Action-packed mix of extreme arm wrestling and MMA, from the creator of the UFC.


not bad it pretty good hey its not bad it remind me alil of hockey fight but jus mma style but like i said its pretty good wish their was a exit button n then u get my 5 & also i would like to see more update to this game

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XARM® is a hybrid sport like MMA, but more. It combines arm wrestling, grappling, kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu, with the fighters tethered arm-to-arm across a small XARM table. locked in hand-to-hand combat, there is literally no place to run and no place to hide. the bouts consist of three 1-minute rounds of non-stop action. It takes balls and brains to succeed at XARM. That’s why it is known as The Roughest Three Minutes in Sports!

What’s New

Fixed the In App Purchases for Android 4

App NameXARM
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Jay Hollywood October 7, 2013
hey its not bad it remind me alil of hockey fight but jus mma style but like i said its pretty good wish their was a exit button n then u get my 5 & also i would like to see more update to this game

Rochell Gergion June 19, 2016
Its says file not foundAnd then I reinstalled but then it start to black my whole screen it almost killed my phone

Connor Winmill February 10, 2013
All I can do is fight, there are no other options e.g manage fighter, train or anything else

yes April 9, 2016
So bad

Elliot Brooke May 12, 2013
no instrustions no practice mode no explanation of the rules no explanation of the scoring system the pinning is unexplained apart from the brief message that pops up for about half a second stats dont seem to represent anything as my guy with rubbish striking destroyed a guy 3-4 times better than me in my first ‘fight’gna uninstall now

Joshua Arnaldo April 16, 2013
Is a boring game hmmm u need online to play Gauss

Navmeet Singh August 2, 2015
Just keep on crashing very worst game I have seen ever this type of game

kevin jones May 27, 2013
No money, no stats how am I supposed to fight to make money. Uninstalled

Riggley VanDyke December 26, 2013
The makers of this game rushed it, the game is lame and sucks

Bashir Ahmad November 6, 2015
When i open this game it iz logging in and then says file not foundd…plzzz solvee thiss

Clifton Williams July 14, 2016
It just load and goes to homescreen

justin ritson July 2, 2014
I. Train in this….

Unbreakable360 December 5, 2012
Controls get stuck at times but not that serious matches don’t give you a lot of money but great concept overall

Simona Craig March 17, 2013
It is extremely hard to pin but everything else in this game works great.

parth shah February 8, 2016
It always shows error in login

T Kumar May 11, 2015
I just start to play this game from yesterday, it works good, but today morning i open d game, it cant.. why ??

Fraankie jaaay November 23, 2013
Updates please more options etc. So far its good i havehope in thi game (:

Pavn PARHE January 11, 2015
Graphics are awwesome ..but we can’t play it offline plz; fix it

Amie Castro January 3, 2015
The bestia gane Eva ㅕㅇ오ㅑ우너쿠너퉅캐내는추태어야

lilkwhite Swagg So Fly June 30, 2013
Wtf this game sucks

Abhishek Anand December 13, 2013
Its num 1 free game in android market nice one

king cochran April 13, 2015
Perfect but would be better if it had multiplayer

Prathap Marshel July 6, 2014
Try to improve more but itz Gud

kason kitchens December 18, 2015
Did not work at all

Benjamin Ruiz August 24, 2016
Game looks so promising but wont open

Parminder Singh June 3, 2015
It can not go ahead from Log in

Isaiha Weatherspoon November 6, 2013
Put more people on the game it would be better

shashi kiran March 27, 2014
It is good I like it

Ashok Nayak December 16, 2013
Not Bad at all !!!!!!!!

Shelia Nobles February 19, 2014
Best game ever made

Shivram shinde September 17, 2013
What a goood game wooooooow!

shane jooste February 6, 2013
Cant log in

Angel Casillas May 22, 2014
This game is tite its reallistic

ishant thakur June 10, 2014
Its a Nice time pass

Sanket Gaikwad December 22, 2013
Its very nice app

Samuel Clement July 1, 2013
Yoo this game is so awsome

Gyanendra Neha October 13, 2015
Showing error messages

Abbas Gheewala April 3, 2013
Wow yaar awsomw

vaibhav dave June 22, 2014

Ankur Deo August 27, 2014