Mega Surgery Simulator Doctor – Pro Surgery Games

Mega Surgery Simulator 2 – Pro Surgeon, General Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon Games!


I know this gamewas for teens I AM NOT A TEEN

User Rating: ( 703 ratings )

Screenshot Mega Surgery Simulator Doctor – Pro Surgery Games

Mega Surgery Simulator Doctor - Pro Surgery Games screenshot
Mega Surgery Simulator Doctor - Pro Surgery Games screenshot
Mega Surgery Simulator Doctor - Pro Surgery Games screenshot
Mega Surgery Simulator Doctor - Pro Surgery Games screenshot

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    Mega Surgery Simulator 2 – Pro Surgeon, General Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon!

    Become a Surgeon of ALL Trades and Perform Surgeries with over 18 Operations in Total!

    Play Heart Surgeries like Heart transplants, Heart Bypass Surgery, Knee Surgery, Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery, Blepharoplasty, Stomach Surgery, Ankle & Foot Surgery, Hand Surgery and more!!

    So many surgeries to choose from with hours of fun wrapped up into one game! The best part is, you get all the tools, accessories, and more!

    Mega Surgery Center is great fun for gamers of all ages, looking for casual fun surgery simulator and medical games!

    What’s New

    Included some more procedures to play free! New ones unlocked!
    Minor Bug Fixes, and performance updates!

    App NameMega Surgery Simulator Doctor – Pro Surgery Games
    DeveloperBeansprites LLC
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and up

    User reviews

    UnknownJuly 20, 2017
    I know this gamewas for teens I AM NOT A TEEN

    Tazandra May 12, 2016
    First, there were six ads before I was even able to start playing the game. Then, I am only able to do one level of each type available. However when I attempt to start playing all I can do is select things and then put them where it tells me to put them… it does everything else on its own. What is the point in playing this if you can’t actually play? All I’m doing is following arrows for one move each. Uninstalled.

    Destina Herrera July 22, 2016
    It’s so stuped to much adds you have to buy everything DON’T DOWNLOAD

    Angel December 16, 2016
    it suck i hate how it dose everything for me it was made for 2 year olds

    Dawnyelle Malone February 10, 2017
    This game is stupid slow if I could give 0 stars I would?????

    Queenie Williams July 24, 2016
    Everytime I pick a section a stupid ad pops up

    Jamecia Brown-Rodgers July 26, 2016
    I liked it until it got boring when I get my first surgery

    Bella Christensen April 22, 2017
    STUPID no ads for me but it does half of the game for you

    UnknownFebruary 15, 2017
    It so lame it and it only have 2 level unlocked

    Becky Robinson October 8, 2016
    Y’all stupid are dumb

    Lisa & Chad Clontz March 11, 2017
    It has way to many ads

    Maureen B June 17, 2017
    I think it is the worst game ever

    UnknownJune 20, 2017
    Dose everything on its pwn

    JoJo Curle March 14, 2017

    Joshua Jaramillo March 20, 2017
    To many danm commercials

    polarbearsrule71 AJ March 18, 2017
    It just sucks d*ck

    Danielle Ball April 23, 2017
    So boring.

    Russell Yurack January 12, 2017
    Ads ads ads

    Madisyn Fambrough June 27, 2016

    Savana Ofray February 3, 2016
    This game is awesome you guys shouldn’t say mean things about it have a good day

    David&Crystle Hagan February 13, 2016
    I clicked back ad click ad so many ads

    Victoria Rosales January 13, 2016
    Don’t even download it’s so dumb

    Ali Espluga January 5, 2016
    Bueno app

    fox wok January 5, 2016

    Jessie Walker May 19, 2017
    To many ads can’t even play they game theres an ad pooping up all the time not a good game when your seeing more of the ads then the game.. if there was less ads in the game it would be better.

    Rachel Wilder February 6, 2016
    To many ads if you get you are makin a huge mistake I am warning you dont waste your timeor money

    Adrian Juarez January 20, 2016
    It suck I onlyhad it for less than a minuteand I alreadyhate it and deletethegame

    charles hsueh January 8, 2016
    A terrible game do not download unless you enjoy a min of clash of kings ads during every exits and entrances of the levels

    Tiana West April 3, 2016
    The tools fo most of the work u jus have to click and I have to believe its like a real surgery that only took 30 secs

    UnknownDecember 13, 2016
    But it was kinda cool

    Alexa Cervantes January 19, 2016
    Who is stupid enough to swallow a key into their heart and our heart is in our chest not our stomach

    Rshunee Sands January 13, 2016

    Ingrid Davis June 22, 2016
    When I here my favorite song I know that we belong you are the music in me it’s living in all of us and it’s bro it us here beacause you are the music in me

    Andres Zeballos January 5, 2016
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    Ryana Leilani Pelegrina February 29, 2016
    Cant say anything about it its to amazing

    Allan Ilagan December 3, 2016
    I’ll download it for now but it is exiting please download it it so intesesting i said this because i want too share to all of you thank u ok

    Varshareddy Ravikumar October 25, 2016
    Each section needs a add don’tinstallit please I beg you ?????

    Tegan Irwin January 17, 2016
    He’s 2nd has even got musically

    Solihin Syarmizi July 6, 2016
    game ni sangat boring……please dont install this game…

    Tait Plummer January 16, 2016
    Just kidding.Loved it soooo