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من که دوستش دارم درسا خانم مهم بازیشه نه باز کردنش اگه دوسش نداشتی اینترنت خودتو هدر نمی دادی

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Beach House Decorating Games screenshot
Beach House Decorating Games screenshot
Beach House Decorating Games screenshot
Beach House Decorating Games screenshot

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    Design the perfect beach house for your beautiful dolls with this new “doll house decorating game” for girls and you will have the best time creating your house by the sea! Download our free “Beach House Decorating Games” and become the newest interior designer in town!

    We made it possible for you to design the holiday house that fits your style perfectly! With this room decoration game, you can show your creative skills and decorate your dollhouse just the way you like it! If you love home decoration, this adorable decoration “game for girls” is the best girly dollhouse game for you!
    ❤ Our awesome girly decorating game offers so many fantastic features that will make designing your doll house more fun than ever before!❤

    ❤‿❤ Cute and colorful graphics ❤‿❤
    ❀ Fun “game for girls” ❀
    ✰ Decorate your own bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom! ✰
    ❤‿❤ Over 70 miniature dollhouse furniture elements ❤‿❤
    ✿ Dollhouse fashion: modern chairs, tables, bookcases, beds, paintings, flower pots, lamps, and much more! ✿
    ❤‿❤ Beautiful dolls and pets to play with ❤‿❤
    ✰ Lovely wallpapers and flooring for a complete house makeover ✰
    ❀ Take a photo of the dollhouse you decorated and share it on Facebook and Instagram ❀

    Start your incredible journey of making the cutest holiday home for your dolls! There is so much to do – you need to pick the perfect beach house decor, furniture, carpets and wallpapers for every room! Designing your virtual home is so entertaining that the time will just fly by while you play this “doll house decorating game”! We guarantee you will instantly get hooked on building your dream holiday house!
    If you like to play home makeover games and to be creative “Beach House Decorating Games” is exactly the kind of doll house game you are looking for! And, if you need ideas how to decorate your room, our modern dollhouse is full of amazing house decor items that will give you inspiration and light the creative fire in you!

    HOW TO PLAY this awesome doll house makeover game:
    Designing your beach home is easy and fun with this home designing game! First, you need to pick one of four rooms that you want to decorate- kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom!Then, you can choose between a variety of miniature decorative furniture pieces and decide which ones you want to use as room decor for each room! Try our different shapes and colors of lamps, chairs, tables, beds and many more home decor items! Pick out the right type of floor, rugs and wallpapers for all rooms in your precious dollhouse! Don’t forget to collect all dolls and create an entire magical family to spend the summer holiday with you in our phenomenal beach dollhouse decoration game! You can also add a pet – a cute kitty or dog to complete your household, and then you can all play in your decorated house together!

    ❤ Our “Beach House Decorating Games” is designed especially for all of you house decorating princesses round the world! This dream house design game allows girls to express their creativity and unique style and to feel like real interior designers! ❤

    This adorable “dollhouse – make and design” game for girls will become your favorite house designer game once you begin to explore the endless possibilities for creating the best beach dollhouse you can imagine! Get lost in the world of cute sofas, wardrobes, colorful wallpapers, and other doll furniture items!

    There is only one thing left to do if you love fun decorating games – download our new free dollhouse decor game for girls “Beach House Decorating Games” to your mobile or tablet right now and begin your house decorating adventure!

    App NameBeach House Decorating Games
    DeveloperLollipop Studio – Premium Games and Applications
    RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up

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    UnknownOctober 6, 2017
    من که دوستش دارم درسا خانم مهم بازیشه نه باز کردنش اگه دوسش نداشتی اینترنت خودتو هدر نمی دادی

    UnknownAugust 25, 2016
    السا جون درسا تو مجبور نیستی این بازی رو نگه داری خب پاکش کن اونایی که میگن من درست میگم بگن بعدش تو فقط این بازیارو ۱ روز داری ۹ روز داشته باش

    reza bayat September 10, 2015
    درسا هستم چرا بقیه ی ادماش باز نمیشه بعدش چرا لباس دخترو عوض نمی کنیم من 2 ستاره بیشترنمی دم چون که اصلا ادم نداره فقط یک دختر و یک سگ گربه داره اصلا یعنی چی یکی جواب منو بده هر کی بقیه ی ادماشو داره بگه لطفا

    Michael Krantz February 6, 2017
    Okay but great.

    Atila Joojoo July 28, 2015
    خیلی خوب بود بازم بگذارید

    Fariha خوب است اما همه دختر پسر هایش یکی اند February 16, 2016
    خیلی خوب باز بگزارید

    UnknownDecember 10, 2016
    This Christmas

    SAHAR KERMANE October 19, 2015
    فروشگاه رسیدگی کن خونه یکی داره فقط یه ادم هاش بازه بقیه بازنیست دختره هم لباساش عوض نمیشهخوبه ها ولی من زیاد راضی نیستم لطفا رسیدگی کن ممنون

    Ksrishma Singh December 5, 2016
    Pony 2 games and more than a few days to get a free to ? I will have the

    Funtime Foxy August 17, 2016
    Ang ganda nito para sa anak ko na 8 years old!This is pretty much better for my daughter that 8 years old!!

    Ramin Jamalomidi November 23, 2016
    انا همه اشتباه می کنید هر روز باید به بازی هاش سر بزنید تا باز بشوند

    fatemeh fallah January 1, 2016
    سلام درسا جون هر روز یک آدمش باز می شه

    هدا صادقی September 18, 2015
    صدف زیبا و ناناز رمانتیکه

    Kiyana Yadavi September 20, 2015
    این بازی عالی است باز هم بگذارید

    Kamran Rahimi August 6, 2015
    عالی بود عاشقشم

    kawaiiStella Gaming September 11, 2015
    I like this very very very much

    Setayesh Bagheri Nejad July 20, 2015
    خیلی عالی بود.

    ارزو اسماعیل نژاد February 11, 2016
    خیلی بد است

    Jocelyn Castro June 21, 2016

    Isabelle Villegas July 8, 2015
    It’s good but it only lets me in for a couple of sec.

    magdwennaӜ 06 September 18, 2015
    I love love love love this game so muchh!!!!!!!!

    UnknownSeptember 20, 2016
    I love it

    fiyia May 3, 2017
    Good games

    Mohd metawlly R&D August 11, 2017

    DEEPA RAMA May 18, 2016