ZigZag Snow Ski

Endless surfing adventure ski racing down on a zigzagged snow mountain slopes.


Awesome game. I like this i am addicted to it.but it us very good.

User Rating: ( 163 ratings )

Screenshot ZigZag Snow Ski

ZigZag Snow Ski screenshot
ZigZag Snow Ski screenshot
ZigZag Snow Ski screenshot
ZigZag Snow Ski screenshot

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    Who among us doesn’t like racing on snow game, snowballs, skiing and snowboarding? How much snow needs to fall to permit skiers to hit the slopes in search of a snow adventure?
    Did you ever try an extreme ice skating rink, snowboarding or a free jet ski racing?

    Zigzag Snow Ski your extreme cold adventure:

    ZigZag Snow Ski the best arcade style Android game that puts you in charge of keeping Jack the snow skateboarder on the right alpine mountain climb for as long as possible.

    It’s an endless snow line game that challenges you to last as long as you can and by collecting snowflakes to keep Jack the snow skateboarder in safe all the zigzagged mountain slope.

    Your Zigzagged snow mission

    The aim of this snow rage game is to keep jack the gravity skiing hero on the zigzagged path, to do that you just tap once to go left and again to go right, As you continue playing, you’ll come across powerups in the form of snowflakes.

    Highlight chilly features

    • Multiple snow ice skating, surfing and skiing gear
    • Multiple Ski pose and skyward family access
    • mountain high ski and Snow fall control
    • Easy finger Tapping game to turn left/right on the slopes
    • Collect snowflakes for extra points
    • Last longer to make high score
    • Have a chilly challenge on the snow your friends on social network

    Highlight snow gravity Coming soon :

    • Add Penguin Peaks, Jurassic Lark and Twister Canyon
    • You will grab a snowmobile and do some jumps on the snow mountain.
    • playing against your friends in the multiplayer mode and take on new tricks on both snowboards and skis

    Who can play ZigZag Snow Ski?

    ZigZag Snow Ski it’s accessible for any age. we bet your kids will love it

    Phone Refrigeration

    ZigZag Snow Ski don’t consume datas from your devices, it’s compatible with all phone and sizes.

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    App NameZigZag Snow Ski
    DeveloperAlino Games
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Juanita Greene March 2, 2016
    Awesome game. I like this i am addicted to it.but it us very good.

    lisa ILuVmYcatz September 7, 2016
    The concept is cool but I can’t control him. Unistalled.

    Nolan Nosari September 29, 2016
    Good graphics but causes dizziness

    Meetu Verma September 28, 2015
    You may find this game to your liking. User interface is impressive and clear to users.The game is exactly what it should be. Keep up the good work

    Delbert Kern June 30, 2015
    love this game so much. I play it everyday. Friends say I’m addicted.. Great app.

    Sarah Munoz June 30, 2015
    This one of my favourite games. It’s easy, fun and enjoyable. I would DEFINITELY recommend it!

    madhu mitra June 28, 2015
    One of the kind of game I love to play..Snow skiing in zigzag manner is so muchfun.. Endless fun..Waiting for more updates

    Jacques Hall June 30, 2015
    I’m Addicted to this game! So much fun! Works great on my phone! ? Hours of entertainment!

    Jade November 7, 2015
    Fun game that will keep you entertained for hours. Good for kids and even i play it.

    Sandra Rouse June 30, 2015
    Cool game for time-pass and challenges are very exciting. You should see it

    Martin Gruevski October 16, 2015
    Familiar interface from the developers but great change with thw snow idea. Very addicting and great for competing with friends

    Jacob William September 2, 2015
    Zig Zag Snow Ski is very nice newendless fun game. Very interesting and entertaining

    Robert Simmons June 30, 2015
    Nice game very intresting when i play this game dont want to quit. ?

    Nagaraj Mitra June 28, 2015
    Sking in different poses is good, good job done,waiting for updates,?

    ali rashimi October 24, 2015
    A great game to play in the mrt or bus hahahaha

    Antonio Esquer November 5, 2015
    easy to use,fun and enjoyable game with amazing 3d graphics.

    Vaishnavee Venkatesh October 12, 2015
    It’s wonderful game, nice animation. Easy to play.

    Thuy Linh Nguyen June 27, 2015
    Very addictive zigzag snow ski game

    Maria Valles June 30, 2015
    Very very enjoyable game to play in free time …;-) ?

    vamshi krishna November 4, 2015
    Wonderful game , nice animation

    inVent Apps June 28, 2015
    awsm love this game!

    Joey Tribuani June 28, 2015
    best skitting app

    Issam Prestwich January 10, 2016
    Its realy good it should be childish its for children so stop you guys are acting childish!

    tenisha sindelar March 4, 2016
    I am not good at it but I’ll get used to it.

    Fan Risley January 9, 2016
    I was playing for hours i could not stop.

    mickey Faria January 9, 2016
    I was playing for hours and I could not stop:D

    Ali Ahmad October 12, 2015
    Cool game with tons of super hurdles

    Chaya Shanthpure June 28, 2015
    Excellent endless game to kill the time..Just so much addictive..Enjoy playing it..

    Sandro Wooley February 15, 2016
    Good game..good graphic..well done

    Ringo Bankhead January 10, 2016
    This game is fabulous, fantastic I don’t have word’s to say.

    Sharyl Park January 9, 2016
    It took me a while to understand it but after a while i got it and it was

    Terrell Emes March 4, 2016
    I love this game! i really enjoy playing it and get high scores all the time

    Libbey Calder January 25, 2016
    A very cool game to play when bored.

    Rex nadeau January 26, 2016
    My high score is 125 it seems to be so fast which I love it.

    Janusz Kirkwood March 4, 2016
    This is the best game I have ever play in 18 years. This is one cool gamec! !!!

    Starlene Mckerlie January 27, 2016
    It is very challenging which Is good for my brain:D

    Mariquilla Nodin April 18, 2016
    This game is very simple and very sweet please use fully fun

    Fran Walden January 10, 2016
    Simple and addictive game, play every day in bus

    Charmion Elliott January 10, 2016
    Try it and you will like this as me:D

    Wassim Walshe January 25, 2016
    Its nice game. But a little hard to play. After all i like it…!!!!