Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet

Serve Delicious ? Desserts and ☕ Drinks from All Over the ? World!


The game won’t open

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Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet- screenshot thumbnail
Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet- screenshot thumbnail
Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet- screenshot thumbnail

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    Serve delicious ? desserts and ☕ drinks from all over the ? world, in this FREE and addictive time-management game!

    After a delicious success with Ramen Chain and Japan Food Chain, Chain series is back with a sweeter sequel…
    Have you ever dreamed of having a cafe, bakery, or boulangerie?
    Realize your dream in Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet!

    Help Hazel to serve sweet delicious desserts, and drinks, ranging from ? Strawberry Shortcake, Black Forest, ☕ coffee, and many more!
    Upgrade your ?️ recipes and restaurant, make it sweeter and merrier…
    Don’t forget to share your sweet desserts with your friends on Facebook!

    Now, do you have what it takes to become a patisserie? Test your skill in Dessert Chain!
    Let’s play this super addictive game, before the customer goes away!

    ⭐ FEATURES ⭐
    – Sweet gameplay with an even sweeter graphics
    – Up-gradable equipment and the shop itself
    – Meet many unique customers

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    Notes regarding some permissions:
    External storage access is used for caching video & save game purpose.

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    What’s New

    Halloween Campaign – Spooky updates you can’t resist…
    – Look at this spooky Shop!
    – Limited Time Special Shop has been opened to welcome you in Halloween festive.
    – Halloween Event: Earn Candies instead of Coins. Trade your candies for awesome rewards!
    – Halloween decorations are everywhere and meet the new-looks of our customers!

    App Name Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet
    Developer Touchten
    Requirements Android 4.1 and up
    Package com.touchten.sweetchain

    User reviews

    Laviolet Martin October 24, 2017
    The game won’t open

    Developer Touchten October 24, 2017 Helo Laviolet, we are really sorry for the problem you experienced :(Can you send us the detail of the issue? You can send it to [email protected]
    We will help you to be able to play the game again.Thank you!

    Nur Izyani October 24, 2017
    I can’t open them after the latest update

    Apple Kau October 24, 2017
    cant open after update

    Miga Lam October 12, 2017
    I used to love this game, but as other reviews have said, the amount of gems and money have been completely reduced, meaning upgrades are near impossible to buy. It’s not really a reward for opening all the restaurants anymore. Also, the gameplay for the first restaurant completely changed. Why do that instead of using the new play style in a new restaurant?

    Lly Night October 8, 2017
    After the update. Coins take 24 hours for collection instead of two hours. Restaurants give 1 crystal instead of the old 20. The fact that one upgrade costs 55 crystals show how money hungry this game has become. Goals to get 3 stars increased exponentially until it is impossible unless max upgrade. (E.g. 980 coins to 1550 coins??) Luckily I finished the game before updating it. It used to be fun, not anymore.

    Rafaela Pulido October 9, 2017
    The controls was changed after the last update. Refills are not automatic anymore that player has to top each refill which takes time. Gems went stingy. I use to love the game now im thinking of uninstalling it…i find it time consuming ang expensive

    KIM KEE October 23, 2017
    All my progress, coins and gems are lost after updating this app. I had to start from scratch all over again which made me feel like it is a waste of time especially since I accumulated hundred thousands of coins and over nine hundred of gems. Hoping that after updating the app again it will return back to normal but it did not. What in the world happened?

    van le October 17, 2017
    Thanks for giving us 20 germs a day by watching ad. I’m very excited to waiting for the new restaurant. How come it so long ?

    UnknownOctober 11, 2017
    I love this game and I am currently waiting for an update! So far, after the froyo bar, there has been the Cendal stall, I hope you update soon! Good job!

