Cheerleader Dressup Girlgame

A Totally new Free Girl Game. preform a makeover and dressup on a Cheerleader!


Really I do cheerleading and none of the so called clothing in this game would actually be aloud to be worn. My little nieces like playing games like these but lucky I looked at the game first before getting it because it is totally disgusting. You should not be able to see so much skin. Think please little kids play these games you don’t want them to be exposed to so much skin.

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Screenshot Cheerleader Dressup Girlgame

Cheerleader Dressup Girlgame screenshot
Cheerleader Dressup Girlgame screenshot
Cheerleader Dressup Girlgame screenshot
Cheerleader Dressup Girlgame screenshot

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    Hi girls always wane do some cheerleading, well in this new game from Ladiesdressup you can! Are you ready to enter the world of cheerleading in this cool free dress up game? Most teen girls will love to put make up on this teen cheer girl! Cheerleading is super fun and with this game you can feel the excitement and joy of cheerleading yourself.

    You can totally style your own cheerleader in this makeover and dress up game. Changing hair styles there are different hairstyle and haircuts available for your teen cheer girl! First pick out the hairstyle and then pick out the right hair colour! Give this teen girl an amazing cheerleader look with all the different cheer outfits. You are in charge and you can decide how this beautiful girl will look at the end of the make-over! We hope you will have a lot of fun make over and dressing up this cheerleader in this new free football cheerleader dress up game.

    There are 8 different make up categories available in this new girl game
    ★ Hairstyle – You can decide if you are going for a cut, trimmed or styled hairstyle
    ★ Hair colour – After giving your cheerleader a hairstyle that’s right for TV stars top models and Famous celebrities you can decide with hair colour suit the best with the cool hairstyle!
    ★ Contact lenses – Awesome, you can give your teen girl a colour contact that fits her outfit super cool
    ★Mascara – Let the eyes come out by using the right mascara, put some mascara on the eyelashes for the princes doll look!
    ★Eyeshade – Put on some eyeshade so you girl will look even more stunning!
    ★Blush – Blush is a girl’s best friend, giving the cheerleader an super model look by putting on some blush.
    ★Lipstick – In this free to play makeover game you can pick out one of six different lipstick colours!
    ★Tanning salon – And finally give your cheerleader girl a healthy tan!

    When you have made the cheerleader look like a super model! It’s finally time to perform the dress up part of this free cheerleading game.

    ★Cheerleader outfit – Like a real cheerleader you need to find a cool outfit that will look stunning on the cheerleader.
    ★Earrings – Super cool there are a lot of earrings to choose from, puck out a set that can match with the necklace that you will choose!
    ★Necklaces – Like I said pick out a necklace that look stunning with your earrings!
    ★Cheerssories – Pom-poms, a microphone all kind of accessories to get your cheer spirt from the field to the stands!
    ★Sneaker bar – Cheerleaders need good food wear pick out the right ones so your cheerleader can perform the stunts that’s she can!

    Choose a background in this fun girl game and you’re done! We hope you will enjoy our free cheerleader girl game, and we hope you give us the love by likening our Facebook page or follow us on twitter. So we can keep you up to date on our fashion ganes, girl games and more!

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    Much love ladiesDressUp

    What’s New

    Now with save function!

    App NameCheerleader Dressup Girlgame
    DeveloperGirl Games – Vasco Games
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Caitlyn Callow June 19, 2016
    I do cheerleading and none of the so called clothing in this game would actually be aloud to be worn. My little nieces like playing games like these but lucky I looked at the game first before getting it because it is totally disgusting. You should not be able to see so much skin. Think please little kids play these games you don’t want them to be exposed to so much skin.

    Gummy bear taylor December 26, 2016
    I am so sick of teas games . Last week I downloadeda game gust like this and it was sickening. What if a little kid downloadedthis that wouldbelike what the he’ll. At least put anight dress so kids like my cosine wouldnot be like omg. I am freakinonly 10that is ina profitand Idownloadedthis a I got sick lice . SO TAKE IT DOWN NOW. ????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Toy Roleplays March 8, 2016
    I almost barfed!! I am only freaking 9 ok if I were caught on this i would be grounded until I was like 45!!!! Even my dog started gaging and that’s. Saying something and for goodness sake make them. Were clothes real clothes plz! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME unless u want to be sick for 20 years

    Sofiya Collins December 19, 2016
    I hated this game I felt like if my mom saw me playing this game I would be dead ?I suggest if you like girls who seem like they are not wearing any clothes then but caution ? you might never be able to see again I have a cousin who is 5 and she even hates this game I let her play it cause I thought it had more protection clothes

    UnknownJanuary 2, 2017
    Why can’t the body have like a top and some shorts on before I dress it up and those clothes are not like cheerleading. I am totally not getting this app again. I’m installing a even better app ??

