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Newborn Birth Feeding screenshot
Newborn Birth Feeding screenshot
Newborn Birth Feeding screenshot

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    Hello. Today we have to go to my best friend because she have to give birth and wants you to help her with things around the house. When I arrived I saw her not feeling well and that it has to go to hospital. Meanwhile we have to go to the store to buy things to feed the baby then go to the hospital and helped to give birth. In this game you must be the person who will help the Jolie.

    1) go to the store and buy food required by Jolie.
    2) then go to the hospital and given them little oxygen.
    3) check her blood pressure and heart rate.
    4) verify the child’s condition using ultrasound.
    5) The baby was born have to take care of him.
    6) make them a bathroom to be clean and ready for eating.
    7) have to give food then you will serve with a glass of milk.
    8) at the end you will help to dress then you will lead in Jolie’s room.

    Thanks you agreed to help the Jolie and invite you to choose and other games for girls in this developer because we know that you like to take care of children and do them please.

    Have fun!

    App NameNewborn Birth Feeding
    DeveloperPurple Studio
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Ayda .z September 23, 2015
    Very good

    Idzlala Smajovic May 29, 2015
    Nnneee!!! Spageti za jelo.Aaaaaaaaa

    pink monamit March 13, 2015
    ناز تپلی خیلی عالی بود عاشقش شدم

    لیلا صادقی May 7, 2015
    لیلا بد نیست ولی بازم….

    valli chellappan April 25, 2015
    My brother my sister and everyone likeI think everyone will like it but I like it very much I like it so so so so so much

    aien syakieylla February 14, 2016
    Its always do the same thing again n again…

    Umesh Kurulkar April 19, 2015
    Really worst not downloading fast

    Kushi Kurien May 12, 2015
    I don’t think so it’s sooo good…..

    Feri3mehvar 3Mehvar August 4, 2015
    بازی خیلی قشنگیه حتما نصب کنید ممنون عسل

    Shashank Vikram Singh March 25, 2015
    Good very good game

    Hadiseh abbasi August 23, 2015
    فقط یک چیزی میتونم بگم بببببببببببببدددددددددد

    hossein shamoshaki December 3, 2015
    خیر من از این بازی خوشم امد

    Gerjuan Jimerson May 28, 2015
    Jazmine Is 15 years old.

    UnknownJuly 24, 2017
    خوبه ولی اگه بچه دو یا سه تا داشت بهتر بود

    Sernayia Walls January 4, 2016
    I loved it so much

    Latosha Bolling April 11, 2015
    I love it so much

    Geevy Subong February 8, 2016
    It’s very interesting

    Munazzah Rather February 22, 2016
    I love my game panda run I donot like this game I like very very very very very this game

    Torie Myers April 19, 2016
    ? Fun cute

    Jakir Hossain February 7, 2016

    Dimond Attawsy March 19, 2015
    I had feed him and it was so funny ????

    سارا یوسفی May 7, 2015
    سارا میشه گفت چرته

    priya shetty December 24, 2016
    I liked it it is so nice

    Elsafa Ramadina May 18, 2017
    Agak cepat bisa atau tidak

    American Girl Doll Lover February 12, 2016
    Terrible stupid ugly

    Atiyah Hashimi September 1, 2016
    حسنات هستم خوشت دارم

    ronny Putra October 30, 2015
    Leg buanget

    44krystal ortiz May 19, 2015
    Love it

    UnknownJanuary 23, 2017
    Not so good

    Masood Kazemi May 11, 2015

    Sucaad Cabdullahi September 19, 2015

    Mohammad Malayeri May 6, 2015
    بعدنبود زیاد‌خوب‌نبود

    Afsaneh Hosein pour June 13, 2015
    بامزه بود

    hamid aghajani October 12, 2016
    ماتی عالی

    Antonio Howard June 9, 2015

    Janelle Johnson October 31, 2015

    Angel Mono December 23, 2015
    Do good for children

    varun bhoj December 24, 2015
    Its nice

    Nimfa Reyes Chavez October 15, 2016
    Nimfa o. Reyes

    Richard Heredia April 8, 2016