    Pooky1991 October 20, 2017
    Had to edit my review and dock some stars. Since the last update the game has been downgraded by slot. I’m just happy I maxed out everything before the update occurred. The coin and gem regeneration timer barely gives you anything anymore and earning a new level barely rewards anything now. I’m not too keen on the update done to coffee shop either, which has gameplay that would’ve been better saved for a new shop, which I was hoping the new upgrade would’ve been instead of what it is now. It feels like a waste and the obvious money grubbing is evident. Such a disappointment because the way it was set up before served as a already good challenge and rewarding when a level is finally mastered. Now it’s borderline unplayable

    kar yan leong October 22, 2017
    I totally regret updating the game.I would have rather stick to the older version. Decreasing the gem and coins too much for a 24 hour wait is not very fair for the gamers. Hope the next upgrade will fix this

    Ivis Ruvimbo Munetsi October 15, 2017
    It’s I have been waiting for 3 months for a new shop to open. When updates come in I update it but nothing progresses afterwards.Totaly not happy

    Dian Kurnia Sari October 11, 2017
    Uninstalling the game because of its smaller amount of freebies (money and crystals) & more expensive upgrade. Luckyly I already finished the game.

    Zsazsa Rhys October 18, 2017
    Im a full time mom.. This is the way i can have “Me Time”..while my baby sleeping.Thx for creating this awesomegame… Will wait for another great shops.. ???

    eva krisna October 13, 2017
    Dulu seneng banget sama game ini. Sekarang tidak. Kristal gratis semakin pelit, ditambah lagi, tiap kali buka toko harus pakai kristal 100. Kayaknya udah nggak mungkin lagi upgrade peralatan. Game ini sudah nggak asik untuk dimainkan.

    hotxocolatle October 16, 2017
    After last update,When i open it always init.corrupt ??

    Anna Rose October 17, 2017
    Why is it took so long to update a new chapter for us to play!

    ajeng pusparini October 12, 2017
    Waiting for new chapter.. I waited too long.. When it release???

    Livia Xu October 20, 2017
    Cute visual, addictive gameplay, and a great time killer! You can play it without internet too ?

    Asterina Debrin October 16, 2017
    Wow.. Update terbaru nyebelin ya. Diamond cuma dikasih satu doang buat passive income nya.

    Ash Chan October 8, 2017
    This is a good game except that i lost all my data when i switch device. i love this game, but all my game progress is lost now.

    Heather Senecal October 10, 2017
    It’s really cut,love the different little shops to change it up.

    zann tan October 23, 2017
    I have completed but the update is dam long

    Salila Robkob October 17, 2017
    A fun and addictive game. I completed all the levels and now waiting for something new.

    Hà Phan Tú Phương October 12, 2017
    I really love this game. But i’ve been waiting so long for new theme

    Hannah Davis October 11, 2017
    Would be infinitely better if you could trade coins for gems.

    Punto Padmatantri October 17, 2017
    Time killer ?

    Nilima Pandit October 23, 2017
    Very excellent game. It is worth to play. Very very good.

    Kevin Chrisandy October 16, 2017
    Great! KEEP IT UP!

    Lucinda Clavido October 14, 2017
    And this game is so calming

    hanisah ayop October 13, 2017
    Love thid gane..hihi

    carolina patricia October 9, 2017
    Good game

    Henny Suwarni October 22, 2017
    Nice game

    Julie La Torre October 17, 2017

    Monica Smith October 8, 2017

    Nurul Afiqah October 13, 2017
    Love it

    Deelicious Store October 21, 2017

    Margaretta Angga Saputra October 23, 2017
    Love it

    Joanna Wu September 29, 2017
    This is such a horrible game. ……this is the worst. ………I can’t open my game again after the updates today. …..again. ….this happens toooooo often after their updates……..and only one crystal per restaurant a day after the last update. ……I think I am really done with this game. ………don’t want to waste my time again. ……

    Jema Belleza September 29, 2017
    The cafe suddenly changed control. The machines no longer refill by itself. Also, wish we can trade the coins for gems. That will be nice. Or at least increase the gems earned per shop as the gem requirement for the upgrade is higher than the coin.

    Dessert Chain: Coffee & Sweet User Rating: 4.5 ( 45 votes)