Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game

Rescue chicks, beat the hateful eagle, help chicks come back to happy home


Very cute graphics…thats what interested me to play this game…loved it!!!

User Rating: ( 2,584 ratings )

Screenshot Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game

Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game- screenshot thumbnail
Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game- screenshot thumbnail
Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game- screenshot thumbnail
Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game- screenshot thumbnail

    See Description

    From the makers of Chicken Splash 2,Pet Crush & Jelly Bubble Pop comes Chicken Splash 3!
    In order to revenge chicken mother, hateful owl quietly kidnapped & trapped a few chicken babies and hid them in the jungle.
    Chicken mother is very anxious, immediately led the children embarked on a dangerous journey.
    On the way not only to run the hamster, but also continue to store the winter food.
    In order to avoid the mother’s track, the owl also sent a group of hamsters to prevent the chicks forward.
    The brave chicks need to face all the challenges and overcome all the difficulties.

    Game features:
    • New and improved game modes, Different tricks to bring you a variety of different conditions challenge
    • Hundreds of fun levels, constantly updated to bring you a steady stream of fun levels
    • Easily sync the game between devices when connected to the Internet
    • Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
    • Special boosters to help you pass those tricky levels
    • Free & easy to play, challenging to master!
    • Available to play on mobile and tablet devices
    Come and chicks fighting with it.

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    Have fun playing Chicken Splash 3!

    What’s New

    1, Add 5 new levels , and now the game has 355 levels
    2, Optimize the interface and sound effects of the game
    Notice: Chicken Splash 3 is about to introduce new gameplay: “Chicken magic theater, became magician”, please look forward to!!!
    Thank you very much for your support!

    App Name Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game
    Developer GoodLogic
    Requirements Android 4.0 and up
    Package com.goodlogic.chickens3

    User reviews

    Treta Shenai October 24, 2017
    Very cute graphics…thats what interested me to play this game…loved it!!!

    Wiesia Milewski October 15, 2017
    Cute graphics and fun game. But uninstalled. Had to spwnd money on coins and lives. Any chance of a refund please. I have no money. I am begging please my money. Please. I am disabled and should have not spent money and live on disability. Please I beg for a refund. The game is fun but way too difficult for someone like me with a mental and physical handicap.

    Eleanor Johnson October 14, 2017
    I found this game fun and addicting I had a hard time to rate cause it was so fun. Loved it .?

    Chelsea Oliver October 12, 2017
    Its a GREAT game, very addictive!

    Gael Hayward October 14, 2017

    Mindy Day October 9, 2017
    DON’T INSTALL UNTIL YOU READ THIS! YES I did….Love it! ???? UPDATE 10/9/17: So this WAS a great game but this makes the 2nd time I’ve got on the game and ended up all the way bk on lvl 1!!!!I’m uninstalling its changed developers or somethin! I was gonna go ahead and play on through all the lvls that Ive done played twice now but I get to lvl 4 and black screenand I’ve been connected to FB so whats the deal?!!? Isn’t being connected to FB the whole point of keepin ur game in play from where you left off!??! Ugh very damn ANNOYING I thought I’d found a good game for a change…ya pos!!! ??????

    Developer GoodLogic May 16, 2017 Thank you very much,your support is our greatest motivation

    Chauna Frazier September 13, 2017
    I’m addicted. Only complaint is I purchased coins twice and got a receipt via email but never received coins.

    Sandy Langley August 31, 2017
    Love the game but if it’s connected to fb, why can’t we invite friends?

    Sharon Miller September 9, 2017
    Very cool always good in beginningas with all match 3 games gets harder later onand that’s where fun starts

    Linda Waller October 4, 2017
    Hard and can’t get some of it unless you have booster. If you run out of them it’s hard. Again, not buying anything. So uninstaled

    Catherine Phillips September 7, 2017
    Like this game..can watch video for more moves. I like that. Just don’t like the levels with mice.

    UnknownOctober 6, 2017
    Great game love that you win coins when you beat a level wish there were more games like this

    Sara Faltermier September 8, 2017
    Awesome, fun, stress relieving, very colorful, love it, good game for work it kills time real fast, love the features, and different colorful scenes very awesome, my favorite game yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Five stars for sure

    Sueann Baillargeon October 10, 2017
    Very amazing game to play I love it

    Pamela Matthews September 20, 2017
    Challengingand lots of fun. Very addictive

    NAVARATANA HUIDROM September 13, 2017
    It’s fun and exciting

    Kajal Kayasth September 26, 2017
    It’s very nice.

    Bebeh Babe September 17, 2017
    Cute..cuteee..sooo cuteeee

    Danielle Nolet October 7, 2017
    Cute n fun game…

    mahesh pitta September 24, 2017
    Good one

    UnknownSeptember 24, 2017
    It’s cool

    UnknownOctober 8, 2017
    Awesome game

    Lou Kirkendoll October 10, 2017
    Fun and challenging

    Dawn Edgar October 8, 2017

    Edith Tsougkari August 28, 2017
    Like it but at level 25 the birth is not moving. Try it so many time’s but ???!!!

    Mohamed Kamal August 28, 2017
    Too much ads

    Liz Mohan August 31, 2017
    Fantastic love it

    Rida Fatima August 27, 2017
    Loved it ❤❤????

    Kristen Noschese August 29, 2017
    Love it

    Carol Thompson August 15, 2017
    Great game.Entertaining

    UnknownAugust 24, 2017
    This is a very fun and cute game.

    Elan Darmawan August 20, 2017

    Miss Naughty August 22, 2017

    Melonie Grayson August 13, 2017
    Really ashamed that I’m unable to save to external drive!! Not worth playing just to take up my space. UN installed!!

    Iezaja Abd Rahman August 16, 2017
    Nice graphic.. Love this game..

    UnknownAugust 14, 2017

    jacqueline canady August 20, 2017
    Challengingat time

    priya dey August 10, 2017

    Amanda Warnock August 7, 2017
    Great game until it stopped working. Unable to connect to Facebook so all my progress lost

    Jovita Vance August 6, 2017
    Was enjoying the game. Keeps freezing and closes now that I’m on level 37. Enjoyed it while I was able to play ?


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