Wushu Hero Stick Craft Runner

Wushu kung fu jumping, stick craft and running frenzy


WOW This game is cool and all but it’s too hard. Plus I hate that I don’t unlimited power

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Screenshot Wushu Hero Stick Craft Runner

Wushu Hero Stick Craft Runner screenshot
Wushu Hero Stick Craft Runner screenshot
Wushu Hero Stick Craft Runner screenshot
Wushu Hero Stick Craft Runner screenshot

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    Tired of the same old typical and boring run, run, run, and endlessly run type of games? Time to try the parkour inspired Kung Fu runner game ‘Hero Stick Craft Runner’; your free portal to a world of unparalleled fun and entertainment! The game is filled with Wushu jumping, stick craft and running frenzy.
    Your typical mega run styled games offer nothing more than a protagonist on a running frenzy usually doing a clichéd Mayan escape. But Hero Stick Craft Runner is different. It adds in unique elements to make a typical treasure temple run game an experience of ever challenging fun.
    The game involves your protagonist, an evident parkour master performing feats like Wushu jumping. Unlike traditional grand run crazy games, you can control your player and make him move either forward or backward. You collect power ups which give you unique abilities like Wushu jumping and stick craft.

    There are four unique abilities:
    ✔ Wood craft in which you build bridge or ledge to move across the terrain
    ✔ Tornado jump which makes you jump longer and higher to reach difficult places
    ✔ Butterfly jump which makes your runner light as a butterfly, almost as if flying in the air.
    ✔ Duck and roll so you can dodge incoming enemies and obstacles

    You can gather each of the ability as a charged, limited use power. This adds a unique and challenging twist to the game. You don’t just run on and on. You need to strategically navigate your Kung Fu runner through a maze of rocks, lava, meteorites, and let’s not leave out the enemies. You can build a bridge to reach long away ledges or even use them as levers! There are several possibilities and each provides you with the chance to have fun in a new way. Playing this Wushu jumping, Parkour inspired game will definitely never bore you. In fact, you’ll be inclined to come back for more.

    Unique Features of the Game:
    ✔ A challenging terrain requiring puzzle solving skills and strategic movement
    ✔ Four unique abilities for scaling obstacles and enemies
    ✔ Hassle free interface with smooth playability
    ✔ A changing terrain from lava pits to temple ruins and snowy cliffs
    ✔ Fun, fun and more fun!
    ✔ And it’s FREE!!

    While the game is filled with fun, challenges and entertainment, be warned and watch out. ‘Hero Stick Craft Runner’ is HIGHLY addicting!

    What’s New

    -Add in-game story
    -fixed runner pause bug
    -reduced lava growth rate in runner level
    -IAP to remove ads

    App NameWushu Hero Stick Craft Runner
    DeveloperPhamtastic Games
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3.3 and up

    User reviews

    Ronald Williams June 20, 2015
    This game is cool and all but it’s too hard. Plus I hate that I don’t unlimited power

    Dora Asante Asante September 14, 2015
    Love kt

    Kp Drake April 29, 2015
    Love it

    Rosalyn Mcarthur January 22, 2015
    I love this game and recommending all to download this and enjoy this amazing game, its a very nice game.

    Ruthie Lai January 22, 2015
    Its so good to play, stress removing. Amazing gameplay ever.

    Kyra Lee January 22, 2015
    I always love to play such type of games. feeling amazing to play.

    Mina Ison January 22, 2015
    easy to play and stress removing concept makes me stay on this game.

    Jack Whitby January 22, 2015
    Really a lots of fun to play this game spending leisure time.

    Karrlos Juan January 22, 2015
    This is an addictive game. Love to play for long long time.

    Si Pham January 24, 2015
    a action game that requires some thinking…well done!

    Marc Chan January 19, 2015
    Seems like the beginning of something beautiful

    Christian Willis October 16, 2015
    This game is utter crap. Filled with ads, developer wants you to spend money on useless increased percentage of powerups that aren’t even properly rendered for game due to its glitches and tedious, unfinished gameplay it calls a platformer. Do yourself a favor and ignore the 5 star ratings. Game is a unoriginal spinoff of Street Fighter and Dragon Ball as well.

    James cuntylocks January 12, 2015
    Just downloaded & I am enjoying it! Thanks a lot!

    muhamad busroni December 10, 2015
    I Love is my Gamer

    Markise Steanhouse March 25, 2016
    Lovethis game

    craig staddon January 13, 2015
    Fun game!

    Entikhab Haider September 15, 2016