Princess Beauty Secrets

Make your princess look her best with this fun beauty makeover game.


bakwas game full of rubbishness

User Rating: ( 5,965 ratings )

Screenshot Princess Beauty Secrets

Princess Beauty Secrets screenshot
Princess Beauty Secrets screenshot
Princess Beauty Secrets screenshot
Princess Beauty Secrets screenshot

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    Being a princess means you have to look great at all times. Now you can easily make your princess look her best with this fun beauty makeover game. Here you will be able to clean and wash her face while popping pimples and creating a moisturizing face mask. Once you have cleaned her face and removed any blemishes then you will be ready to give her a beautiful princess makeover. You can choose to change her hair, crown, earrings, necklace, bracelet, handbag, dress and shoes to make your princess ready for her public debut out in front of her adoring crowd.

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    + SDKs update
    + Now support Android 4 and up

    App NamePrincess Beauty Secrets
    Developerbweb media
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    UnknownSeptember 29, 2017
    bakwas game full of rubbishness

    UnknownAugust 7, 2017

    Lois Creasey August 31, 2016
    It was a bit basic and easy but otherwise it was ok

    Vipin Raghav August 20, 2016
    That’s a supergame

    Satishkumar YR December 10, 2016

    Rajiv Khetan January 30, 2017

    gooop channel May 22, 2016
    It’s not that much good that are others so, only one time I played it. It’s was not interested if u don’t know how to make games I can teach uthanks!

    Amy Hopping February 5, 2016
    I always say try a new game and if you don’t like then delete the game

    SOURAV KUMAR January 21, 2016
    Soo boring game …… don ‘t download

    Bertie Hawkes December 13, 2015
    You guys need to download this game!

    Tarini Mohapatra March 23, 2016
    it’s a game i loved it is mindblowing and Amaging.i loved it

    Elena Zarei January 1, 2016
    خیلی بازی خوبی بود حتما دانلود کنید. ……

    Charlotte Skeggs July 24, 2015
    It didnt let you choose hair so you needed to make it.The sissors didint cut out fringe and it was iver dead straigh,mad curly or silly friszzy.

    Aimee Telio July 31, 2015
    Man many people are mad its not Apple White. Dude its says princess dress er whatever not EVERAFTER HIGH so shut up you like annoying 8 year olds.

    Tracie Torres August 12, 2015
    I love it because it is a nice dress up game to play

    Alyssa Abobo July 22, 2015
    It is not exactly what it SHOWS its not even apple white WHY WHY WHY

    Princessdianne Esmeralda August 20, 2015
    -_- wasted… the eck! …

    Ayanna Siwale July 26, 2015
    Not the same as it is in the pictures

    Michelle Galvan July 27, 2015
    This isn’t about ever after high wat a rip of

    Lalita Kumar July 25, 2015
    How sweet!!!!!!!

    Takeisha Dunn October 10, 2015
    Beauty is Pain

    Lindsay Sanchez June 7, 2015
    Hated itit’s not even apple it’sa differentgirl i hate hate hate hate hate hate hatethegame

    Jasmine Rabideau June 4, 2015
    this is awesome game but I can’t do the um.. pimple part it is really hard

    Emony Richardson July 1, 2015
    The pictures that it shows is not what I got fix.

    amit sarin June 20, 2015
    The first thing that you have any comments

    kalilaa putri July 2, 2015
    This is a cool game,because the princess are very preety…yayyyy ♥♥♥:D

    Rick Mann May 2, 2015
    This is the best games for kids?

    Savanna Wilhelm May 22, 2015
    Loved it good game for seven year old girls

    Ung Lunai May 1, 2015
    I so love this game

    Edna Mulawan June 23, 2015
    We love this game very much

    Paria Gomez April 29, 2015
    This is not apple.این که اپل نیس

    Scarlett Hernandez December 26, 2014
    I?this game??.But is hard to take of the pimples?

    subodh khandekar April 5, 2015
    I don ‘t know how to removepimpals

    Generic User January 12, 2015
    The game was different than advertised..

    • ʜᴀʀʟᴇʏ • February 1, 2015
    What does the purple thing do like it doesnt do anything

    Laurel February 13, 2015
    This is completely different from what they showed. It’s not Apple White at all.

    Sandra Collins Collins March 5, 2015
    This game is so much fun lol so so so much fun oh my god like we don’t want to stop playing.

    Izzy Thomas February 7, 2015
    I think its good

    Brenna Cunningham January 24, 2015
    Ever after high rule

    KB Graff March 3, 2015
    This is not at all like the picture what the heck