ZKW-Reborn is 2D sidescroller shoot em up with online multiplayer!


I would give this game 5 stars, were it not for the extremely clunky controls (especially the aim). I tried to connect my Xbox 360 controller, but the right stick was completely unresponsive in-game, which lead to me not being able to aim. Could you please fix this issue? This would lead to a BIG spike in the overall enjoyment of this all in all awesome game.

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ZKW-Reborn screenshot
ZKW-Reborn screenshot
ZKW-Reborn screenshot

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    “The triumphant return of a fan favorite sidescroller, ZKW-Reborn stands on the shoulders of its predecessor to achieve even greater heights of awesomeness.” -Super Game Droid

    If you are having problems with activating full version / double points, please update to 1.1.3+ ! This will fix the IAP problem (you may need to re-activate your purchases!)

    Alright! It is time to start screaming!
    ZKW-Reborn is here! If you loved the old Zombie Kill of the Week, you are going to wet your pants the first time you play ZKW-Reborn!

    ZKW is an 2D sidescroller shoot ’em up, with beautiful pixel graphics, and original metal music by Roland La Goy.
    Your job is to survive as long as possible in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. As you play, you will gain XP, and level up to get more maps, new weapons, new clothing, weapon customization, bots to help you out and a-lot of other cool stuff! In game, you will also find a magic fridge, that can give you an random weapon, or disappear when opened!

    -Online multiplayer (Requires full version!)
    -Original sound tracks composed by Roland La Goy
    -Kill zombies with a very wide arsenal of weapons, including: Chainsaw, RPG, D.O.M., katana and many others!
    -Daily missions
    -Full controller support (Press START when you are at the main menu!)
    -Online highscores
    -5 never before seen maps
    -Weapon customization
    -Player customization
    -Skills, trophies, perks, blood and gore!

    ZKW-Reborn will be developed actively by Still Running, and we will keep the updates coming with new features and maps etc!
    In case you would run into some bugs, please report them to us (email!), and we will try our very best to get them fixed! (If you are experiencing any lagg in the game, please also tell us what device are you using to play ZKW-Reborn)

    THIS GAME IS HEAVIER THAN IT LOOKS! ZKW-Reborn is NOT going to run on older devices, and you should have atleast 1GB of ram to enjoy it fully! If ZKW-Reborn crashes in the middle of the game, or right in the start, it’s probably caused by your phone running out of memory. You can try to restart your phone, and run ZKW-Reborn again.

    What’s New

    [1.4.01]-Bug fixes
    -Leveling up has been changed
    [1.4.0]-5 New weapons!
    -New weapon pickup system!
    -All weapons have been tweaked!
    -Better and faster cloud saving!
    -New crosshair!
    App NameZKW-Reborn
    DeveloperStill Running
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Lucas de Alencar Lange Ness October 4, 2017
    I would give this game 5 stars, were it not for the extremely clunky controls (especially the aim). I tried to connect my Xbox 360 controller, but the right stick was completely unresponsive in-game, which lead to me not being able to aim. Could you please fix this issue? This would lead to a BIG spike in the overall enjoyment of this all in all awesome game.

    Developer Still Running October 5, 2017 I haven’t really tested the 360 controller myself (as I don’t even own one) so I can’t say it’s supported. Also, I’m already working on a new game, check it out on steam: The Walking Vegetables

    Edwin Busulwa January 21, 2017
    I really like the game. It’s insane with graphics and challenge. There is only one things that bugs me and that is cpu. This is why I’m depending on multiplayer to me it is a pain controlling cpus. They mainly move based on you nearby zombies and distance between yourself. I always get a bit stressful having to make them follow me when there can be platforming problems or them being too focused on the zombies.

    Santos Nguyen October 16, 2016
    I have been playing this game for about 14 hours and 23 minutes. Says the game. And it has so much replay ability. Most games on console don’t keep me this Interested for so long. I just got my first overkill and about to see what’s inside the warchest. To make a long story short, it is an amazing game.

    Matthias Yang March 19, 2017
    Pretty Good!Can you just fix the AI plz, I don’t want them to just rush In and die or get stuck I bascically have to sacrifice myself for them and I’m trying to collect radios to have more bots to play with but they just keep running in and getting themselfs killed and gets themself trapped underground

    Rj Ramsey March 31, 2017
    It is not a bad game but easy and normal mode are really not different. But i hate how if you open a room more zombies spawn in. I also dont like how if you get to far from the zombies it spawns them close to you. And when the boss is there zombies just keep spanwing in intill you kill him. P.s. the running zombies jump to much

    Jun Wei Kam May 1, 2017
    Good Game!But I Cant Pay For The Game I Wish I Could ? F2P Unable To Get More Than 1 Survivor Teammate And Cannot Save Games In Google Play And Game Center? Edit:I cant pick up phones on other maps?is that suppose to happen? Request:Add A Free Version For Apple Users?

    Developer Still Running May 1, 2017 All three bots are available in the free game, and ofcourse it saves. Only cloud saving is restricted to the full version
    EDIT: You need to play on “NORMAL” difficulty mode to pickup the phones.
    Apple’s Appstore works very different from Google Play, and it wouldn’t make much sense to make the game free there.