    Calsa Ice September 17, 2016
    I’m an 11 year old cheerleader and head if there was compaction we would be discalifidy because these outfits are volguryou and see their nipples too I almost got grounded because of this game!! Horrible I want to rate it 0 stars but you can’t!!!!

    Stacy Williams December 17, 2016
    You have got to be kidding. This is not a game for kids. Way too graphic for young girls. I have 3 daughter’s and would never allow them to play this.

    Austin Bylsma March 3, 2017
    To all the 9 and 10 year old kids: If you don’t think you would be allowed to play it then dont, but your 10 there are plenty of other games for you to pkay. Plus the picture of the game shows you kinda whats gonna be in it so why continue to download it.

    Tracy Rayford January 19, 2017
    Very bad.I’ve seen strippers wear more clothes then the hooker in this game.I wouldn’t let any child play this nasty game.This is not a good game.It needs to be removed for good.

    Hailie Stringer April 4, 2016
    Y’all are funny, y would u get in trouble for seeing a body that might look like u when u grow up? We all go thru that stuff!!!!

    CC Gaming September 21, 2016
    I honestly don’t mind this.because at least their chests are covered.if they weren’t then we would have some problems here

    Drawing Vlogs January 17, 2017
    Ok I don’t know what you dump people think it’s so bad it is just fine y’all need to go to the doctor

    Dilys Seekie February 28, 2016
    How could some one post a gamelike this uninstalling straight away to much skinto much im 10 and if i was caught on this game i would be groundedfor months .

    Audrey Paul January 31, 2017
    Is this for kids Like inappropriate and all the clothes aren’t when appropriate like what the if I could no stars

    Summer Boerner October 10, 2016
    I am 9 and I am a cheerleader and this shows way too much!!!!!!I went on the app to play it and when I saw it I deleted it.If my parents saw what that was they would ground me until I die!!!!!Do not get this game!!!!????

    UnknownApril 3, 2017
    I’m grounded couse of this game I’m tired of these games and I’m only 9 years old you could have at least put something on her other than a bra and underwear now I’m grounded and sick take this game down now

    ICandy squad June 13, 2016
    To much skin showing and you can see the the line where their private parts are!??

    Kid Time March 1, 2016
    So inappropriatei am 7 i willtotallybe punishedIhate it.

    Kara Brumley April 22, 2017
    How is this sick she’s not naked when you put clothes on her ?? I mean y’all guys are lying

    UnknownJune 19, 2017
    This game is amazing I am a 13 year old boy and I am playing my sisters game on her tablet and I ?girls there so hot

    T Newberry March 24, 2017
    It is the best and so sexy you should add more Boob’s on is plus I am a boy and I like these kind of things so do not take it down???????? ??????????

    Neill Dunn April 16, 2016
    Too much skin and can not have black people

    Vicky G March 26, 2016
    This game is horrible and shows too much skin.

    Tiffany Adjei Opong May 20, 2016
    Pls don’t dwnld. It’s terrible and boring

    Bree Horan May 23, 2017
    The reason I said I hated all of it was because I could not even get in the app

    Laura Heredia June 4, 2016
    I have to download another app to play this one that’s so not cool

    tanisha Morrison February 17, 2017
    I think this game is a total waste of time. It’s really boring.

    Anthony McLaughlin May 29, 2017
    It would not let me play it so much

    sarah white December 29, 2016
    I don’t mind the clothes but having to have t o get adobe air is stupid ??

    Remy Montano June 19, 2016
    I almost got grounded cuz of yall

    Abby Sellman January 18, 2017
    You may think it is bad but I find it fine in fact I love it complete 5

    NETTABOO Detroitbosslady July 12, 2016
    I’m a cheerleader and non of this is evenallowed to be on school grounds ????

    super piggy November 3, 2016
    Her clothes are just a tiny bit on. of i was caught in Thor id ne grounded for 100 years!!!

    Egide Ntakirutimana July 7, 2016
    The waste game in history?????

    Jayla Williams February 16, 2017
    This game wasn’t that good because the cheerleaderscould only hold one pose

    UnknownDecember 23, 2016
    Shut up hatersI love this game so much the best ,

    Lydia Pfile August 3, 2016
    Haileystringer some girls aren’t mest up so ya

    Gracie Lowe May 22, 2017
    This is so in a propriate it made me download another game and i want to give it 0 stars

    My fav playlist April 15, 2016
    i love all games but this game is nice

    movie lover March 12, 2016
    It loaded it went to 0% to 22% to 60% to 90% to 100%