Windsquire: Dragon Castle Free

Tap into your heroism using weapons and magic to escape the treacherous dragon!


Lots of content Starts out easy but gets challenging pretty fast. The runes are a lot of fun to use (you can even slow down time…). You can go back and try to get 3 stars and levels you’ve beaten, adding a surprising amount of depth to the game. The art is impressive, and overall, the game just feels polished. Anyway, it’s at least a good time waster. ?

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A knight gambles away his entire fortune and goes on an epic quest with his squire to amass treasure. Upon discovering and climbing a mysterious castle tower, the cowardly knight pushes the squire down the turret, plunging the squire to the bottom where he lands on a pile of treasure and mystic runes. The magic runes infuse the squire with the ability to control the wind, helping the squire escape the dragon which he has awoken…

– Harness the power of Wind Rune Magic to fly through the treacherous Tower.
– Raid the armory to upgrade swords, armor and magical weapons
– Race from the chasing dragon to earn gold at each checkpoint
– Fly through 5 unique stages and 100 challenging levels of Dragon Castle!
– Crash through obstacles and barriers with magical speed boosts
– Escape from dragon castle and re-craft your destiny!

– Now using Google Play Games for achievements and leaderboards!
– An Android permission was removed!
– Chinese translation added
– Performance updates and bug fixes
– Sharpened swords and axes

What’s New

Hotfix – some users experienced a crash when using a rune

App NameWindsquire: Dragon Castle Free
DeveloperMindgrub Games
RequirementsAndroid 2.3.3 and up

User reviews

Dan Jorquera November 26, 2013
Starts out easy but gets challenging pretty fast. The runes are a lot of fun to use (you can even slow down time…). You can go back and try to get 3 stars and levels you’ve beaten, adding a surprising amount of depth to the game. The art is impressive, and overall, the game just feels polished. Anyway, it’s at least a good time waster. ?

Jason Charlton November 26, 2013
The early levels are pretty easy, but it gets much harder in the later stages. The magic runes are fun and I love how later stages require strategy to navigate obstacles and attack the dragon.

Gtian Ing December 3, 2013
It shows me the initial screen then looks like its about to show an ad. Which I’m fine with since its a free game however its just a black screen and nothing happens after. I can’t play ?

Developer Mindgrub Games December 6, 2013 Hey, can you provide more information on where this is occurring?Please email us at [email protected] We cannot duplicate this on our GSII.We would love to help get this game working on your device.

Randy Herman November 28, 2013
Really fun ‘one more time’ kind of game! Very exciting-lots of content, easy to learn but tough to master! But that’s exactly why you wanna keep coming back to it! Two bigrand thumbs up for this one!

Chris Kidd November 26, 2013
I had a lot of fun with this game. There are plenty of nice details like how the character’s face changes when the Dragon gets close. Great game.

Melissa L January 11, 2014
I love the mechanics and artwork of this game. Some of the humor surprised me too! Well done and runs smoothly.

Dániel Tóvári December 24, 2013
Gameplay is OK, but upgrades are a bit overpriced. Achievements are buggy, and the high score popup+push notification is annoying. Also, why can’t you exit with the ‘back’ button on your device? Since there’s no in-app exit button, the only way to quit is to press ‘home’ (which puts it in the background) or force-close it.EDIT: I use a Sony Xperia Live with Walkman.

Developer Mindgrub Games December 23, 2013 We did want to make the game challenging so we made sure players had to earn those upgrades! What device are you on so we can look into the “back button” issue you’re seeing? Please e-mail us at [email protected] with any more information you can provide.

UnknownMarch 7, 2014
Feels like another jetpack joyride with the micro transactions and monotonous gameplay. At least the developers are responding to comments.

Developer Mindgrub Games November 27, 2013 We appreciate your feedback. The sweet spot for a game that appeals to both casual and avid gamers is tough to hit and our beta testing showed that our inventory prices match desired difficulty settings for our users. We’re always reviewing and we’ll continue to make sure the gameplay is fair, though as fellow gamers we do love a challenge.

Laura Caputo January 28, 2014
I love this game, it’s really well done. But I can’t turn off the push notifications I randomly get, that’s a bummer. Also is there a version I can give you money for without ads?

David Flickinger November 26, 2013
I have a great time every time I pop WS open and blast up the tower.

Leoni Berlin November 26, 2013
It’s so addictive, I can’t stop playing it!

Brian Papson November 26, 2013
Great game. Really enjoyed it.

Molly Hutchins November 26, 2013
Awesome free game!

Patrick Staso November 26, 2013
A challenging mobile game!

Dale Erickson June 14, 2014
Every level was locked can’t play plz fix it

Justin Ermer November 26, 2013

Makari Jones December 14, 2013
Keeps sending me back to home screen fix now!!!!!!!

Developer Mindgrub Games December 23, 2013 What version are you playing and what phone are you using? We’d be glad to look into it more if we got that information. Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]

S.M. Boyce December 3, 2013
This game is clever,original,and very fun. I’m hooked!

Washington Cruz December 20, 2013
I got my name on the credits! Haha and good game

Developer Mindgrub Games December 6, 2013 Thanks for helping out with our Beta Test!Glad you are enjoying the game!

Jonalyne Andres November 26, 2013
Awesome game!

Milan Babuskov March 17, 2014
Gets too hard though.

Mike Pierson December 3, 2013
A challenging free game.

Laura Hawkins December 14, 2013
Fun game!

Anthony Frank January 23, 2014
Its ok

Nathan Lipinski November 25, 2013

Jay Spinks December 4, 2013

Jonathan Geary February 10, 2014
I have no idea what this game is like seeing as soon as the intro video ends and an advert comes up it force closes, even with my WiFi off.

James Moore March 2, 2014
Don’t waste your time.Will not recommend this. Samsung galaxy S4. Love jetpack joyride and was looking forward to this game.

Patrick Staso June 23, 2014
It may be easy at first, but difficulty ranks up quickly. A simple but challenging game.

Sally/SarVana Cherry December 26, 2013
Addictive and entertaining game