to navigate.
Soldier selection method changed.
Memory problems which is encountered for some models fixed.
Soldier sounds updated.
Tutorial screen organized.

App NameWarfield
RequirementsAndroid 2.1 and up

User reviews

Richard Howard December 29, 2012
But more lvls pls

Ronald Fulcomer December 15, 2013
Difficult controls

Epic Hamster 1 June 24, 2016
Keeps crashing

Arian the great June 25, 2013

A Google User September 8, 2012
Just not there yet. unit movement is useless. Men in the same selected unit do not react to a comrade right next to them being shot. Select troops for opposite ends of the battlefield as one unit and they will move keeping that distance between them rather than moving together towards your selected point. Struggles with the basics. Bad.

A Google User August 17, 2012
Keep an eye on this. Unit movement needs improvement. Feels like alpha release. Will monitor progress. Decent 2d graphics. Check out Rusted Warfare.

A Google User August 17, 2012
Decent AI and good gameplay, the grey bar at the bottom of my screen is quite distracting though.

A Google User August 15, 2012
Sucks doesn’t even play

A Google User August 11, 2012
On numara oyun

A Google User August 9, 2012
Its annoying to use tight manovers and ger all the tanks in formation to shoot a target

A Google User August 6, 2012
you will be addicted

A Google User August 8, 2012
grafikler tam bir usta isi, cok begendim

A Google User August 10, 2012
i like that game

A Google User December 1, 2012
Very nice game. Looking for new levels!

A Google User August 9, 2012
Nice that someone is making rts for android. This one needs better graphics, more unit types etc. Currently it’s just too basic. Cant win level 3

A Google User August 3, 2012
Don’t miss this game! Excellent strategic game to play.. Make your plan and win the war soldier!

A Google User October 19, 2012
The tutorial doesn’t tell which is your side took some time to figure out you can barely see which unit is selected selecting multiple units is impossible also selecting another unit when one is already selected is pretty hard

Jason Taingahue October 9, 2013
Why people give this game good feedback, just tells me they have no idea wot a games is

Christian Flores June 12, 2015
Nice but add soldiers like rifle man sniper man machine gun bazooka man and tanks and helicopter if you do that this game will be addictive and all peapole will install it like coc and minecraft

A Google User August 8, 2012
very addictive game, must have..

Jashiah Pendergrass July 8, 2014
This game is awesome I want to download it But I CAN’t

Callum Rickeard February 16, 2014