Love: Test Me

What kind of lover are you? Take the tests!


Not happy Not good at all.Would not even let me log in and kept on saying there is an error. Disappointed!

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Love: Test Me screenshot
Love: Test Me screenshot
Love: Test Me screenshot
Love: Test Me screenshot

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    What kind of lover are you? Take the tests!

    “To love and be loved” is a legitimate and universal desire
    Whether you are single or in a relationship, you need to know:
    How seductive you are,
    if you are a good kisser,
    whether or not your jealousy is justified,
    if your relationship will last?

    In short
    Love: Test me will help you
    Thanks to its great variety, to find a soul mate or learn to love them better.
    And, above all, you will be entertained for a long time to come with new tests each week.

    What are you waiting for? Love: Test me!

    At this festive time, we have prepared some tailor-made tests:
    Judge for yourself!
    What type of present is perfect for your partner?
    And, for singletons, find out your chances of starting the new year in a couple.

    Love: Test me features:
    • One free test each day
    • New tests each week
    • Back catalogue of varied tests
    • Themes for everyone
    o Singles
    o Couples
    • Event themes: New Year, Valentine’s Day, Celebrity Tests, etc.
    • Rewards
    o 10 hearts for completing a test
    o A lottery, which also helps me to earn hearts
    • A calculator which works out your best compatibility
    • The ability to share my results via Twitter, SMS and Facebook

    Get connected and choose your test!

    To help us to better meet your needs, please send any feedback to: [email protected]
    Official site:
    You Tube:

    What’s New

    • New Offline mode
    • 4 new tests available
    • Bugs Fixed
    • Love coach Academy coming soon

    App NameLove: Test Me
    DeveloperAMA LTD.
    RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

    User reviews

    Katrin Towdiee September 1, 2014
    Not good at all.Would not even let me log in and kept on saying there is an error. Disappointed!

    Aysha Nuha April 12, 2015
    Such a worst app i had neva seen…its not opening only just showing ads…its just headache…really worst app

    Rebecca Milne February 2, 2015
    This game dies not let you play it unless you login your Facebook or email that’s sooo stupid

    Keirstin Burleson July 8, 2014
    the app hasn’t even downloaded yet…& I have a fast phone with enough storage but it’s on 12% after 10 mins

    Tara Buell April 26, 2015
    I hate it I can’t even use it fix it

    Jane Doe August 22, 2013
    I can’t see the test lists or even my past results when I access it.. please fix your app

    Jayla Wilford December 20, 2015
    It took forever then said no connection but I had all 5 bars full

    Melissa Thorn August 19, 2015
    every time I try to register it says error occurred please try again later

    Ervin Streetman September 20, 2013
    This app helped me find out my best friend liked me. Now we r a couple.

    Developer AMA LTD. October 14, 2013 Dear Ervin, we’re glad to hear that Love Test Me was of actual help to you. Additionally we wish to encourage you to try out the other mods from the Love Test series.

    Chelzi Annon January 23, 2014
    Wont even let me register or sign in… This sucks

    Maddie Eversfield October 29, 2014
    This shouldn’t be around

    brandy dolphin October 16, 2013
    Keep up the good work

    Developer AMA LTD. October 21, 2013 Dear Brandy, we’re glad to know you enjoyed Love Test Me.Because of this reason we wish to encourage you to try out the other mods from the Love Test series, which we are sure you’ll love just as much.

    Yanique Jackson May 10, 2015
    Bad application. Does not allow registration

    shanti requinta October 17, 2014
    This app is not letting me log in

    Marisa K. Rouse August 2, 2017
    It doesn’t log you in or connect. App doesn’t work.

    Sashidwdfwfwf Kanth August 10, 2014
    Throws an error. Doesn’t let me in

    M Darby February 21, 2014
    I met dome one now ere grtyi. Married

    Dina Ramadan July 11, 2014
    I really loved it great app it helped me alot but it is too slow try to avoid that

    Cassandra Bean January 23, 2014
    I haven’t tried it yet

    Kayla Felton November 19, 2013
    Its a good game i guess if i could play it.

    junaid jazz armaan April 1, 2013
    Nice1…evn i testd my grlfrnd

    Marie Owens July 19, 2015
    I tried logging in and it wouldn’t even let me do that

    Ganesh Gund January 17, 2014
    It is a so coooooooooooooooooooooooookooooooookoooole apps

    Mohammed Aqhib May 27, 2013
    Good app but requires more space…

    Mariah Guerra Guerra June 3, 2014
    How do you like this

    Shelby Campbell January 21, 2017
    This app wouldn’t even let me log in.

    Maria Morris August 17, 2015

    Onyx Mulock June 18, 2015
    Wont let me do anything

    Iza Pierre August 5, 2015
    It is very nice

    chintan Vekariya September 16, 2013
    Very nice appp

    Kimbrea Weber February 25, 2015
    i couldnt evem log in!!!!!

    Chattancat October 14, 2013
    Slow download hate it

    Heather Ross January 10, 2014

    Stephanie Shanessa January 12, 2016
    I like love games

    rose anismazni10 July 11, 2014
    For test

    Angel Quimn April 24, 2013
    That meat

    shermin akter November 7, 2013
    Itz a very cool game try it out

    Autumn James November 19, 2013
    Looking good

    Hazel Pitogo January 24, 2014
    Like like

    karan kalra June 19, 2013