Wizard Swipe

Defend your fort by destroying skeletons with the magic of the 5 elements!


Great concept marred by freemium design It’s a beautiful game with great mechanics and a nice upgrade tree. But the fact that, by LEVEL 3 you have to grind for minuscule upgrades or pay money is a stain on the game. A good free game provides a straightforward way to beat it without microtransactions but offers them as a means to complete the game in a more easy fashion. This game requires you to grind for what I can only assume to be hours, before being allowed to advance to the next level for free.

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Wizard Swipe- screenshot thumbnail

    See Description

    Do you love Fire and Balls and want to relax a bit? Then play Wizard Swipe and throw Fireballs at skeletons!

    • Simple control! Fling fireballs by swiping, or hold them to get a powerful blast!
    • Enormous talent tree! Become a master of all five elements: fire, ice, air, acid and lightning!
    • You won’t get bored! The levels are generated from scratch every time!
    • Unlimited amount of levels! You get bigger rewards and stronger monsters the further you progress!
    • Do you want to show your skill? Complete objectives and get additional rewards!
    • Levels with bosses! Choose a specific tactic and defeat them with the help of guile and spell combos.
    • Are you still wondering if it’s worth playing? Try it – it’s free!

    What’s New

    • 5 new types of castles – unlock them for progress, gold or real money.
    • 3 new monsters: Blue Skeleton Wizard, Vampire and Vampire Lord.
    • 2 new bosses: Bone Wall and Ancient Vampire.
    • Boss Ax Thrower weakened.
    • If a new type of monster should appear on a level, it will now appear at the start.
    • The video ad button is now always visible.
    • When switching on the internet, video ads will now be available without reloading the application.

    App Name Wizard Swipe
    Developer niceplay games
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up
    Package com.niceplaygames.wizardswipe

    User reviews

    Ephraim McCormick December 7, 2016
    It’s a beautiful game with great mechanics and a nice upgrade tree. But the fact that, by LEVEL 3 you have to grind for minuscule upgrades or pay money is a stain on the game. A good free game provides a straightforward way to beat it without microtransactions but offers them as a means to complete the game in a more easy fashion. This game requires you to grind for what I can only assume to be hours, before being allowed to advance to the next level for free.

    Morgan Bradley December 7, 2016
    Fun, addicting, easy to play. Some challenges. I just wish there were more monsters added. I’m in world 60 and haven’t gotten anything new yet. The bosses aren’t that hard, it feels like they’re the same difficulty level as they were all the way down in world 20.

    Ghost November 19, 2016
    Definitely my new favorite time shredder for train rides, inbetween classes, or even just waiting at home. Gameplay is super fun, and slightly challenging. It’s fun pushing yourself to go back and complete every side mission. Even the seemingly impossible ones.

    Pep Oni November 19, 2016
    I love this game so much because I’m usually a. Sports game only person but this is the only game out of sports category that I love to play! Only 100k downloads and higher rated then clash of clans and clash royal!

    qweqwe December 26, 2016
    Nice concept. Skill tree is based around flat number upgrades and could be more creative also it doesnt allow much variability and specialization as you can simply get all the upgrades. The option for reasigning the skills is also missing. Levels, each with various modifiers, quests and rewards and sometimes even a boss battle add to the challenge and replayability (the modifiers are sometimes questionable. +50% enemy HP is often too much and youre then forced to grind for another boring dmg upgrade).

    jackson bananno November 24, 2016
    Addictive. Passes time and is fun. The upgrade system sets goals. Don’t have to make purchases to play, the adds are fairly short and if you do well on the level they can make you much more golds.

    Ed Kolis January 9, 2017
    There are lots of spells and upgrades to keep you flicking those fireballs! Removing one star though because I can’t sign in to restore my progress from my old phone.

    Rejask November 20, 2016
    Lovely game, to a point. I wish I could just swipe in a certain pattern to make a different bolt. But its kind of fun. If the prices were a little less pricey, it would be better. Still good tho.

    Developer niceplay games November 20, 2016 Derek, thanks for feedback!Well, I had such idea in the beggining of development and tried it, but it didn’t do, too bad controls ? I made a lot of playtests and so, I wanted to create the best controls for such gameplay.Hope, you will change your mind in future and upgrade your review to more stars ?

    nick dragovan November 20, 2016
    Fun game but the ads are out of control. I guess you don’t have to watch them but if you do than you double your currency. So basically every 2 mins you have to watch a 30 sec ad…

    UnknownNovember 8, 2016
    That is all i want to say ? (edit>>>) i’d love new monthly updates for new skills and monsters but that might not be possible for you guys ?

    Zack Whitehead December 1, 2016
    It is an amazing game! Fun and addictive, but if you don’t pick it up fast, little kick your butt by the third level.