    Kayuji Soragami September 23, 2016
    I don’t know why but ZKW reborn just keeps crashing whenever I die. This panel comes up when I press the button “again” and says “this is the part where I put an ad but I don’t have one” or something like that then when I press the “ok” button the game just suddenly stops and won’t load or start a new level. Pls fix this and I’ll rate this game 5 stars. I really like it.

    Developer Still Running September 23, 2016 Your device is running out of RAM. Please make sure you don’t have any other apps running in the background before start playing -REllU

    UnknownSeptember 27, 2016
    I like the game, but plz add online multiplayer to where we can join other people without paying for the full game. Also change the cheesy voice for characters

    Developer Still Running October 1, 2016 I’m sorry, but as I’m actually paying to keep the multiplayer servers up and running, I simply can’t afford to give it up for free -REllU

    Customer Service February 17, 2017
    Found this game after searching many many moons for a good game on tab. Slick game….right off the bat I knew it would be special. I never spend on these mobile games but had to support it. Rpg elements customization u name it this game has it. Keep up the good work, you’ve gained a new fan in me

    Luis Hidalgo Jr. June 2, 2017
    Mostly great. I have one problem. Most of my purchased weapons(bought through zkw coins) have gone missing. I have purchased all of them and ask for the issue to be fixed. Love the graphics, guns, and gameplay. More maps would be nice

    Developer Still Running June 3, 2017 Please send me an e-mail about this issue ( [email protected] ) and I’ll get this sorted for you. -REllU

    Adrian John Ascaño October 4, 2016
    Perfect. But the problem in the LAN games are my phone is delayed like we say, on other phones, there is a zombie already. But mine’s no zombies approaching. Please fix this LAN Game delay bug. Thank you.

    Paul Hollier October 13, 2016
    At first I wasn’t going to reportl this bug but being as a loyal player to this game it feels like it is my duty to report it. Every now and then when I get a gun it won’t shoot even when I switch to my other one it gets me killed on the higher grounds all the time it’s really pissing me off

    Crazy Crow October 9, 2016
    Like when you die you can switch to one of your bots because some times they are just jumping and don’t follow you. Also can’t wait till campaign. P.S you should try making a mini game in the game to open something

    Sans TheSanster October 19, 2016
    Well I purchared full version But it Dont shows me Servers and Money Was Still On my Credit card and I tryed lot of times BUT WONT WORK And nobody was still joining to my server (R.I.P ZKW REBORN) and plz add Water or new Maps AND FISH PLZ (I found another Glitch Randomly I can not shot and I look my Ammo it was full and I was just Can’t Shot And can’t Move JUST THERES A GLITCH) (I promise no lie)

    Developer Still Running October 1, 2016 ZKW will show you only the available LAN servers (so practically only those, who are in the same room with you) and it’s not a bug -REllU

    Rubina Afzal December 29, 2016
    Literally this is the best online game I’ve ever played it’s non stop action and fun kudos to the developer and please try to update this game as soon as possible. Never stop updating this game add more stuff please? Big thanks to the still running ??

    Gordon Perry May 13, 2017
    It’s a fun idea but loses its fun with an inability to “GET BETTER”. Money falls behind zombies groups so you can’t get half of it, upgrades are useless & there isn’t really a skill to surviving besides get the better gun & shoot.

    videocrusher September 2, 2016
    When i try to play it says that i need a valid licence and i have to retry or buy one but when i press retry it comes back a few seconds later and when i press buy it shows the appstore but i cannot do anything pls fix this i really like this game

    Developer Still Running September 2, 2016 This is a bug within Android. Just restart your device -REllU

    Y 2 June 30, 2017
    FIX PLS sometimes in the game I can’t shoot, randomly this occurs and sometimes when I get money it takes it away randomly. This does not happen from the exploding door. And pls add so that weapons can be upgraded the 2nd time for an extended cost.

    Coach Walk September 20, 2016
    This game is amazing and awesome. But the bots are stupid they buy every gun they see you should be able to control what they buy. I was going to buy the full version but maybe I won’t.

    Vandaliz3r November 22, 2016
    Are you still working on the game cause there’s a lot of bugs I can point out just a few, sometimes I will buy a gun off like the wall and it won’t shoot I’ll have to down my self and my bots will revive me and it will begin to shoot again, please please make the bots smarter and program them to revive you exactly where you are cause sometimes they’ll just jump towards you when your on the floor above them, and lastly add more the game is HELL of a lot of fun to play like you should add a lot more content!!

    Developer Still Running February 4, 2016 Just hit the “mulyiplayer” button -REllU

    Dahlia Johnson September 16, 2016
    Awesome game dude? but 1 thing if u do make enough. Money would the full version. Be free or no?? and sorry if your not a dude and your a girl??

    Developer Still Running September 16, 2016 Hmm.. I haven’t actually thought of it too much (the first question, not the second one) But yeah, if I was to make enough money, the multiplayer could be free -REllU

    UnknownSeptember 19, 2016
    Uhmm…Bro, I completely unlocked the levels,carnage,etc..and sought that campaign mode is coming.But really!!? I’ve wait for months but the update is still not coming..your game gets a little boring…Can I know when the update will come ’cause I might uninstall the game this day..thnx 4 reading.

