MakeUp beauty salon for girls

Makeup, hairstyles and accessories to become a real makeup professional artist!


Its ok Its ok but i think they should add more things such as spa , dressing up and nail spa

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Screenshot MakeUp beauty salon for girls

MakeUp beauty salon for girls- screenshot thumbnail
MakeUp beauty salon for girls- screenshot thumbnail
MakeUp beauty salon for girls- screenshot thumbnail
MakeUp beauty salon for girls- screenshot thumbnail

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    Party makeup, hairstyles, luxury accesories… All girls love to imagine going to the salon and have their hair and makeup done as genuine movie stars, top models or princesses.


    In this Beauty Salon you can choose up to 4 girls with different skin tones to change their hairstyle, make them up and dress with luxury and party accessories like earrings, tattoos or piercings. Create as many combinations as you want!


    Lipsticks and lip gloss
    Eyelashes mascara
    Powder Blush

    Long hair
    Short hair
    Straight hair
    Curly hair
    Wavy hair
    Brown, black or blond

    Unleash your creativity and use the brush and accessories to have a perfect face. Become a stylist and makeup artist and experiment with different styles and fashion trends.

    Once you have finished with the makeover, you can take photos and save screenshots on your phone and collect your work.

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    fantastic makeup for fashion girls

    App Name MakeUp beauty salon for girls
    Developer AppQuiz
    Requirements Android 2.3.3 and up
    Package com.appquiz.MakeUpSalon

    User reviews

    Anjavi Yadav December 24, 2016
    Its ok but i think they should add more things such as spa , dressing up and nail spa

    Ellie Mae October 2, 2016
    I wish you had more choice of hairstyles

    UnknownSeptember 8, 2017
    Its not intresting at all

    rohini kshirsagar November 13, 2016
    Very bad

    Lucifr Bradshaw March 24, 2017
    I love it

    Kelisue Arcemcmanigle August 28, 2016

    Cody Flatt August 7, 2016
    all you do is do makeup also their necks are to long wich is weird x71 and they look at you liketheir lifeless????????????????????????????

    natalie wilson January 2, 2016
    All you losers who are complaining about the piercings are dumb fvcks. You should teach your kids to be who they want to. Not how you want then to be.

    Keiley Audiss September 7, 2015
    my little cousin played this game and he pierce the girls all over her face they shouldn’t be allowed to do that because that is not appropriate for a 3 year old in a game do not get this game it is definitely stupid stupid stupid stupid how many was that oh stupid

    Pt Dae January 7, 2016
    Absolutely wonderful. The other make up games seem lame compared to this game. Please make more soon. Love you guys

    Lekeshia Anderson April 27, 2016
    I like this game beacuse you can get to do it hair

    Ellana Kemp February 12, 2016
    I like the characters, but you can’t change your person’s clothes.???

    Courtney Selg August 12, 2015
    I love how you get so many different options for different people

    rebecca Youkhana August 19, 2015
    I don’t like this game because you do nothing don’t get this game

    Amber Nectar October 31, 2015
    My daughter said het neck is too long and she looks scary!

    fu*k you May 29, 2015
    Like how you get a bunch of different options for people

    Selena La Vine March 10, 2016
    MYopinionis Ilove itthis app.

    Alaa Eltony December 16, 2015
    So bea7tiful LOLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!! ? ?

    Jourdyn Woods August 30, 2015
    I hate this game

    samarth johri June 16, 2015
    Worst game ever

    R S Padma Priya December 12, 2015
    Bad. Just bad

    Taj Scotty February 8, 2016

    Arcilla Lookadoo March 9, 2016
    Make-up Artis’

    Renee Rohr January 27, 2016
    This is fun!!

    Aldair Castillo November 13, 2015
    My sister loves it …she plays it over and over…

    Junita Chatterjee August 21, 2015
    I liked it

    Trinity Hansen August 16, 2015
    Grate but new caricters

    Rikshawali Filming October 15, 2015
    Fool game

    Robyn Doyle November 6, 2015
    The game is the best

    Jessica Elizabeth August 4, 2016
    Really fun though kinda boring

    Korede Oladeinde June 12, 2016
    Worstgame in history

    Abby Lynn January 18, 2016
    I really like this game.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Sarvenaz Bagheri August 29, 2015
    بد نیست

    Eman Aburubiya June 20, 2016

    Bella Mata January 10, 2016
    love it?

    farrukh mahmood August 10, 2015
    Worst game

    Ashley Arroyo July 21, 2015
    So cool

    ani suryani December 21, 2015

    Qutubuddin Khan November 8, 2015
    It’s not a very good game.

    Levita Hadley September 20, 2015
    It doesntlet you do anythin


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