    Majki Youtube November 20, 2016
    Cool game. Overall really fun, but it gets difficult really fast. Like the battle mage fight got my hand in a cramp from how hard it was. Good game

    Brady McConnell November 22, 2016
    Fun at first, but gets really grindy really fast. Everything requires coins at a quickly increasing pace, making it a lot of repeated levels to pay for what you need to progress.

    Awesome games November 23, 2016
    Some people might say that you have to grind for a while, but if you upgrade the overall spell power then it’s a lot easier. I would not spend money on it though because castles don’t do much. Overall though, amazing game.

    Developer niceplay games November 23, 2016 Thanks for bug report! Will fix as soon as possible ?

    Aidan Langdon November 25, 2016
    Good game. I’d like to hear a wider soundtrack, but along the same lines as what is already there. Just like to change it up every once in a while.

    Nothiar Zonzym Wizard November 13, 2016
    If any more work were done (preferably along the lines of spells) on this it would be my favorite app on the store.

    Peter Senior April 9, 2017
    It gets boring after the fifth world. If there were more spells, and more bosses, like a big slime boss. There’s so much potential with the enemies too, but it’s half-wasted.

    Cl Trifloride November 25, 2016
    This games is amazing and addictive but I am on this level 3-5 and it is stupidly hard, there are way to many enemies at one time coming from all different directions so you can’t kill them all even if you use all your spell… I even did other levels tons and tons of times to farm some money to upgrade but that still didn’t work… Also because of the amount of enemies at one time you don’t have a chance to hit the boss so it took me over 10mins on the last wave to get him close to death.

    Vant, the prince of darkness November 18, 2016
    so far,the game hasn’t bomb rushed me to buy anything extra for it and its easy to play.I also like how the player them self’s IS a bullet hell.5 stars

    Vic Ben November 23, 2016
    I like this kind of difficulty. Some challenges are bs but because waves are randomized i get lucky and can complete challenges easily.

    Jeramiah Muller November 22, 2016
    An arcade game hasn’t got my thumbsoving this quickly in a while. It could be improved with the addition of achievements.

    Laziest Cloud November 21, 2016
    Love it addiction in a good way but I wish that if you out tow fingers then you could throw to fireballs

    Carson J. Sargent December 3, 2016
    One of the few games that work on my phone. Great gameplay. Easy enough to avoid frustration but hard enough to keep attention. Props to the developers.

    D Dillihay November 22, 2016
    At least the micro transactions don’t become necessary to proceed…so far. Super fun!

    Not My Real Name November 28, 2016
    A good wave defense type game, fun to play and not too frustrating. I very much enjoy the ability to watch an ad to double my score at the end of a level, i find it quite the novel idea. I am not extremely far into the game yet, but if the quality doesnt lower and new content keeps coming then i am sure i will find myself spending real money on this game eventually.

    Martin Cvetkovic November 24, 2016
    One of the best games on play store. I have one question though. How much time needs to pass before I can watch ads again to double coins?

    Super doge November 20, 2016
    This game is freaking awesome!But can add troops? So they can help but keep up da great work ?

    Gabe Schoonmaker January 4, 2017
    Unspeakable things were done in this game…. I LOVE IT!!!?

    Max Osti November 20, 2016
    The difficulty gets too high too fast and it is hard to much of anything. Please fix, I will reinstall if so. Thanks.

    Kiril Krsteski November 21, 2016
    Awesome time killer, but it would be great if you lower the difficulty a bit ?

    Mac_N_Cheese December 2, 2016
    Pls. Add patterns like if a draw a bolt it will make a thunder bolt or if we draw a wave it will shoot out water pls add that.

    Lewis Gaudie November 19, 2016
    I have had sooooooooo much fun with this game plus I have bonly had it for 1 day

    Thunder Buster November 20, 2016
    Very fun and time consuming!

    Nguyen Hoang Khang November 27, 2016
    Easy to play but still challenging. Suitable for all ages. Definitely a must-have game for all mobile gamers.

    Jérémie Pageau-Bienvenu December 12, 2016
    Good game… My finger pains me, but gg

    Erika Ruiz November 22, 2016
    When I first played it was awesome INSTALL IT NOW

    George Day December 4, 2016
    It’s a fun game I’m not going to lie. I had to do a factory reset on my tablet and when I re-downloaded it doesn’t register that I’ve paid for all the spells. Emailed the Dev team just for them to say they wouldn’t do anything

    Developer niceplay games December 5, 2016 Yeah, sorry about that. The only reason, “we wouldn’t help” is that we can’t do anything here for now. Google Play have no “Restore Purchases” mechanism, and there’s no cloud save on Android implemented yet.

    Daniel Sherlock November 26, 2016
    Constant thumb flicking can’t be good for them… I envisage having to stop playing as there is no alternative method of firing

    Ruben Hernandez January 26, 2017
    A fun game that ramps up gradually. Difficult but not Dark Souls

    Nick B November 22, 2016
    Nothing I was just doing hype


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