    Developer Still Running September 17, 2016 I have this thing called “life” as well, and some other projects along side ZKW. The campaign mode will come out eventually, as a DLC. But it will take time. -REllU

    Brandon Bell December 17, 2016
    Once my phone restarted and when the next time i played it I lost everything so I’m stuck with having to do it all again and cell phones in game are hard to find

    Plucky January 30, 2017
    oh its an amazing game. Just some things I don’t like, for instance, no manual reloading? And when I would use the thing that let me start out with a random weapon my game would glitch out and delete the game.

    Developer Still Running January 30, 2017 Reload your weapon by touching the gun icon again, and I’ll take a look of the fridgenator -REllU

    Jack Person September 22, 2016
    Bought ability to use fridge, got in a game and it said somthing about a fatal error, and about animation. EDIT- I had it happen again, emailed the screenshot

    Developer Still Running September 10, 2016 Can’t really say anything with just this info. If this happens ever again, make sure to take a screenshot of the error, and send that to me with e-mail -REllU

    Milton Villacreses November 19, 2016
    Great game however there are some problems,the bot ai is horrible pleasemake them better, I would be really happy if you fix the bots and also I kind of hated the bots getting the rpk and spas 12 all the time, they should be able to use rpgs, m60, me gu,and the D.O.M launcher as well besides you but still it is a great game and also when is campaign coming out? I would like you to reply back to me ?

    Christian Alex Rabang December 19, 2016
    I See In Youtube Will Be Have A ZKW Reborn 2 Coming Soon But its weird Pls More Map In Zkw Reborn 1 Its Very Cool i Take 5 Star Its Ok

    Mr Universe September 11, 2016
    Finally back on my level is there any way you could bring back the old zombie kill of the week?And one thing though,zkw reborn needs to be fixed with the bots their so stupid and their stupidity leads to u dieing alone with no help

    Developer Still Running September 1, 2016 I’m sorry, but as I’m actually paying to keep the servers (multiplayer, and cloud) up and running, I simply can’t afford giving the full version up for free -REllU

    Bo ocampo May 11, 2017
    I love it every time me and my friends meet up we play this all the time but one thing I would like to be added more levels more weapons and this story mode in the menu thing but at this state its a very good and impressive game GJ devs

    Callof Doge2017 August 9, 2017
    Why would we have to pay for multiplayer? Ive played games the has free multiplayer. Would r8 5 stars if no multiPAYer.

    Developer Still Running August 10, 2017 Because I’m just a one guy who has developed ZKW-Reborn, and I’m actually the one paying to keep the servers up and running. If I gave the multiplayer up for free, I wouldn’t have enough money to keep the servers up, and there wouldn’t be a online multiplayer at all.

    Dylan Kennedy September 17, 2016
    But the bots are so bad when I’m down they get stuck and don’t help me please fix

    Developer Still Running February 26, 2016 Your device is running out of RAM. Please make sure you don’t have any other apps running in the background before you start playing -REllU

    An Ordinary Taco February 9, 2017
    This game is brutally awesome, but i wish the bots where a little smarter and the full version was free,but even then, the free version is still amazing. Very entertaining, great for killing time. Keep up the good work!

    gta4life XD November 12, 2016
    My guy randomly stops firing his gun and its not because I’m out of ammo my ammo is full please fix this.

    Developer Still Running November 12, 2016 Working on it ? -REllU

    Caleb Taufen April 30, 2017
    Great game. A perfect 2d distant cousin of black ops zombies. Only problem I keep losing profile information like skills and unlocked maps.

    Gab Deleonduya September 3, 2016
    Plsssss CAMPAIGN…The game is awesome I would totally recommend it to my friends,families and etc…just hurry the update because I can’t wait(not pressuring)…and by the way this is my first favorite game of my life…I would never uninstall it

    Metior Vicarious May 7, 2017
    Great game just epic. I love it. Please we need more guns and stages! The bots get stuck in the stairs!! That’s the only issue im having.

    Developer Still Running October 23, 2016 Your device is running out of RAM. Please make sure you don’t have any other apps running on the background before playing -REllU

    Jack Marshall December 18, 2016
    But can you make a pistol unlimited and a school map and that the carnage levels are endless and that there is a health bar and that when you are unconscious the bot who revives you gets heald and you and them have that shield? Sorry if it’s too much.

    Andrew Campbell September 30, 2016
    I used to play this game a few years ago I I’m starting to play some more and I got addicted quick..please keep on updating this game it is really fun!

    Ghost581 November 30, 2016
    Campaign fast pls soon I’m shaking from nervousness.Could you too add map maker for this version pls ? U can make Sandbox or regular ZKW reborn ! Pls

    Developer Still Running November 21, 2016 Make sure you’re logged in with the same Google Play account as you were when you bought the full version of ZKW before and just “buy” the full version again. Google will remember your purchase and restores your full version for free -REllU

    XDHush OLD May 27, 2017
    I play this with my brother, he’s a noob but… still awesome!